• designate dog named differently? 07-15

    Hello, if I want to buy me a dog (1-3 J) Have the yes mostly already names, but I do not like. If I simply anspreche him with desired name, he will find it at some point that he is new? Or it would be just a cruelty? --answer-- I guess so. If they st

    Tags: Name, Dog, spoiled
  • Youtube name changed and 07-05

    I've no more to be found among my old youtube my name changed, but this I'm still, wielang it takes to process the Youtube? --answer-- Not long. Not more than one day. I think if you change its name you can find a still under the old name 1-2 workday

    Tags: Name, Youtube
  • Looking for a series that ran on pro7 07-04

    Hey I'm looking for a series that has been running out pro7 a few years ago. It was about a kind of new planet on which people in a town (name of the series) and settle around jungle with dinosaurs-like nature is .. I do not know the name! Please ans

    Tags: Name, Series, series name +
  • Is the name for a YT channel suitable? 06-23

    Hi, I now have half an eternity thoughts about a YouTube name made. Now what undwill occurred to me to know whether the name of good, bad, whatever. The YT channel is based on a game. Please do not bring answers like "Ermuss you like". This is t

    Tags: Name, Youtube
  • Blog name for my dog? Ideas? 05-28

    Hey guys. I love to fotografiern my dog. There is already an Instagram page of my dog, but unfortunately I have not Instagram on mobile phone. And I thought, I'll hald the blog (at blogspot) If you have any other ideas, please write! And the actual p

    Tags: Name, Dog, Blog, website, Blogspot, npage, Homepage + Name
  • Name for labrador dog 05-20

    My friend and I got in July a black Labrador dogs and Search URGENT a name for him :-) --answer-- My first dog was a black Labrador German Shepherd Mix and got me the name Shadow (my companion Shadow;)). For me it is important that the dog name has a

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Hey guys what breed of dog is that? 05-16

    I'm in love with this but just do not get it what breed is White Pug came into my mind or a kind Dane Only I'm just no green branch Maybe someone knows of you notice :) --answer-- Anyway it is a torment breed, whether or pug Bullddogge. Fall in love

    Tags: Name, Dog, French Bulldog, pug, Dog breed, Mastiff, dog breed name +
  • Beautiful name for a female dog? :-) 03-17

    Question is up! But please no standard names like amy, emma, lily ect thanks in advance --answer-- Hi! I've always found Trixie very sweet .... sometimes you can but also "normal" German words into English translate that sound then totally cute

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Whence Comes Melina? 03-04

    Where does the name Melina and what does it mean?

    Tags: Name, Meaning
  • MELINA where? 03-03

    Where does the name Melina and what does it mean? --answer-- Because Somebody want to write but Melinda has mistyped ....- episode: Melina

    Tags: Name, Meaning
  • YouTube name as ... 02-28

    I would like to have a YouTube name. But what specific example as Gronkh-DNER-CONCRAFTER-PewDiePie or the like. Would be very happy if you could empfelen what me or send me at least one link would be super cool: D --answer-- find a link to a site whe

    Tags: Name, Youtube
  • Distinguished Name of book 02-08

    Hey guys :) I need a noble and make names for a story that I want to write ... with so second and third names ... I hope you have an idea: * --answer-- Take script or script, or bound paper edition how about with Alphonse? Thanks for all the names :)

    Tags: Name, book, Author, author + name
  • Website Name (photos) 12-23

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a site name. On this site other people can upload pictures and write in these comments. Now I do not have a name, the name should be creative (like with numbers in it, but only 1 word so no hyphens). Here are the 3 I really

    Tags: Name, website, creative, Homepage, name + Website
  • Name of dog wanted l 11-26

    We want to buy us a dog, but can look forward to some no name, what name would you give him.?. Male, Labrador Redriver, blond --answer-- marvin if you have the Lütten at home, then you know how you ought to call him Sammy, Sandy, Franz Esco, Lorence,

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • I can not think a dog name 11-14

    Hey dear, my family and I have after many years finally consideration for a dog it entschlossen.?am29.03ist extent then comes the little French bulldog, a rude, but next week is the vaccination certificate filled out and the name has already are fixe

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Dog Names for Stafford-bitch 11-12

    Hello User, and although I have my bitch a blueline Stafford two days ago gekauft..die small is now 14 weeks old and still nameless .. She is very affectionate, curious and cheeky. I have already looked at several sites by name but found none that fi

    Tags: Name, Dog, stafford
  • What is this dog? (Image) 11-10

    Hello, as is the breed of the dog in the picture? Thank you very much LG8 --answer-- This could be a Welsh Corgi of the figure and color here. The picture is extremely bad, but it could be a ph

    Tags: Name, Dog, Breed, name + race
  • I need a dog name! 09-12

    Hello I already have a dog and we thought about us for our dog to look for a mirror tracks. we have an English bulldog found. it is a bitch but unfortunately we think of a great name. please help us --answer-- I find that to Bulldogs fit so easily st

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Female names for twins 09-10

    I write an English essay and it occur two girls who are twins. Do you think the name Grace Amélie Ackerman and Avery Giselle Ackerman would work well together? The girls were from England, English both French roots would have. Amélie and Giselle were

    Tags: Name, essay, Twins
  • Unusual Dog Names for a Shih Tzu 09-05

    Hello my friends :) we would set us a Shih Tzu and still need an extraordinary and unusual names for males and one female, because the sex is not yet known .. And often in exotic names :) --answer-- Yes you're right :) I find normal name also pretty

    Tags: Name, Pets, Dog, dog names, unusual, exotic, pets + name



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