• Should I help her or not? 11-14

    It's about my Nebensitzerin in math. I have known her for the past six months and find it quite nice, but so slowly I do not know what to do. It is really bad at math and if I have time in class I'll tell her things and tell her also often things, th

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  • Conditional Probabilities events 11-06

    I do not understand how do you know when the conditional probabilities, which is event A (the condition) and which event b. They say, "the probability that event b occurs, under the conditions the event occurred a already." But which is which ?!

    Tags: Math
  • Feststellungsprüfung mathematics for FOS Vorklasse. 10-14

    Hello community, I currently attending a two-tier business school. When I then switched from the high school, I have unfortunately not the elective taken mathematics. But I would like to go next year to the Technical School. That's why I'm going to s

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  • I despair! Help! I am so afraid 10-12

    Hi. We write tomorrow a math class work. & I barely get it to fabric. I try and try but it just can not !! I started already but I do not CAN. Can you help me please? The one on the picture down there are the solutions but I have 0 clue how the first

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  • bijective function C- C: follow - rows 10-01

    Hiho, I have a math problem, which I just do not get. Let F denote the set of consequences and R the set of rows in | C One should now prove that the mapping: = aj -> sum (aj); So the added followers to jth member, a Bijective figure is. In addition,

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  • positive or negative? Hilfeeeee 12-23

    Is this positive or negative 5? --answer-- The 5 itself is positive. She has no sign, so it is positive. As it is in a term, which is a subtraction of the subtrahend. Why is the "-" in front of it. 22 (x -11) - 5 (x -40) = [22 (x -11) + (-5) (x

    Tags: Math, algebra
  • as if we include a break as a number 12-13

    breaking --answer-- The fraction line is nothing but a divided character. you as the fraction 3/4, so then you reckon 1: 4 = 0.25 now you take the 0.25 times the 3! Is it that hard? By you ausrechnest fraction normally. 1/2 = 0.5 as an example Agent

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  • Does one need polynomial and polynomial functions from the Q3 and Abi? 12-04

    I am in the e-phase in the gym. and we treat currently Polynomfunktionen- & divisions. Many say that you later and also in high school does not need. Is that correct? --answer-- Although it is a long time ago, but the central An @ lysis-task in my Ab

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  • wanted tuition teacher 10-09

    Seeking a tutor Weiss someone randomly in which I intern's see could or in what magazine? Mainly a for the professional school --answer-- Drop by Because you can search nationally and for all subjects. The other way to put an ad in

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  • Did I opportunities as an educator? 09-24

    Hey guys I'm 14 and 9th grade junior high school. When I 2016 my Realschulabdchluss do, I want to go to a social-educational school. Unfortunately, I am bad at math. I had always a 4 on the certificate. Does anyone own experience with such a thing? W

    Tags: Math, Occupation, notes, social, math + grades
  • limit contemplation as why? 09-21

    Hi folks, I have the following function: (3x ^ 2-5) ^ - 2 The derivatives etc I can make easily, as well as the extreme and inflection points. But how do I make the observation limit ?? and what do I find as a result? Do I have ein'fach for x tends t

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  • How to distinguish pay irrational rational? 08-26

    Help I do not understand! --answer-- Rational numbers can be represented as a fraction thus eg: 2 -5; 3.56 or 9.77777777777777777777777777777 (periodic numbers can be represented as 99tel the fold). Irrational numbers are infinite and non-periodic (c

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  • Math learning meaningless question sorry 03-16

    I write tomorrow after a math test, because I was sick last Monday. Last Sunday I learned but the themes are also before been already clear :) Should I now learn again? And one more thing: What it still brings me to learn now for an hour? So if I did

    Tags: Math, School, learn, learn + math, ask a thousand
  • of intervals with fractures 03-16

    Can someone please jmnd this issue on the basis of 17 show Thank you've tried it with 17 itself and wanted to know how much I have done wrong --answer-- I do not believe that a rational number is well suited for the demonstration of nested intervals.

    Tags: Math, nested intervals
  • Can I study in math Jura despite major weaknesses? 03-16

    --answer-- I myself have successfully studied law and have managed only a tight quad in Math Abi. This is not a problem. However, the study of law is very demanding and very intense learning. Since you have "get stuck", because without honors th

    Tags: Math, Studies, Mathematics, mathematics and Studies
  • Need help with the chain rule 03-16

    Task: f (x) = sin (a * x) ² with me always comes f '(x) = 2 cos (ax) a out the actual solution in my book is: f' (x) = 2a² x cos (a * x) ² can someone to explain approach and where my me error is? --answer-- Hello, Silencio, as my predecessor has alr

    Tags: Math, School, function, math + Mathematics

    Hi folks tomorrow I will have a math test. Morning comes determined as an object. And I do not know the of calculation. Do you understand it? The task: Susanne has 14 books over Melanie. Together they have 62 books. How many books, each of the two gi

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  • Help with math 03-16

    Hello community, I write in 2 weeks a math class work and understand course again nothing ... especially in the following 2 tasks, I could of course further felt 10 hours to consider, but the time I did not: D would be why I very grateful if you coul

    Tags: work, Math, School, interest, equations, percent, work + math
  • Is 2 ^ 10 ten times of 2? 03-15

    2hoch10 is ten times of 2? --answer-- No, the potency bedutet you the number is so often each time taking how high the Potnz. So in this case you reckon 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 = 1024. The potency notation only serves that you can write

    Tags: Math, arithmetic
  • If the evidence for Collatz conjecture refuted? 03-15

    On the Internet, evidence circulated to Collatz conjecture, but also someone who said he would have found a mistake in the proof. My question is, does the evidence or he was really disproved? --answer-- There is the Internet is also a proof of the Ri

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