• Question the admissibility of my moped 09-23

    I have in my ABE grade read the small sections in the stand: "Spare parts may only be replaced with original spare parts or parts with an allocated from the Federal Motor Vehicle Office type characters. Now my question : Where can I read if my parts

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  • Who knows with old mopeds? 03-12

    My old Honda PX moped has a problem! You always drove 40km / h. But recently you only get them if you all revving the engine idle. Only after it has been running for 30 minutes in the hot state takes the gas to light! Currently driving only 15 km / h

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  • Moped scooter or not: D? 03-10

    Good day community, allowed to drive an on 25km / h throttled 50cc scooter with the moped certificate? I would s.Bild since thought of a Keeway RY8. lG, X --answer-- Yes you may. However, you are faster by bike ;-) Of course. However, the throttle mu

    Tags: Mopeds, moped bill
  • A policeman treated me unfair! 03-09

    I stole yesterday with a friend a moped (please do not ask). Now that my friend has the moped actually stolen it is today come with it to school (He had warscheindlich studied nothing), now the police have us (I with my and he with stolen) caught and

    Tags: police, rights, Mopeds, moped + rights
  • How many years moped driver's license and at what costs? 03-02

    Hey guys I wanted to ask how many years we must make the moped license what it costs and what important as a moped costs about and how much tax you pay for it recently has thanks for your help --answer-- A moped license you are allowed to make 16 wha

    Tags: Age, Cost, Mopeds, Age + moped
  • p3 manifold & exhaust is fitted an exhaust p1krümmerAMp3 legally 02-22

    hercules --answer-- Hi have at my Hercules prima 5s a p3 manifold fitted with p3 exhaust now the question is if I my elbow on p1 runterbaue is the p3 exhaust manifold with p1 allowed?

    Tags: Mopeds, manifolds
  • What 3Gang Mofaz would you recommend? 02-21

    Hello. Seeking a 3 course moped. What would you recommend? Unfortunately I only 850EURO for Verfügubg. Is there something clever? I read in forums that Prima GT should not be as good because of the crankshaft. Tune would not iich the moped. Thanks fo

    Tags: Hercules, zündapp, Kreidler, Mopeds, puch, 3gang, Hercules + puch
  • When to segregate a two-stroke mixture? 02-20

    Hello everybody, I have on this issue in the network found no precise information. So perhaps indeed a help to me: "When will segregate a two-stroke mixture?" (Eg 1:50) Thanks in advance --answer-- If I do not use a device with two-stroke engine

    Tags: Mopeds, motor gasoline, gasoline + moped, power generators, chain saw +
  • Riding a moped without a battery? 02-19

    Moin, My battery was stolen from the moped. Can I still with my riding a moped without the digital speedometer display breaks down? I can Ida moped so start even by Kickstarter. And light and so would functioned as the alternator provides power. --an

    Tags: Battery, Mopeds
  • Automatic scooter ... 02-18

    Hey! Get probably soon an automatic moped. (No, I'm not too stupid for switching, only this has to give up an acquaintance low): D All my it is very good in a suit, is easy to make but on the internet I just can not see this .. It is known as "Toxi T

    Tags: two-wheeler, Mopeds, automatic, 25ccm
  • Hercules Prima Gt Indicators 02-17

    Hello I get soon a prima gt and would like a signature flashers where can I buy a flashers ago for gt --answer-- In Also you need a Ulo box

    Tags: Mopeds, Hercules Prima GT
  • mofa 1:25? 02-17

    moin all say who I instead of 1: 50 1:25 refuel the suit better with my moped is that right? --answer-- which you do you eventually broken only your moped !!! 1:50 means that on 50 liters of gasoline 1 liter of oil coming (as a mixture), and now you

    Tags: suit, Mopeds
  • Moped license and choke out, what penalties? 02-15

    Hello Two friends of mine have made with 15 to 25-moped driver's license and the throttle away from their mopeds so they naturally go faster. I would not try and make only to be on the safe side the scooter driver's license with 16 the course. Now th

    Tags: 50s, Mopeds, throttle, 25er, 50s + throttle
  • Mopeds meets Bike Route 02-14

    Can a moped ride on the bike? --answer-- A moped must first use the cycle path outside urban areas or secondly, if so permitted by an additional mark.

    Tags: Cycle, Mopeds, Nix
  • mofa mark 2012 comprehensible? 02-14

    when I do with my fly cheat ne and the 2012 mark on it is, can not knowing that it is 2012 (yes it has the same color as the 2015er) out and get my name out get on the insurance? if so much effort with that would be connected? --answer-- This happens

    Tags: Mopeds, moped + Tuning
  • Mopeds :-)) 02-13

    Hello people I'm 14 and I want a moped. You have to pass a test but how long it takes until you can take the exam? And I would like to know how much a moped costs .. Not too expensive and not cheap? Does anyone have experience? --answer-- Because of

    Tags: Time, Mopeds
  • Scooter washing 02-12

    Hello community, I wanted to do the same with my scooter on the carwash is my first and I want to ask if I beam with the water at certain points to be careful or Just spray over all go? Actually everything is covered? --answer-- Not on Elektrick only

    Tags: new, Mopeds
  • hercules m4 off how? 02-07

    Hey've got a hercules m4 Immoment without standgas am grad but over it to make the question: if I then idle as I keep the then cheat off again? I also do not switch under the light! thank you --answer-- You can make grow to link a short circuit switc

    Tags: Hercules, Mopeds
  • Mopeds for 25 years unused 01-31

    Hi I have a moped that already about 25-30 years is in the garage which would have to renew all to use it to tires, gaskets, ... --answer-- That sounds like a complete overhaul. Buy yourself a new one that is certainly cheaper. New chain and Ritzel.n

    Tags: automotive, Mopeds
  • Where can you buy a moped rims? 01-25

    Hey I want to really cool rims for my moped :)) Härkuläs Priiima 5 belongings in WWW nix found Back --answer-- Gehste in each xbeliebigen moped shop and ask for: Ey Altaaa so haste fully cool parts where coat it is? In a business where you can buy mo

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