• Good dishes for mass phase 06-09

    wanted to ask the people who are currently in the phase mass / be familiar with it. what you eat that? call times as a few dishes. --answer-- My friend eats meals with a lot of carbohydrates, ie pasta, spaghetti and dishes with potatoes. So far it wo

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  • Body Fat Reduction - Diet plan 05-22

    Hi, in recent weeks I have changed my diet already a variety of ways and can achieve some small successes. However, I would like to go ahead and ask me what you have so for ideas. I'm 1.75m tall and 86 KG difficult. My KFA is around 14% and I want to

    Tags: fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, bodybuilding + Fitness, Transformation
  • Dog eats only treats (Chihuahua) 05-13

    What to do when a dog eats only treats / takes? Despite fast he never eats on his head lining, rather accepts only so 4 pellets thereof to be and that's it. He is a great Chihuahua long hair. At first he liked to Barf gefuttert and now he refuses ext

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  • Dog is thick for your size what to do? 03-25

    Hey! I've since 1Monat a dog that is relatively thick. Previously, she was even fatter! But somehow it does not currently from? I always try to give less just were not there my naive family always cheering you what they whine. Yesterday I bought lamb

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  • Black in mind and trembling applicable 02-20

    Hello unzwar me is the now 2x already happened lately that I am after getting just blacked out and I had been there to hold me totally have begun my legs trembling I .. but also drink plenty of water. That's why I wanted to ask if anyone knows what t

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  • Nestle Beba Pro 2 From the 6th month? 02-14

    How long can I keep the above milk in the glass bottle from the baby? So the mixture of Nestle Beba with water? --answer-- Infant formula must always be freshly mixed and should never be more than half an hour !!!! What is there all forms of bacteria

    Tags: nutrition, Baby
  • low carb diet, I eat too much carbohydrates? 02-09

    My nourishes values ​​are fat at about 60g carbohydrates 80g and 200g albumen --answer-- which is completely wrong: 200 g complex kh, max. 60 g fat and max. 60 g proteins per day 200g pure protein is something much more ... you should not come about

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  • In which foods rich in iron / zinc is indoors 01-02

    Hello! I nehem too little iron / zinc to me. Where is zinc / iron in it? --answer-- Wheat bran, sorghum and oats have an iron content of more than six milligrams per 100 grams. Peanuts, shrimp, corn have a high zinc content. buckwheat contains high o

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  • Pregnancy nutrition, specific question! 12-31

    Hello, my question is not intended to refer to general dietary advice in pregnancy. Furthermore I informed myself very intensively. I only have the following problem: Even before pregnancy I had at irregular intervals severe stomach pain, very high i

    Tags: Health, pregnant, nutrition, children, pregnancy, Baby, diet + children
  • Eating plan? (Directive) 12-30

    Hey guys! I'm just about to drive out the last Christmas cookies of my hips, looking for a suitable diet - do not get me wrong I am doing enough sport and hope not with it, hungry to solve everything. I just need a directive, because even I'm a littl

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  • what can you delicious cooking for the dog? 11-03

    usually my dog ​​is mostly dry and wet feed, but I also like to cook sometimes for him and I would ask ne to the people who also themselves have a dog and also dissipate not cooked. what they could advise me (please with recipe) --answer-- Cooking is

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  • What is Macrobiotic? 10-21

    hi Guys I have a question maybe someone can tell me what is macrobiotics? I've googled but not really useful found. LG --answer-- "Macro" is "large", "bios" means "life", and "policy" is a suffix, such as

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  • Good dog food for Shih Tzus 10-08

    Can anyone recommend a good dog food for Shih Tzus me? I've read that dog food are often stretched with cheap fillers and should probably not be as healthy for dogs. What should I do to give my dog ​​a good feed? Thank you in advance:) --answer-- Wha

    Tags: Health, nutrition, Animals, food, dog food, diet + Animals
  • how can I a vitamin deficient balance despite allergies? 07-14

    Hello my dears. I have the impression the depots of my body are depleted as I unfortunately enough nutrients can not inflict. I have allergies to rye, corn, millet, apple, pineapple, peaches, oranges, soy .... On fruit I refrain because I just can no

    Tags: Health, nutrition, medicine, Allergy, Vitamins, diet + medicine
  • How do I eat healthy? What does the body good? 06-02

    Good Morning :) I will now start to feed me until the summer healthy for my body to get something in the form (for that I'm doing an exercise program). I would also like to traverse the way to summer. It depends on what kind of food to choose ... but

    Tags: Health, nutrition, diet + food, food
  • weighing error 02-28

    Hello people you can help me please reply i am 12 and 1.52m tall and weighing only 36 kg, is that bad --answer-- No that is fully normal. Especially in the developmental phase. I myself am slightly larger and weigh just 2-3 kg more: D You're lying, a

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  • The diet of a dog change? 12-19

    I get the 6 year old female Boxer my aunt, how can we all know is the animal does not give to eat everything you yourself eating because you do characterized usually like it at all no. The dog got after each lunch always what is left over, it is heal

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  • TRAINING: SSS 10-23

    Hey dear! I am now 18 years old smoke every day to 1.5 Boxes Marlboro for 6 € and at the weekend I celebrate excessive parties .... I am to the conclusion that I came so can make no further. I would most love to smoke go on ... but the drink and give

    Tags: Sports, fitness, nutrition, nutrition + Fitness
  • I have now eaten average or too much for my size? 10-09

    Dear Community.Ich wanted to ask you if that is too much what I ate (I'm male, am 14 years old, am about 170 cm tall and weigh 52Kg.Also my question is whether I have eaten too much today (esse otherwise never so much) .Today morning 2 loaves covered

    Tags: Health, body, nutrition, eat, eat + Body
  • Dog too thin? cavalier king charles 08-10

    Hey guys I have a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and am really worried about him. He is getting thinner and thinner. He gets once a day a large portion of wet fodder to eat. Now I have considered whether I him villeicht a little dry food among the nas

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