• What should I answer her? love 1234531 11-15

    Hey :) I love a girl in my class .. and she writes very often with me :) Just today about something else. How can I tell you now that I love her? --answer-- This is far too early. People, especially girls / women react with such emotion expressions o

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  • why they do that?! 8 11-14

    alsoo .. written a few weeks ago me a girl. So when the song littlethings of obe direction she totally smiled at me and forefinger so laid chin on her. (In music) won the jz what mean? she unso contacted me about a week long, and after that only she

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  • As a woman makes the first move ?! Good or bad? 11-13

    I (19) find a young great my vintage. He is very shy and I do not know if he even "great" finds me. Should I him simply out my number press into their own hands? What do you think about it when the woman makes the first move? Good or bad? --answ

    Tags: Love, men, women, Flirting, women + men, the first step
  • I do not trust me and need your help :( 11-03

    Hi, I'm in love with a particular boy for a year and wanted to tell them that but I trust myself not ye like I can do that without being immediately red thank you in advance in advance tips. Lea --answer-- Over rin no you can not bekommrn. Contact me

    Tags: shyness, Love
  • at meeting he gets up and runs off easily? 11-02

    Hello, I had the last Saturday a meeting with someone (29). We know each other for 3 months and wanted to talk about what happens next, because he is not sure what he wants. but he said he did not want to finish. he said he would have a totally messe

    Tags: Date, Relationship, Love, men, heartbreak, fear, partnership, dissipation, experiences, trust, separation, Rejection, meetings, Angst + relationship, long-term
  • Internet acquaintance - fear of a meeting (he is from Turkey!) 10-25

    Hey guys, me busy a really serious matter (at least in my eyes). to Actually, it's absolutely beautiful on a date to have, know this person wants a definitely get to know. Nuuuun .. I know since 3 months a type from Turkey, am a Turk, and now he want

    Tags: Love, family, reunion, Family Reunion
  • Awareness, love and women .. what happens to me? 10-22

    Hello, I have unfortunately the problem that I can not decide for a person to love .. I have three women I like, if I'm near a three located I think, you would be right for me, I ought to be the other .. but that happens with all three, if I am alone

    Tags: Relationship, Love, men, women, psychology, relationship + women, Nature, awareness
  • How to react if you guys dissed? 10-21

    How react boys if a girl she dissed? I mean internally .. or at a removal / if they do not get what they want from the girl? Thank you'd be interested to know --answer-- Depends on who a dissed and how ^^ If you hit, you can already feel offended a n

    Tags: Love, girls, boys, boys + girls
  • Am I stupid or just a lucky guy? 10-20

    Hi I am 14m, and had now sport at school. We should split up, a girl, a boy group. The girls were less than we do, so someone had to go to them (as always I, I think the gym teacher hates me !!) Anyway, I stopped with the girls a Hindernissparcout, 3

    Tags: Love, girls
  • Communication difficulties Relationship 10-15

    According to my friend, we have a communication problem, but I, unfortunately, they do not really so. An example is that I had suggested to her that we could together go shopping times. She agreed, two days later we were on the phone and she said she

    Tags: Relationship, Problems, Love, partnership, relationship problems
  • What's that ?! Gefüühl 10-10

    Hey :) I was / am (?) In love with a young in my class, but for some time I think I am no longer really I verliebt..also do not know. I noticed that he ignoriert..nicht somehow wahrnimmt..früher he has always spoken to me, so was..aber in letzder tim

    Tags: Love, friendship, feelings, friendship + Emotions
  • has he kb more or why he ignores me 10-06

    A boy confessed to me that he is in love with me and I also really loves very much. Kurt later I did that as well been him. For some time he wants me to do him a favor, but I did not want to do. That's what I told him. Now he comes on whatsapp online

    Tags: Love, boys
  • I love him so much = (Help My 10-05

    Help my i love my classmate but he has a girlfriend but what's funny, he's a lot more to me than to her that means something, I do not dare him to to speak I'm afraid our friendship to put us at risk are Bffs and I could howl I'd be devastated whom I

    Tags: Love, friendship
  • Look at me until now he blasphemes 09-29

    Hello everyone:-) I was constantly regarded a boy in the classroom. In addition I have also ever asked a question. At first I thought that he is in love with me. Although he spoke to me only once or twice. But as I have today spoken in the classroom

    Tags: Love, sorrow
  • girlfriend too often injured to trust, what to do? 09-27

    hey, I had da ne question ... I've recently started a new girlfriend, she is really perfect but the problem is that I always notice that it does not really trust me ... I've once it addressed what for was going on because she has a day hardly spoken

    Tags: Love, change, friend, injured, Girlfriend injured
  • Pregnant despite condom? Hilfeee! 09-25

    I am 16 years old and had intercourse. We have to prevent and everything, but I do not get the feeling from the head to be pregnant. Lg: '( --answer-- Hello! When used properly the condom, pregnancy is really almost impossible. therefore Embark not c

    Tags: life, Love, Sex, pregnancy, contraception, life + Sex
  • Where dog give? :( 09-14

    I have a 5 year old dog snapping in anxiety situations for a year. I love this animal witklich but since moving it's really different. I notice the really hard, but I just think she has it at someone else who lives alone and perhaps more time for it

    Tags: Love, Animals, Dog, dog + animals give away
  • The jungeee 09-13

    Hello, few days before me a young often looked at in the breaks but for about 2 days, he tried "unobtrusive" way to schauenund ignored me. I do not know what happened to him and why he has so suddenly changed. I hope you can help me

    Tags: Love, despair
  • Sweet lyrics for it ^^ 07-11

    Hey, you know a few cute sayings for your girlfriend? I want to write my girlfriend on WhatsApp something sweet .. But I think of anything .. Please not this tearjerker of the sites or these poems .. I look forward to your answers :) --answer-- So as

    Tags: Love, girls
  • I'm worried about my dog ​​:(! 03-12

    Hello first :) So I have since 2 years almost 3 a little chihuahua, which I adore - ... Only she yelps again as at the beginning of every morning (for the last two days) and I'm afraid that what is bad: / I do not want to lose even a dog :( If I alwa

    Tags: Help, Love, fear, Dog, chihuahua, help + dog



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