• pain spasm 01-08

    Hello! So I'll start all over from the beginning. Woke up last week in the morning and could not move from the pain in the rump area. (Professional Caregiver) have put a lot of heat. The comic in this pain that was they appeared only sleep in the mor

    Tags: Pain, convulsions
  • Dog behaves mysteriously? 12-14

    Last night, my dog ​​his paw squashed (as it looks, we were not yet at the vet because it was so late) And whines / yelps with every wrong move on. he has settled and started to whine until I opened it to the door of the bedroom tonight. Since he can

    Tags: sick, Pain, Animals, Dog, dog + pain
  • Drill pain after 11-10

    Hello everyone, did get out on Tuesday n slightly larger hole at the dentist. He then on Tuesday n medication pure. The tooth is, so to speak still "open". is it normal that when then bite nor will it hurt? --answer-- This is normal, since the n

    Tags: Pain, dentist
  • I have often pain under my left rib cage (or there in the area) 11-04

    I have often pain under my left rib cage or just there in the area that are not daily but they appear suddenly, so bad that I almost get shortness of breath and think happened equal to something, but they go pretty quickly, to what could be the reaso

    Tags: Health, Pain
  • problems with ankle / outdoor ribbon 10-31

    Hello :) had in June 2014 outside tied a sports injury at the ankle /. typical fußballer injury when umknicken. was then the doctor and according to this a overstretching and capsular irritation. got rail, etc. the typical symptoms such as swelling a

    Tags: Pain, medicine, ankle pain ankle +
  • Earache workplace 10-27

    Hello, I need your opinion. at work in my office is a refrigerator that hums almost constantly. by App measured with me at the table about 45 db. For some weeks now I have a little ear pain in the right ear (fridge is right next to me), the typical f

    Tags: Pain, Noise, ear, noise ear +
  • Strong and Shooting pains! 10-21

    I lie straight in bed and am 15 years old and male and I have all of a sudden severe stabbing pain in the right side portion of the stomach, and I drank today only about 2 glasses and that's it. I ask for urgent help and quick reply thanks in advance

    Tags: Pain, strong, stinging, strong + sting belly region
  • Dog is dying ..: (( 09-21

    My dog ​​is 7 1/2 years old Since 1-2 weeks he makes nothing more .. He eat nothing / if only slightly then drink even little, get up is not at all more and run only not quite. Not even for his business, he can get up ..we were a few times when physi

    Tags: Pain, Dog
  • Hello I have a question regarding sick leave and trust the physician organization. 03-03

    I have yet to complete 2weeks zivildienst but plague me backache again. Overall I was 4 weeks sick, but mostly because of the back also because of toothache or a type infection. Well, I was sent to talk to the doctor and trust that harassed me until

    Tags: Pain, Austria, community service, chicane, trust doctor, Austria + community service
  • My dog ​​lost forever 02-18

    I've a few days ago and had a few days ago my dog ​​proposed because it is not precipitated my grandma. It was a small Maltese whom I have known since birth. He is hergerannt always behind me and has looked at only me, he was just my best friend. Sin

    Tags: Pain, Dog, Maltese dog Maltese +
  • Foot hurts total (bent over) 01-16

    I know a doctor's visit may be necessary but I still wanted to hear your opinion. I am last night totally bent over and since I have pain on the outside of the foot. He is but swollen neither blue nor. Do you have an idea? --answer-- A diagnosis give

    Tags: Pain, Doctor, feet, doctor + feet
  • foot pain Innenseit 01-01

    Hello! Tonight I was awakened by foot pain that I had shconmal about a month ago: It is inside near the Zehes on instep and feels like a never ends intentioned Moderate spasm. I'll go to the doctor if it is not better, but have you ever suspicions an

    Tags: Pain, feet
  • First time - blood the next day 12-24

    Hello, I slept yesterday for the first time with my friend. Particularly beautiful I can not describe the whole thing, I had a lot of pain (was probably too tense), so we also stopped relatively soon. Bleed it also has, besides, I was not worried, be

    Tags: Pain, Sex, first time, first time sex +
  • very strong pain in the buttocks when walking, sit and lie 12-10

    Hello community, so for a few days, I feel very strong pain in my buttocks, where the cleft of the buttocks starts. It hurts a lot and when I touch there times, it feels as if the bones somehow moved because he felt on the left half can, on the right

    Tags: Pain, buttock
  • How long pain after surgery almonds? 12-08

    Hi I am at day 13 after Mandelnop and have always nors starkr pain. The pains were better on the day 8. Sometimes I had a few hours free of pain. (With painkiller) but now the pain grew despite painkillers. Tongue pain, jaw pain, earaches and sore th

    Tags: Pain, almonds operational
  • Is that normal? - Lack of exercise 11-26

    Hello I am female and 14 years old and have a lack of exercise and almost daily abdominal pain, joint pain, HEART HURTS, nausea, dizziness, respiratory problems and more. I am very thin and would like to ask if it's all or möglicherkeiten dangerous c

    Tags: Health, Pain
  • is it bad wennman has pain when usually no? 11-18

    I recently the rule and I'm not hurt but my cousin so already this is normal with me ??? --answer-- Rejoice easy! But this may change at some point. Incidentally, even with your girlfriend. It can also happen that their menstrual pain eventually disa

    Tags: Pain, usually
  • Pain in the neck as if someone shoot purely with nail gun! 11-15

    Hi I am 13 years old and yesterday sat in front of the PC and only seen on the screen that is straight. As I left I got my head turned to the left and then suddenly a strong stand, as if a screw felt in my drill behind neck. Habs my mom told and has

    Tags: Pain, neck pain
  • Help! What does my dog? 11-14

    Hello everyone, I'm really at a loss. My bitch do not sleep! She lies in bed and so makes a weeping, groaning sound as if she is in pain. If I want to caress her, she growls at me. What could she have? What should I do now ? Thanks for any reply! --a

    Tags: Help, Pain, Dog, emergency, chihuahua, dog + pain
  • Dog yelps and howls constantly 10-30

    My dog ​​is 2 years old and whines constantly since this morning, as if he had much pain. I do not know what to do. He sits down and running around and "screaming" aimlessly. 15 minutes later, he does so as if nothing had happened and the whole

    Tags: Pain, Animals, medicine, Dog, medicine + pain, dog + disease



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