• Foot pain should I see a doctor 03-09

    Hello, I have a problem with my foot 4/5 weeks ago I had to stay at home because my foot was just overstretched since I am bent over every week and have now always pain when I umknicke going after 2/3 hours again but it's just weekly mind.2 times ...

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  • Collision between legs! 03-01

    Is something embarrassing while but am only recently, as I was about to go out of the shower slipped and fell right between the legs on the edge of the bathtub. The impact was just below the testicles. but I still had a lot of pain and sat back in th

    Tags: Pain, injury
  • I hurt my tailbone 02-14

    I sit every day about 8 hours on a wooden chair and doing my tailbone hurt so ... Whenever I have to get up get up from her knees as otherwise so strong pain that remains my breath away ... Even though I bend down ... What can one do about it? If I'm

    Tags: Help, Pain, Doctor, doctor + pain, coccyx
  • get days and I jz belly cramps 02-04

    I've just just got my period and got right abdominal cramps what I can do about it --answer-- Tablets, tea, hot water bottle, or what you do not think sport, even if it seriously in the beginning still sau hurts after a while dissolves the cramp. Thi

    Tags: Pain, abdominal, day, belly + days
  • Help! Thyroid problems .. Who has it? 01-30

    Hey people, so can anyone tell what unique symptoms for thyroid it over / under are functionally me? Those eye problems, fatigue and head and neck pain that? & You can have problems with it even if the blood values ​​are oke? --answer-- When thyroid

    Tags: Pain, thyroid, tired, thyroid tired +
  • friend has made statements lovesickness 01-13

    Hello, I'm 16 and my ex 17. We were only 1 1/2 months together. The first 2 weeks were really fantastically but then so after that he began more and more to me repel he wrote the first no sweet things more then he let himself megaviel time to answer

    Tags: Relationship, Love, Pain, heartbreak, boys, relationship + guys
  • Knee Pain - bursitis 01-12

    Hello zsm ... I for several weeks / months problems with my knees ... And I get severe pain shortly after or while I did sports / do. when I jog 20mins or 1hr schwimmtraing hab ... The pain then the whole knee and hold for several days and the knee s

    Tags: Pain, knee injury
  • Wisdom teeth at age 16, all 4? 01-11

    Hey, was now at the dentist to check my teeth and have made, an x-ray of my teeth. The doctor said my wisdom teeth need to be taken as soon as possible. He thought my teeth would top and before my wisdom teeth begin to make pain or move my other, I s

    Tags: Help, Pain, teeth, Doctor, dentist, doctor + pain, quickly
  • ssw Suddenly backache and pulling in the abdomen 31 12-17

    Hello everybody I do not know what that is you can help me --answer-- So I think it is normal. If it is not unbearable or it happens on a regular basis, it will simply be Senkwehen. The can really Tuen very hurt. At the end I had also sometimes afrai

    Tags: pregnant, Pain
  • Rib pain psychosomatic or not? 12-06

    Hello, I have for some days ribs pain or maybe just the muscles are tense. Can all this be psychosomatic or I must therefore go to the doctor? What can I do about it help any ointments? I am still in day-care psychiatric treatment but my going away c

    Tags: Pain, Doctor, Muscle, Psychiatry, Stress, psychosomatic, rib pain, doctor + muscles
  • Belching and hiccups simultaneously 11-24

    Hi, I just had to push open, while I had the same hiccups so I guess it was hiccup because it was only when burping after no more But where I really it was getting is that then a short pull for about 20sekunden in the trachea I think occurred , My qu

    Tags: body, Pain, throat, inexplicable, neck pain, Hiccups, pull, trachea, mechanism, push open
  • painkillers effect? 11-04

    Hi I hab mal ne ask. If I have a sick tablet I suppose but not have pain I spühre then not even when, for example, which falls on my foot? And prescription such tablets? Comical I ask knows I hope you understand what I mean: D --answer-- you can not

    Tags: Pain, tablets
  • Can a dog break the tail? 11-03

    Hello. I wonder if you can break a dog's tail? Have yourself a but of course I did not want to try ;-) Thanks for the helpful answers. --answer-- Clear is that you look at times the skeleton of a dog on the tail has a bone and, in principle, can brea

    Tags: Pain, Dog, tail, spine, Breaking, dog + spine
  • A question about my "house dog" 10-31

    Yesterday about 3-4 my dog ​​was in my garden and has its business ,, "done when he came back I noticed firstonce nothing on the house, but observed after 2-3 hours, I've found my dog ​​is a very Auffalend , the comic had gang. he lowered his head an

    Tags: Pain, Dog
  • Dog skin peels very strong urgently 10-12

    Hello the dog from my grandma has for half a year scales on the skin it is very bad he suffers and itches all sore. We have stayed at several veterinarians and he has all sorts of feed tested (no not in rapid succession I know that this is not good a

    Tags: Pain, Animals, Skin, Dog, Shed, psychosis, cruelty to animals, stubborn, pain dog +
  • Dog can not auftretten 10-02

    Hello, My Dog (Beagle) yelped morning suddenly, began to tremble and now moves like not so good, have his leg and Fote already scanned but that bothers him not not whine nothing. I do not know what's wrong with him .. Can anyone help me? :) I'm just

    Tags: legs, Pain, Dog, legs + dog
  • I miss my dog ​​still so much 09-23

    Hello, the end of October my parents unfortunately had to euthanize our beloved dog because of cancer. She was only 11 and ichbin grew up with her (I'm 15) and I was dead sad because it was my life easy. I loved it that way. I'm actually reactive qui

    Tags: Pain, Dog, death, dog death +
  • What can be in unilateral neck pain make pull up in the shoulder? 08-08

    You have to work tomorrow --answer-- Warm, possibly taking magnesium and hope for the best. An anti-inflammatory drugs / painkillers like Diclofenc can also help or envelopes with healing earth or aluminum acetate or ne good Arnicasalbe. keep warm In

    Tags: Pain
  • My dog ​​is bad high 08-04

    Hello first time, now I'm worried about my dog, because if it is or sitting, it is almost no longer alone. She is a Golden Retriever and soon 3 year old. Last night everything was still in order. Can anyone tell me what could be and what I can do mys

    Tags: legs, Help, Pain, Dog, dog + pain
  • Shooting on the body when I get hot when I'm excited and have goosebumps. 07-31

    That happened with the goose bumps not always. I do not know why that is but I have only been about 3 months. Before never. My mother says that's normal but why I had the earlier then ever? Mostly it is the head, neck, back, to the poor and to the ch

    Tags: Pain, excitement, itch



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