• Linocut which ink? 11-24

    Tach, I would like to make linocuts and then Print. Now there is this special color for it. Is this really necessary or can I use ordinary acrylic paint? Of this I have a ton of home. Is that possible or do I even buy that color? --answer-- If accord

    Tags: art, print, Color, poster art, linocut
  • Differences between linocut and pencil drawing 09-30

    --answer-- From a pencil drawing, there is only one original. From a linocut can - as with all printing techniques - several deductions are made. With a pencil you draw a design as you see it in front of you. It is immediately positive. And can, if n

    Tags: art, drawing, linocut, linocut + draw
  • Linolschnittmotiv black / white wanted ideas :) 07-31

    In school, we want to make a linocut, but only in black / white ... We should consider a motive. Unfortunately I can not think of anything. It should not be too primitive, but not too difficult) as that is way it is. Do you have some suggestions? Tha

    Tags: School, art, print, Print + Art, linocut



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