• Disease on their feet? 10-12

    My foster mother says I have a disease on the feet? What would you say, is a disease (see picture) bye and thanks, and if so what can be done against:? ((Am so ashamed --answer-- This is not a disease. Look, at least not like this. Cream Get your fee

    Tags: Disease, Mama
  • why I always feel so uncomfortable in the apartment of my friend? 03-06

    I know not why, from my friend Mama always talks a lot that he should find something better and I will undress. And they often spontaneously come etc. We often so contentious, and when I ask what he wants, he says ask my mom and but he wants it betwe

    Tags: Problems, Friends, live, armed, mother, uncomfortable, Mama, blaspheme, problems dispute +
  • What's wrong with my mother? Help :( 03-02

    Okay, hello first in order to understand what I mean I tell you now just everything: Well, my mother has been about 3 months a smartphone and therefore also Whatsapp and just now I saw that they a not stored under a NAMEM number Kiss - sent or Herzch

    Tags: mother, Mama
  • Fever despite Paracetamol and amoxicillin? 03-01

    My mom last night not feeling well (flu) and is this morning to the doctor and has prescribed amoxicillin and paracetamol. At 9 am she has the first tablets taken then by 17 pm. The next are only running late. The problem: Her fever is not going down

    Tags: cold, Flu, antibiotics, paracetamol, Mama, sick mother, amoxicillin, cold + mother
  • How do I cope with the grief for my dead mother? 02-18

    Hello. Have 4 weeks ago my mother lost, and I'm so not really clear, I am 20 years old she died at age 57 How can I make my sorrow less hard yesterday was her funeral I :( miss her so much! --answer-- Yes hello. Oh God, my deepest condolences. I know

    Tags: die, Mama
  • Kriesen Daheim 02-08

    My mom came today from the Health home ... My brother and I have not been pleased. Never listens to us you budgeted us scratch; o She drinks per day 6 cups of coffee And she's mega thin ...: // Unfortunately, she does not want to leave the note ... y

    Tags: Hass, Mama
  • Help Emergency my mother has heart ache? 02-08

    My mother (33) has a very strong heart pain and gets almost no air do what ?????? --answer-- Hey. In such cases, ALWAYS get an ambulance, or call the 112th Symptomatic could (yes, could I ask no no remote diagnosis !!) it your an infarction, but not

    Tags: Pain, heart, Mama, Mama Heart +
  • Phone does not come on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 02-05

    My mother has now for several months, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Now it was so, they fell asleep and the phone is so slipped that she has located on it. Now my mother wanted to use the phone and it is no longer on. Even if it puts the charging cable

    Tags: Phone, Mama
  • Christmas gifts for mothers 02-02

    I just do not what I can give to christmas meinerr mother :( what gives her euern? --answer-- I did not even know, probably a meal voucher or a coupon for a store, a desire she had recently voiced times ... I so bath balls, bath oil and so .. Somethi

    Tags: Xmas, Mama
  • How should I say .......:? 0 01-23

    I somehow afraid to say my mother that she should buy my bras from now ... help me. --answer-- Hello Foooooooood Here you can measure whether and which BH could fit you: try the fir

    Tags: Mama
  • My mother has a cold HELP! 01-22

    People my mother it is very warm times cold times very hot on the feet and I know where everything you dizzy exhausted quickly what can I do please help me ... --answer-- Your mother should lie on the sofa, to wrap up warm and today make nothing worr

    Tags: sick, Mama
  • Do you know a good science fiction game with good story? 01-13

    --answer-- Star wars Knights of the old republic 1 & 2 have a good story and star wars the force unleashed 1 and star wars the old republic and Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mass Effect. There really is nothing better in the sector. Perhaps Outcast, but it

    Tags: Games, PC + Games, Computers, PS4, Mama
  • multiple slikerose? 01-08

    Hi people this theme occupied me sooo long ... so my mama's train and has multiple slikerose (ms) nerve disease it brings often for 200 euros or other drinks. It makes me really sad've already talked to her and see her mother as currently nich. You i

    Tags: sick, Mama
  • Christmas gift for mother 01-05

    Need Ideeen Solte cost to 15 € and no alljährliches Christmas --answer-- itself tinker from silver wire earrings for example and ne chocolate packaging to :) Whatever comes well are tickets for events such as concerts, theater, perhaps for the Ehrlic

    Tags: Christmas, mother, Gift ideas, Mama, mama + mother
  • Help! BAD TOUCH! 12-29

    Help!! Poor grade for the first time in German !! As I say that my mama? !! --answer-- Can any happen to anyone. If you are otherwise well you can talk to your parents and say that there was a one-off blip :) waiting for high marks, and give her then

    Tags: Test, grades, Mama, Mama + Test
  • dished lie - Shall I tell them or rather not? 12-06

    I have my parents now dished already 2 lies and was often in despair because I just can not tell them the truth ... but it depresses me

    Tags: parents, family, lie, truth, desperate, Mama, lie to Papa, parents desperately +
  • Who knows what to do with perfume 12-05

    My mom found a perfume quite toll.Doch they do not remember how it felt heißt.Sie ​​the bottle would Through, since it would be in the middle ne golden crown, and it would be a Noname perfume so she thinks ... wanted to ask if you do knows if yes ple

    Tags: Parfum, Mama
  • What a birthday dinner I prepared to? 12-02

    Hello, I would like my mother to prepare a simple, delicious birthday dinner. Only for 3-4 persons. It should be best relatively low in calories. Do you know a good recipe? Thank you in advance! --answer-- So our special birthday meal was always made

    Tags: calories, Mama, birthday dinner
  • can I ask for the money back? 12-01

    Hi I moved eight to my dad (am now 15) and want to know if you can reclaim my things and the entertaining of recent years but somehow goes without court .my mom work and has nothing but new things and buys a own house , --answer-- If you have time fo

    Tags: Court, Mama
  • Unloved or am I the only one? 11-11

    Hi .. I am now 16 years of age now and feel of my parents very unloved and unwanted. It all began as a young boy, I always just get the rest, I got old toys from my sister and old clothes from her. The problem for me was, I liked these things never,

    Tags: sad, unloved, Mama, unwanted



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