• Teddy dog 01-12

    I'm looking for the name of a particular breed of dog, the dog look like teddy ^^ --answer-- So I know the Chow Chow and really looks like a teddy bear. I know a race that shorn looks like a teddy bear. Pomeranien / Pomeranian. Boo is the most famous

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  • What are standing, round dog ears? 12-23

    Hello, I find so cute those standing with no tip but rather round up dogs ears. What do you call this kind of ears? Only serious answers. Lg. And thank you for your answers in advance, Lena PS .: PICTURE !!! --answer-- There are only floppy ears and

    Tags: Name, Animals, Dog, ears, dog + Name
  • How tup my dog ​​her name to? : / 12-12

    Hey my dog's Medicare and I do not want them hot so (private union reasons) how do I do that? Does the name with an M or start? Help me --answer-- Hello yesterday was a question whether the dog ma simply can rename. I copy it simply again purely Of c

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  • which name fits this cuddly dog? :)) 12-11

    Must be a story about the writing which name suits him? --answer-- Odin .... or any Germanic gods name If it's a girl, I would call them Emily Looks of sweet Or Louis :) or something old as Erwin: D perhaps schnuffel rico or Big boy Fritz so is my pe

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  • What is this sweet dog breed 11-28

    Hey guys I have a dog found on the internet and I wanted to know how the means :) can you tell me? --answer-- Puppies usually see from super sweet. Look rather for pictures of adult dogs. Then, the sweet little puppies land who suddenly no longer so

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  • We get a dog, but your name is really terrible! Can I change my name? 11-16

    Hey, we get a dog and her name is very very terrible .. I can not very well if I ka get the ball games: LOS ULRIKE HOL HIM !. Can I change my name and habit of her? If yes how? --answer-- We have our Suki also renamed because the name was terrible. T

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Seeking a Minecraft name I on .... 10-18

    my old account no proper access more have ... No access to the form More ... so my old account was "FabianFabs" and wants a new BUY and now I'm looking for as a SIMILAR name ... does anyone know what? --answer-- Participating it upside - FabsFab

    Tags: Name
  • Do you have suggestions for unusual but beautiful dog names? 09-18

    Search for bitch unusual but beautiful dog names. --answer-- Nourbese - This is African and is called the Beautiful. How about Ancksunamun. Helena Baghira. Ninja Quennie In what direction it? Our Hünding's example Jinni because it was for us the fulf

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Beautiful name for Irish Setter dog with N ... 09-09

    Hey, you have any suggestions for a dog name with N? It is a red-brown Irish Setter bitch :) Thank you! --answer-- Nala, Nelli, Neica Nilam, Nadie, Nara :) Nelly, Nancy, Nele, Naila :) How about "Nyla" I know the name is strange: Nymphadora Is h

    Tags: Name, puppy, suggestions, dog names, bitch, Irish Setter, suggestions + puppies
  • Search special dog names 08-23

    Hi, someone has a pretty name for a dog / bitch? Would be cool if he had a special meaning for example an English name in German means something nice :-) On the Internet I could unfortunately not find anything nice, but maybe I can here yes someone h

    Tags: Name, Dog, features
  • What is this dog movie knows someone? 03-11

    What is the name of this movie where two girls find a small dog, but the girls live in the home and hide him and then when they are adopted they take him and the dog will then just getting bigger and bigger and eventually see the "parents" of th

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Frenshi puppy dog ​​names ?! 02-22

    Hello my dears. We are looking for a suitable dog names for a French Bulldog :) would love if you could help :) --answer-- @Sugarcandle, below I offer you a few names for dogs. Maybe you'll even under the name of someone who you like. Abby, Adolf, Ak

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Does anyone know an American surname? 12-24

    Hi, I need a last name that matches the Vornmane Allie / Allyson. Has there vlt. anyone have an idea? The should listen iwie American ^^ --answer-- Allyson Brewer, Allyson Cottner, Allyson Eason, Allyson Stuart, Allys

    Tags: Name, book, America, English, English + name
  • Kännt who good dog names? 11-22

    Pls call me a Parr --answer-- Cosmo-Chivago-Chenzo-Chendo blackjack - Quincy- Basko-Niko - Kännt, PIs or Parr but would be something Mirko, Simon, Ramón, Carlos, Rocko Fietje Aster, Carlie, Yoko Sissy, Amei, Vicky, Kyoshi, Sindy, Leia, Susi, Lotte /

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Do you know your nickname for the name Mieke? 11-07

    My name is Mieke, but because about 99.9% wrote my name wrong or pronounce (Mike -.-) I wanted to have a nice nickname, but unfortunately did not find anything on the internet and my friends also think of anything. you may know a?

    Tags: nickname, Name
  • Female dog name? : * 10-16

    Hi folks xD So I get tomorrow finally my little sweet marigold tail ~ and it is merle. But I find the name Garnicht great. Does anyone sweet name? (She has golden fur) --answer-- Our dog was Tessa now we have two cats (Luna and Sidonie) and two dogs

    Tags: Name, Dog
  • Crazy name for this creature 10-06

    I need a crazy name for these beings .. Bin hähä very uncreative --answer-- I am also pfrobbe xD A pfobbe

    Tags: Name, Animals, crazy name + crazy creatures
  • Beautiful twin boy and girl names? 10-01

    I'm looking for beautiful girls and young double names --answer-- Here some nice double name: Eleonora Yasmin, Xenia Noel, .. boy "; Elias Jaden, Luca Rafaelle, Mike Damian .. How about Mayan Sarai? Perhaps even spelled differently. Or Tim-Niklas or

    Tags: Leisure, Name, Baby names, name search, name + Name Search
  • Cool instagram name? :-) 09-17

    Search instagram name in English (proverbs, words, etc) So such coherent sentences. Zb :. Youonlylifeonce, dontworrybehappy, etc.) Thanks in advance Lg --answer-- imthefuckingboSS

    Tags: Name, instagram
  • Naming rights and name change during and after marriage 03-16

    Hello, accepted Mrs. Meier marries Mr. Schulze and takes its name. Unfortunately, the marriage does not last as long as desired, it comes to divorce. Ms. Schulze has become so accustomed to the name that they want to keep him happy. That this is poss

    Tags: Name, marriage, name change, marriage + name change



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