• precious violin destroyed. Restoration? 07-02

    Hello, my grandparents were broken and cracked the safe. They were formerly both successful violinist. Inside the safe is jewelry was worth 15-20,000 €, 170 years old violin my dead grandfather with a value of € 90,000 and cash of € 5-10,000. In addi

    Tags: Music, theft, play, instrument, violin, play violin
  • 'Habt Her coupla songs?! .... 06-23

    Hey Jo people I on Wednesday ne garden party, looking Geile Mukke our age is so 13-16 and if possible kei so Bushido zeugs would be very happy if you had n few great songs: D LG TheLord --answer-- Let me down easy by sheppard I rather like ... If you

    Tags: Music
  • Fast & Furious 7 music? 06-18

    how hot the music in fast & furious where in dubai ... you can hear in the trailer is win dj music :) --answer-- Hy, yes you can play again after the song on the site running and identify with the app Shazam music video. Lg Redbull

    Tags: Music, sound, movies, movies + Sound
  • A remix of a video is wanted 06-17

    Hey people I have been looking for a while a song from a youtube video ( ) from 19:00 min. I was searching for anything but just know that there is a Irene Cara- Fame! remix is ​​.. Can someone help me? !! Would be very ni

    Tags: Music, Video, Sport, sound, song, Youtube, Basketball, Sport + Youtube, Kenner
  • Search songs - formerly on MTV 06-09

    Hello, evntl. can help me one of you. Seeking a song I had ever heard as a child. As far as I know yet there was no text. It ran on MTV and the music video was to animate. It has to do with heart (can be seen in the music video). Went towards Electro

    Tags: Music
  • Ableton, FL Studio Books ...? 05-23

    Hello community, I wanted to ask if you vill. a GOOD book in the field Ableton or FL Studio knows. Because I want to start happy to produce one of the two programs music. But for that I need a bit of information about the application. I hope you can

    Tags: Music, FL Studio, Ableton, daw, Ableton + FL Studio
  • YouTube Music pitch 05-23

    Hello everyone :) I wanted to ask how that is you put the music behind his YouTube videos. One may indeed because of GEMA no music (not just GEMA free music) deposit. If I make the pitch of a song up or down, can I use it? Or do you like the look any

    Tags: Music, Youtube
  • Sacred Internet 05-05

    Hello . Late 70s was heard in many rock clubs and Hard rock cafe the song what I want. There are no vocals in this piece rather more discussion at the beginning and in the middle of the song. It's going to Martians on Earth coming, and as far as I kn

    Tags: Music, artist
  • Hercules DJ console 4-MX 04-22

    Hi people, I got 4-MX my Hercules DJ console today and have razed me of the installation. Since I use windows 8.1 I have downloaded the latest driver on the official site and installed. But without success. I have done everything as it has been said

    Tags: Music, driver problem hercules 4 mx
  • Question regarding ... Payment 04-21

    The question is perhaps a little strange since I have but never ordered anything via, I know me not really. And I can even with a voucher or order CD's like? If so, even at merchants who use only as a platform? Or does it, etc. on

    Tags: Music, Leisure, Internet, computer, Amazon, media, Internet + Music, Hip Hop, Internet Explorer
  • Samsung music player? 04-13

    Does anyone know if there is something like a samsung ipod of the brand, only to listen to music for specifically? Thanks in advance for your answers :)

    Tags: Music, Samsung, iPod, brand, player, iPod + Samsung
  • Are Musikerwitze funny? 04-12

    And if so, can you tell me more? I have the word "musician joke" so far only in the context of SpongeBob is one example "Oboe Obein". Is there something really and knows her yet what? --answer-- Are only funny if you have a little idea

    Tags: Music, jokes
  • What is this great classic song? 04-07 --answer-- Even if it is not now the solution, but somehow it sounds like a highly varied "Swing Big Band interpretation" of "Laridah march" by Max Hempel - quasi in the

    Tags: Music, classical
  • matthias reim schlager planet box - it's worth 300Euro !? 03-09

    I was happy actually since the announcement on the box of matthias rhyme (for the anniversary). today I have I've seen, however, that it will cost 300 euros - I mean here me is cle

    Tags: Music, Matthias Reim
  • SMS audio wireless 03-04

    How do you find these headphones? Should I buy or do you recommend me another? Where can I buy this in Switzerland? --answer-- sry hab in reply

    Tags: Music, headphones, SMS Audio, Headphones + SMS Audio
  • Seeking song Kiz? 03-02

    Hello I once heard a song let us loo go baby I want to marry now and so I think from kiz only as a funny I rapversion seeking but which is slightly faster with little beat and although the / K8E3z_z3CiU just not as high distorted norm

    Tags: Music, song
  • As US-Tourist money busking ?! 03-01

    Hello! Caveat: Yes, I know there are already similar posts. Unfortunately, I'm really become smarter from any of them. My question: I have a visa for 3 months to travel as a "normal" tourist by the USA next year. Incidentally, I'd like a little

    Tags: Music, Vacations, travel, USA, travel + vacation, Visa, street music
  • Cubase music program is not working! .. 02-28

    Hello community, I wanted to test my trial version of Cubase 7 elements (trial) download to my hardware. Unfortunately, there is a problem ... as I have downloaded everything, and have installed I wanted to open the software. The error message no Lie

    Tags: Music, Download, media, software, Code, program + Software, Program installation, Cubase
  • Does anyone know the song at the end of the video? It's so beautiful! 02-09 --answer-- Perhaps Asgeir - Going Home Asgeir but is like the song I do not know :(

    Tags: Music, Video
  • Muse - Toughts of a Dying atheist 02-09

    Hello, I have a question. Jmd the marks or tabs of the solo by Muse - atheist Toughts of a Dying? A video etc would also go. Thanks in advance :) --answer-- The best thing there is to tabs, in my opinion:

    Tags: Music, Guitar, MUSE, MUSE guitar +



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