• positive or negative? Hilfeeeee 12-23

    Is this positive or negative 5? --answer-- The 5 itself is positive. She has no sign, so it is positive. As it is in a term, which is a subtraction of the subtrahend. Why is the "-" in front of it. 22 (x -11) - 5 (x -40) = [22 (x -11) + (-5) (x

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  • as if we include a break as a number 12-13

    breaking --answer-- The fraction line is nothing but a divided character. you as the fraction 3/4, so then you reckon 1: 4 = 0.25 now you take the 0.25 times the 3! Is it that hard? By you ausrechnest fraction normally. 1/2 = 0.5 as an example Agent

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  • Does one need polynomial and polynomial functions from the Q3 and Abi? 12-04

    I am in the e-phase in the gym. and we treat currently Polynomfunktionen- & divisions. Many say that you later and also in high school does not need. Is that correct? --answer-- Although it is a long time ago, but the central An @ lysis-task in my Ab

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  • wanted tuition teacher 10-09

    Seeking a tutor Weiss someone randomly in which I intern's see could or in what magazine? Mainly a for the professional school --answer-- Drop by Because you can search nationally and for all subjects. The other way to put an ad in

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  • Did I opportunities as an educator? 09-24

    Hey guys I'm 14 and 9th grade junior high school. When I 2016 my Realschulabdchluss do, I want to go to a social-educational school. Unfortunately, I am bad at math. I had always a 4 on the certificate. Does anyone own experience with such a thing? W

    Tags: Math, Occupation, notes, social, math + grades
  • limit contemplation as why? 09-21

    Hi folks, I have the following function: (3x ^ 2-5) ^ - 2 The derivatives etc I can make easily, as well as the extreme and inflection points. But how do I make the observation limit ?? and what do I find as a result? Do I have ein'fach for x tends t

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  • How to distinguish pay irrational rational? 08-26

    Help I do not understand! --answer-- Rational numbers can be represented as a fraction thus eg: 2 -5; 3.56 or 9.77777777777777777777777777777 (periodic numbers can be represented as 99tel the fold). Irrational numbers are infinite and non-periodic (c

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  • Math learning meaningless question sorry 03-16

    I write tomorrow after a math test, because I was sick last Monday. Last Sunday I learned but the themes are also before been already clear :) Should I now learn again? And one more thing: What it still brings me to learn now for an hour? So if I did

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  • of intervals with fractures 03-16

    Can someone please jmnd this issue on the basis of 17 show Thank you've tried it with 17 itself and wanted to know how much I have done wrong --answer-- I do not believe that a rational number is well suited for the demonstration of nested intervals.

    Tags: Math, nested intervals
  • Can I study in math Jura despite major weaknesses? 03-16

    --answer-- I myself have successfully studied law and have managed only a tight quad in Math Abi. This is not a problem. However, the study of law is very demanding and very intense learning. Since you have "get stuck", because without honors th

    Tags: Math, Studies, Mathematics, mathematics and Studies
  • Need help with the chain rule 03-16

    Task: f (x) = sin (a * x) ² with me always comes f '(x) = 2 cos (ax) a out the actual solution in my book is: f' (x) = 2a² x cos (a * x) ² can someone to explain approach and where my me error is? --answer-- Hello, Silencio, as my predecessor has alr

    Tags: Math, School, function, math + Mathematics

    Hi folks tomorrow I will have a math test. Morning comes determined as an object. And I do not know the of calculation. Do you understand it? The task: Susanne has 14 books over Melanie. Together they have 62 books. How many books, each of the two gi

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  • Help with math 03-16

    Hello community, I write in 2 weeks a math class work and understand course again nothing ... especially in the following 2 tasks, I could of course further felt 10 hours to consider, but the time I did not: D would be why I very grateful if you coul

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  • Is 2 ^ 10 ten times of 2? 03-15

    2hoch10 is ten times of 2? --answer-- No, the potency bedutet you the number is so often each time taking how high the Potnz. So in this case you reckon 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 = 1024. The potency notation only serves that you can write

    Tags: Math, arithmetic
  • If the evidence for Collatz conjecture refuted? 03-15

    On the Internet, evidence circulated to Collatz conjecture, but also someone who said he would have found a mistake in the proof. My question is, does the evidence or he was really disproved? --answer-- There is the Internet is also a proof of the Ri

    Tags: Math, proof
  • up Function Term 03-15

    Hello I come to the following aufg abe simply not on. :( I should establish the following specified a quadratic equation: Zero at (0 | 0) zero at (6 | 0) and the vertex in S (3 | -2) Can anyone help me of you? Or at least tell a anstaz? --answer-- Yo

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  • Determine both the line g and for the line h, two different equations in parametric form. HOW you go to such a task ran? 03-15

    --answer-- You give to one and then änderst the support vector at any other point on the line. Alternatively (or additionally), you can also multiply the direction vector with any number. what is given by g and h?

    Tags: Math, vectors, parameters, parameter vectors +

    Good evening, Math is not one at the moment of my strengths, which is why I attach great importance to the tasks that we have to give to touch tomorrow. I desperately need a good score, otherwise I have in my power course a lower price. Well anyhow,

    Tags: Math, function
  • Adding to the so ...? 03-15

    Which number is in the middle of? .. Zbs A) +1 and +5 1 + 5 = 6 mid: 3 6: 3 = 3 Is that correct? Because I write soon a work about ... I plea for helpful answers

    Tags: Math, Numbers
  • Good at maths - job should I learn that I can do more math? 03-15

    I live in Switzerland, I go in the 2nd Middle School in level C, I'm the best at math of my class, I have the mark of 6 on average. I now do not know what to study for a professional soll.Ich wanted expert assistance are children, but you do not need

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