• Whence Comes Melina? 03-04

    Where does the name Melina and what does it mean?

    Tags: Name, Meaning
  • MELINA where? 03-03

    Where does the name Melina and what does it mean? --answer-- Because Somebody want to write but Melinda has mistyped ....- episode: Melina

    Tags: Name, Meaning
  • How fooled himself? 02-01

    Hi, how can you consciously kidding yourself? (Because "I can piss myself" the saying) --answer-- It's a saying. And like most proverbs you just want to express something so. Whether one can piss himself, I doubt. Of course you can the. If can n

    Tags: Leisure, Meaning, saying, meaning + saying
  • What's 8i? 11-27

    Write YouTube and Facebook lately many people "8i" or "# 8i". I have long searched the Internet, but can not find anything about this acronym / importance. I have no desire to write as simply and ask what exactly is meant for someone f

    Tags: Internet, Youtube, Meaning, Definition, mean, meaning + Youtube
  • nrz newspaper abbreviation 08-31

    ? What does the abbreviation nrz-the newspaper ?? Z: b.waz-westdtsch.allgemeine newspaper, but as it is in the nrz google-results were meaningless meet, would appreciate a reply romped) - Disco --answer-- Neue Ruhr Zeitung http: // s

    Tags: Meaning, abbreviation, newspaper, newspaper stands +
  • what does this quote I do not understand it 07-30

    Hey guys, I do not know what to understand by this quotation you can send me erkären it? You and I, we are everything I'm not --answer-- I suspect together then you have no features which one alone has This basically means that a pair can be suppleme

    Tags: quote, Meaning
  • What is the sentence? Important 06-28

    "Without you all" I want to please know what that means. I think that it means with "everything" so happy, so to speak it all is well without me. But I'm just not sure. Please help me !! :( --answer-- huh? in which context is the set t

    Tags: Leisure, language, Meaning, meaning + language set
  • What are the 2 masks with the smiling and the sad face? 06-24

    Is there even with Whatsapp as Smiley, I would like to know how that is, and possibly where it comes from? --answer-- Rango 9 is quite right Thalia, the muse of comedy and Melpomene, the muse of tragedy. these are the symbolic masks for the sad trage

    Tags: Smiley, Meaning, icon, smiley icon +
  • meow. How do you say that in German? 05-06

    This kitchen thing .. I have asked many people, but no one could tell me .. most did not even know what that is actually ^. ^ My grandparents have always Rogolka or so said .. so I knew that too only under this name, is well n Silesian word, but how

    Tags: kitchen, language, Meaning, Meaning + Kitchen
  • English Broken Much? Grammar 11-21

    Between every user i will raffle something out. Is it between or ... something else: D Below each user I want to say yes --answer-- Hello, the right preposition is off and place between states among. AstridDerPu So between unsure between more than 2:

    Tags: English, grammar, Meaning
  • Wa meaning here -. |. 11-07

    Did you ask what that means. |. --answer-- Strichpunkt Looks like a nose Where did you see it?

    Tags: Meaning, characters
  • Bentgate -., -., 01-16

    What does the word gate in the Wortkonstillation Bentgate the media hyped iPhone 6 Bentgate? lg --answer-- The suffix -gate is always like used if somewhere a "scandal" is revealed. Background is the Watergate affair (guckstu Wikipedia) that eme

    Tags: iPhone, Word, Meaning, bentgate, meaning + word gate
  • Dreams-meaning characters ... 12-05

    Do dreams actually one particular meaning? And why one dreams exactly is a dream? Would really interest me ... --answer-- You can only dream about something that you yourself know in different variants composed. eg a Situatuion here is piece by piece

    Tags: Dreams, Meaning
  • Ne question to Harz4 rather that is the question 03-16

    I know what's Harz4, but what does eigendlich "Harz4" What does the can someone tell me? --answer-- Hello, the resin is a low mountain range in Germany where I come too ;-) The Hartz what you mean, is from the Peter Hartz (was the fourth that) t

    Tags: Meaning, Hartz IV
  • Where the mind is doing? 03-15

    What I do not understand is ... Why do we exist? What if we did not exist, if there were nothing ... Then Because never, nothing would make ... what was there. What is the reason that we exist? !! ?????? !!!!?!?!? --answer-- Hello - good question ...

    Tags: life, Meaning, confused sense + confused
  • What heist ,, Hub Trailer Via Sorter ,,? 03-15

    I've ordered what the internet and it is supplied with Hermes Then I followed the order and there was ,, Hub Trailer Via Sorter ,,? What does that mean? --answer-- That is, the loaded package in the hub and logistics center has just left.

    Tags: Order, delivery, Post, Meaning, Hermes, meaning + Order
  • What could it mean? the status" 03-15

    Heey, so what could mean this status: a white flower and a black flower (ie the then .. symbolizing not insert) --answer-- That is a sign against racism be, because it means that blacks and whites may live in peace and harmony with each other Black i

    Tags: State, white, black, Meaning, . Think, black + white
  • What this actually means on top of the t-shirts 03-14

    --answer-- Do you obey? If so, then it is the name of the company / brand. But if you then think up no idea what you mean ^^ Do you think the top or Obey? What does this mean on top tshirts? I now thought long about this question and have no idea wha

    Tags: language, Meaning, Obey, meaning + Obey
  • If the first name Kim rather male or female? 03-13

    Would be interested to know whether you would rather think of a man or woman with the name Kim --answer-- It can in principle men and women Kim hot .. recommended but are clearly gender-explanatory second names like "Kim-Marie" as (female) or &q

    Tags: Meaning, names
  • what this means smiley: .-. / Point strichpunkt? 03-12

    --answer-- That's just such a blunt expression without emotion. I to always use when I want to express confusion or in response to something unexpected. I would have guessed it, the someone has mistyped the smiley write xD -.- maybe it should be?

    Tags: Smiley, Meaning



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