• Contacts GMAIL on the SIM CARD? 11-25

    Hello, I have a new SIM card, synchronized with my Google Account and now all contacts on my Google Account. Say, from the old SIM card all contacts on Gmail, on the new SIM card or NO contacts. How do I get these contacts from Gmail to my phone? Tha

    Tags: Mobile, Google
  • mobile printer for samsung 11-12

    Is there a Handydurcker for Samsung galaxy s4 or note2? So a durcker to to connect to the phone and the printed directly from there? If so where can I get that? --answer-- Many modern printers have wireless cards, so you do not even need an Ethernet

    Tags: Mobile, Samsung, printer, printer + Samsung
  • Vodafone callya not debits 09-22

    hello people, I missed the deadline of debiting of vodafone, hence nothing was charged and I had a few days no moblies internet. I have my credits then charged on Saturday and still no sms vodafone get the 10 debits. I once had delayed me for 3 weeks

    Tags: Vodafone, Mobile, Mobile Phone, tariffs, Vodafone tariffs +
  • Phone in headset mode 09-22

    My phone has (connected without headphones) to headset mode continuously in recent times to. Is there vil. an app which so governs Whats App notification sounds, or calls will be output through the speaker, although Headphones "connected" are? :

    Tags: App, Mobile
  • Should I buy the new BlackBerry Classic? 08-03

    Does anyone have this phone, can someone give advice so I find the model just nice but I need a phone with good camera, good apps, with good Internet connection and the battery should last at least one day. Thank you in advance :) --answer-- It depen

    Tags: Mobile, BlackBerry
  • Percentages without percentage button on calculator? 07-19

    Hey guys! In my Android phone, the calculator has no percent key. How can I still make percentage calculations with it? --answer-- Share The number in question is a 100 and multipilzieren with the desired Prozetzahl Example: 12% of 214: 214: 100 x 12

    Tags: Android, Mobile
  • Clear Whatsapp messages permanently 07-13

    Hello! Would have liked my Whatsapp- messages permanently delete and permanently, without that you can restore them. Bin for not logged on iCloud and got out of the backup function on Whatsapp, rightly so? Is there something else I could do? --answer

    Tags: WhatsApp, Mobile, News, news + WhatsApp
  • how do I make a movie from the old phone to a new phone? 03-10

    hey I want to get me a new phone but on my old phone is a film plan how I do the to your new phone Thank you in advance lg jassi05wow --answer-- Either send via Bluetooth or on computer and from computer to new phone Bluetooth, dropbox, etc

    Tags: Mobile, Film
  • Replace broken Sim card like? 01-16

    Hi folks Yesterday I accidentally my Sim card so broken ruined (was sticking nix helped) and so I wanted to order a new SIM card. Taste this what and how to buy it? I thank for your answers. --answer-- A replacement card costs uniquely 9,99 E

    Tags: Mobile, Samsung, SIM card,, Samsung + SIM card
  • Cell simply taken away at school 12-26

    In the middle of teaching a cell phone has made a ton, the teacher immediately said that we should put all our phones on the tables, he just took all the cell phone on .. had with this was mine .. now my parents have to pick it up. , Can the teacher

    Tags: Mobile, teacher
  • yourfone: Handyvertrag notice period missed what now? 12-09

    I have signed a contract before nearly 2 years I think that it is a fixed-term contract on their website is limited contracts applies a notice period of 3 months which I missed for nearly 1.5 months what does this mean ???? Do I have to get by anothe

    Tags: Mobile, notice, yourfone, notice + yourfone
  • micro sim cut from base to nano sim? 11-30

    I wanted to ask if I map my micro sim card of base on a nano sim can cut you. The problem is that I have already cut off almost all the plastic of the card but it still does not fit, and I also have to cut something from the chip. Incidentally, I had

    Tags: Mobile, Nokia
  • use used iphone 11-03

    Hello ! I buy today a used iphone 4 because mine is broken. If I have the iphone, then I sat times a my sim card and see if it is reset when this is done then I can login with my own apple id and go right ?? or else should I consider something else?

    Tags: iPhone, Mobile
  • Logitech g19 keyboard is only half ?! 10-13

    Have a logitech g19 keyboard bought used salesperson said everything ok. Pack the thing of it was asleep on screen and buttons light comes on. just can not write. The g keys, mr, and go screen buttons nothing else: / has the kidding me? Was it the sh

    Tags: Technology, Mobile, mobile + technology, screen, Logitech + keyboard keys logitech-g19
  • Samsung Gear 2 permanent data connection? 10-13

    Hi folks, I am superior to me the gear zuzulegen 2 but my question is: must be the smart watch permanently connected to my cell phone and needs always an internet connection? Thanks in advance. --answer-- The Samsung Gear 2 is fundamentally a good ch

    Tags: Technology, Mobile, Samsung, mobile + technology, smart watch, Gear 2, data connection
  • What does this app with my music? 09-16

    Hi just want to download an app that then, and I quote: "Accessing the stored tracks and albums and listening to music and can control playback on other devices". What is meant by these permissions? Why the developers need them all? thank you --

    Tags: Music, computer, App, Android, Mobile, PC music +
  • Quiz duel request Decline 09-14

    Hey guys. So the following. Me constantly calls someone out for quiz duel. Characteristic also, but I do not ever play against. What appears on their phone because when I press "No"? then stands with her "rejected thee"? thank you --an

    Tags: Games, Mobile
  • iPhone games whether boys or girls games 03-16

    Hey can you give me some good times Games say iPhone? Thank you in advance --answer-- Crossy road (free), Geometry Dash (Lite free), RETRY (free) So these are times free games that I sometimes as a pastime games, could also enumerate paid, but that s

    Tags: Games, Mobile
  • Virus threat to fritzbox? 03-16

    Hi, If I come with my phone on the Internet on a virus-containing side, then the fritzbox infected? --answer-- A virus on a Fritz box? Not possible because that OS on the Fritz box runs can not be infected. However, the Fritz box can be utilized over

    Tags: Internet, Mobile, wireless, Fritz Box, virus, phone + WiFi
  • Do you have some good games Apps for mobile phones? 03-16

    Find new games apps for my phone I hope you can give me a few good apps :) --answer-- pou, banana kong, bounce ball, trollface quest, subway surfers, temple run .. undso: 'D Have you ever Clash of clans, is in fact a very good app and is in Play Goal

    Tags: Games, Mobile, Apps, Tips, Games + Tips



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