• Watch movies! Do you have ideas? 05-04

    Hey guys I will really like to watch some funny movie !! Who do you have tips or any funny movie shrine but in the comments

    Tags: Tips, movie, funny, right, looking, funny + Tips
  • Harry Potter Am I crazy? 01-30

    I love the books. I just can not think of anything else. Just remember how it would be if there really Hogwarts and how it would be to be there. I'm already running against the wall between track nine and ten, but, except that hurt my head, there was

    Tags: book, movie, Harry Potter, reading, reading book, crazy, witches, wizards, Hogwarts
  • What does that mean in the movie Catacombs? 01-19

    In the movie Catacombs once was as a crusader who has been dead for 700 years, but looked as if he had just died. White jmd why and what kind of importance that had in the film? --answer-- Was the vlt wrapped in so convincing? Vlt who thus kept him "

    Tags: movie
  • Sad Japanese Short -gesucht- 12-31

    Hey, when I was younger was on TV a about 15-30 minutes of Japanese short film, whose name I now try to look! -> I can tell you nurnoch say that it came had come a man in a village order to build a school and fell in love with a woman, at the end of

    Tags: Love, School, men, women, movie, Japan, sad, Japanese, short film, Film + Love
  • The same prey twice? Movie 09-15

    Seeking a film ... It is roughly around a large theft. It begins with a guy sitting with another guy in a bar or the like and holds out after a woman he apparently needs for this robbery ... Then he sees one and one thinks that it jetz get going. Eve

    Tags: movie
  • Zombie Dog ?! What is this movie? 09-15

    I once saw a long time ago a movie. There's a dog was run over. The Besitzter was a boy. When he died, the boy somehow revived the dog ... That dog was actually black and white: o I think the film there sowol on Animation and in real life. Can one te

    Tags: movie
  • 'My Brother Is a Dog' - Free Online Streaming? 08-12

    Can anyone tell me what page of the Internet you look at the film 'My Brother Is a Dog' full length and can watch for free without having to download it? I --answer-- Movie4k is only one provider is easiest to enter searchmask in the "Film Title stre

    Tags: movie, free
  • Problems with VLC player / DVD player on Mac 08-08

    Hi, I have the following problem: I want a film look (original DVD) and screenshots make the film. My MacBook always plays the movies from the DVD player, but this leaves no screenshots (showing only transparent image). With the VLC player it actuall

    Tags: computer, movie, program, DVD, Screenshot, dvd player, Movie + program
  • Seeking a song. From Bad Boys. 2 06-12

    Hello my dears. Seeking a song from the movie Bad Boys 2 namely that where they go to the disco. That must be some kind of gangster rap. Unfortunately, I do not know who that is, and I would have liked this song. Can someone please times who give NEN

    Tags: movie
  • Search Good horror / sci-fi / monster movie :-) 05-24

    Hey guys :-) I've seen many films, but after the time the films are also boring: - / Seeking necessarily a horror film, definitely have to be alien's or monster there. Oh yes, the film should not be so old because I soo much like that now: - / I can

    Tags: movie, aliens, horror, monsters, horror monster +
  • Seeking old sci-fi horror movie probably asu 80s / 90s 05-22

    Hello Hello, I'm looking for a long time a movie I have ever looked secretly as a little boy. Property already many forums rolled and felt half the Web searches. Maybe you can help me yes ^^ At the beginning, a space shuttle from Earth with crew is j

    Tags: movie, aliens, space, horror, old, robot, sci-fi, Horror movie, retro
  • Love Rosie Show for free? 02-11

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the movie Love Rosi on the Internet for free and without registration but do not think would be nice if I could help me Thank you in advance --answer-- May I help you. Love Rosie t

    Tags: movie, free
  • dub movies 01-05

    Hey guys I have a question for you namely the films dubben how do you get the voice from the voice actors? LG Theh4c3ern00b --answer-- what do you mean by "how you're gonna get the vote"? The vote is either "casted" or the actor has an

    Tags: movie, voice actors, Dubben, voice actors Dubben +
  • Movie with dog from outer space 09-17

    Early 2000s my daughter fell in love with a movie that we then also often loaned us from the video store. It's about a dog who lands with a spaceship on Earth and is taken up by a lonely little boy. Of course, says the dog. He befriends with neighbor

    Tags: movie
  • this damn frageÞberschrift. Take the now 08-24

    Find a movie. Probably more than 10 years old in which a young about 8 years old with his sister and like an old Saufkopf. stranded on an island. At the beginning of man dies and the kids are on their own. In spÃĪteren throughout the film, they disco

    Tags: movie
  • Search movie about a dog 08-05

    dear community I'm looking for some time a film. The running time on SuperRTL and I had watched him since I was a child. (So ​​is her rather long and would have to be an older film) in any case it was about a little boy who had been hanging in the op

    Tags: Film, movie, Actor, Movie Actors +
  • People from books and films are similar to Hercules 12-15

    Hey you :) Seeking people from modern books and films, the similarities of character with Hercules have, but nevertheless to Hercules and the character should be different. Do you know as what? LG :) --answer-- Ever thought of the rows around Percy J

    Tags: book, movie, History, book + History, god, Hercules, Mythology, halbgoetter
  • Film wanted! + actor 12-13

    Hello this is a really stupid question but I'm looking now for a long time on the Internet and will simply not find it. My friends can not help me (probably because I can describe mieserabel and never one knows what I mean) BUT .. Seeking a film. I d

    Tags: Film, television, movie, TV + Movie
  • Soundtrack of the movie "Anastasia" 03-16

    Hello, today runs the TV film Anastasia. I love this movie and looking for ages about this one song. Many think one probably "A rumor in st. Petersburg" but this is incorrect. must flee to the scene, where the statue of Tsar Nicholas falls, and

    Tags: Film, movie, Soundtrack, Disney, Film Music Soundtrack +, Anastasia
  • Movie like amercian pie 03-16

    Search nen film of what American Pie had. What I remember are: - class trip to the ski area -So'n type is full of arsh, loses at strip poker and is taken from a moose - The thickness makes it the prettiest - and a guy falls out so nem Ski lift while

    Tags: movie



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