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  • volume, surface, height of a cylinder charge radius and lateral surface are given 02-10

    Hello first, I have given to the radius of a cylinder, this is 1.5cm. For this, the shell surface is provided with 10 square centimeters. Now I should calculate the surface, the volume and height. What should I do? Would be very happy about the help

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  • math geniuses wanted! help with inequalities 03-16

    Hi, this works Ausage here forever? One draws to an inequality / equation browsing. The half-plane (ie solution volume) is used to define where one checks whether the origin of the straight part of the solution set. --answer-- What is the "origin of

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  • Math: linear equations transform HELP 03-12

    So I've got a such as homework which is: Forme the equation x-2y = -5 to in y = kx + d I simply just need the solution, thank you --answer-- 1) x - 2y = -5 I - x (x must on the other side) 2.) -2y = -x - 5 I: -2 (y must stand alone, ie -2 by - (1) x

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  • Help on a math problem 03-05

    In an isosceles triangle, the distance of the vertex from the base is half as large as the Basislaenge. Calculate the internal angle .. wtf how does it work --answer-- tan high -1 of 1 because the opposite side 0.5 and adjacent sides 0,5 alright ???

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  • Help I can do the nixht 02-19

    I have an exercise in math on 1.26hl: (1,3dm3) Can anyone tell me the solution me --answer-- So when the Holy represents hectoliters, then: 1.26 hl = 1,26liter * 100 = 126 liters 1dm ^ 3 = 1 liter => 126 liter / 1.3 liter = 96.92 liters

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  • Math eye level higher than the 02-16

    Hi I wanted to ask what it means as for example 6.25 to 64m as this is possible please help. Lg changes --answer-- 6.25 * X = 64 m X = (64 / 6.25) * 1m I can see from your scribblings no correlations. How would it be if you give yourself at the issue

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  • need urgent help: (((Math 02-03

    Write tomorrow NEN math test can someone explain the task to me? I write out in detail. Given is a circle of radius 3 cm and the chord s 4 cm. Calculate the size of angle alpha. Thanks in advance :) --answer-- Draw a symmetry axis of the isosceles tr

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  • Zero. For all rational functions 02-02

    How would you solve such a task? 2x ^ 3 + x =. 9 ? Should we ignore the tasks? --answer-- Basically you need the polynomial division here. But the equation does not "smooth" (= integer) solution. Since you do not come further with the PD, becaus

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  • Shorten math derivation rules 01-30

    Help not get ahead --answer-- recessing and cut are two different things. If your discharges nothing there to cut. The second line is no longer equal to f (x) but the derivative f '(x). The you have calculated correctly. What you do with it you want

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  • Exercise for the math test tomorrow-Hilfeee 01-28

    Hey people, I write tomorrow a math test, and I desperately need your help on an issue undzwar: establish functional equation of a parabola. We get open for exercises at home but I look because not all the way through ... Could you possibly tell me t

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  • Equation for y resolve how? 01-26

    --answer-- Time an example -> (X + y) ^ 2 = 16 | √ (...) First solution -> x + y = +4 | - x y = 4 - x Second solution -> x + y = -4 | - x y = - 4 - x What do you mean for now what you want to know because ...

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  • demonstrate math domain 01-25

    Hello :) I correct grade my math exam. Unfortunately, I despair at the task "Show that the domain of the function is ..." How can you do such a demonstration? get belongings in the exam unfortunately th (theme). About Help I would be very happy.

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  • Function term in vertex form I reshape need help: ((? 01-14

    I have in math store a function in a vertex shape transform f (x) = a (xd) ^ 2 + e How do you do that when for example the equation: f (x) = -3x ^ 2-6x + 9 ?? Need real help would be nice if someone tells me exactly step by step how the works :) --an

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  • Can I jmnd help with bill and calculation method as it has been to get the (math)? 01-07

    Object to image # 3 I get a € 294 out but in solutions we offer 300 € Help --answer-- You will be bound to an error: Take 90% of 100, - €, which are exactly 90 €. If you now aufschlägst 10%, but you get only 99 €, not € 100. Got how to get the wrong

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  • Help with Math! Does anyone know how to solve the task? 01-04

    Hey guys, anyone know how to solve the following problem? --answer-- While the answer is here somehow scattered in several posts include, but i will try to summarize. You have a triangular figure, from the you know an aspect ratio and the area. I wou

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  • How do I get in a given area on the side lengths? 01-01

    Hello Bin for 20 min at an abandoned it and got somehow mega the blackout ... I have given here in the task only the surface area of ​​512 cm2 and the side lengths are wanted but I can not continue ... Could I possibly give someone or say how to get

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  • Equations, help! :( 12-27

    Can someone please jmd explain how you calculate the: (x-1) × (x + 1) = 15 On the answer sheet, the result is given, but not the calculation method .The solution: x ^ 2 = 16 --answer-- You solves firstonce on the brackets. Given you reckon each compo

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  • Square edge length calculated with surface 12-24

    I have a cuboid: geg .: b = 10 cm; c = 14cm; O = 616cm2 ​​I repeatedly tried to find a way to calculate a but am just come to no result .. please help! --answer-- The interface consists of the 6 faces (2ab + 2bc + 2ac) ... two sides you know (2bc), c

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  • Math fraaage? dsdfgh 12-23

    How to calculate the order? 0:01 m² are much --answer-- Conversion figure at surfaces 100 m² - a - ha - km² Share of m² to km² respectively by 100th 0.01 m = 0.01 m · (1 km / 1000 m) ² = 0.01 m² · 1 km² / (1,000,000 m²) = 0.01 / 1,000,000 km²

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  • How can I calculate the square root of 34 without a calculator? 12-21

    --answer-- I'll try, a common process as simple as possible to formulate a "recipe". You choose basically two numbers separated by the searched root. Example: Looking for the roots of 55th You choose "freehand" two numbers, of which yo

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