• Belching and hiccups simultaneously 11-24

    Hi, I just had to push open, while I had the same hiccups so I guess it was hiccup because it was only when burping after no more But where I really it was getting is that then a short pull for about 20sekunden in the trachea I think occurred , My qu

    Tags: body, Pain, throat, inexplicable, neck pain, Hiccups, pull, trachea, mechanism, push open
  • painkillers effect? 11-04

    Hi I hab mal ne ask. If I have a sick tablet I suppose but not have pain I spühre then not even when, for example, which falls on my foot? And prescription such tablets? Comical I ask knows I hope you understand what I mean: D --answer-- you can not

    Tags: Pain, tablets
  • Can a dog break the tail? 11-03

    Hello. I wonder if you can break a dog's tail? Have yourself a but of course I did not want to try ;-) Thanks for the helpful answers. --answer-- Clear is that you look at times the skeleton of a dog on the tail has a bone and, in principle, can brea

    Tags: Pain, Dog, tail, spine, Breaking, dog + spine
  • A question about my "house dog" 10-31

    Yesterday about 3-4 my dog ​​was in my garden and has its business ,, "done when he came back I noticed firstonce nothing on the house, but observed after 2-3 hours, I've found my dog ​​is a very Auffalend , the comic had gang. he lowered his head an

    Tags: Pain, Dog
  • Dog skin peels very strong urgently 10-12

    Hello the dog from my grandma has for half a year scales on the skin it is very bad he suffers and itches all sore. We have stayed at several veterinarians and he has all sorts of feed tested (no not in rapid succession I know that this is not good a

    Tags: Pain, Animals, Skin, Dog, Shed, psychosis, cruelty to animals, stubborn, pain dog +
  • Dog can not auftretten 10-02

    Hello, My Dog (Beagle) yelped morning suddenly, began to tremble and now moves like not so good, have his leg and Fote already scanned but that bothers him not not whine nothing. I do not know what's wrong with him .. Can anyone help me? :) I'm just

    Tags: legs, Pain, Dog, legs + dog
  • I miss my dog ​​still so much 09-23

    Hello, the end of October my parents unfortunately had to euthanize our beloved dog because of cancer. She was only 11 and ichbin grew up with her (I'm 15) and I was dead sad because it was my life easy. I loved it that way. I'm actually reactive qui

    Tags: Pain, Dog, death, dog death +
  • What can be in unilateral neck pain make pull up in the shoulder? 08-08

    You have to work tomorrow --answer-- Warm, possibly taking magnesium and hope for the best. An anti-inflammatory drugs / painkillers like Diclofenc can also help or envelopes with healing earth or aluminum acetate or ne good Arnicasalbe. keep warm In

    Tags: Pain
  • My dog ​​is bad high 08-04

    Hello first time, now I'm worried about my dog, because if it is or sitting, it is almost no longer alone. She is a Golden Retriever and soon 3 year old. Last night everything was still in order. Can anyone tell me what could be and what I can do mys

    Tags: legs, Help, Pain, Dog, dog + pain
  • Shooting on the body when I get hot when I'm excited and have goosebumps. 07-31

    That happened with the goose bumps not always. I do not know why that is but I have only been about 3 months. Before never. My mother says that's normal but why I had the earlier then ever? Mostly it is the head, neck, back, to the poor and to the ch

    Tags: Pain, excitement, itch
  • Really Helpful home remedy for toothache 07-11

    I know you should go to the dentist, but to pass the time, does anyone really helpful tips or home remedies for me? Thank you in advance! --answer-- A carnation carefully applied to the teeth, do not press that increases the pain. You can try it also

    Tags: Pain, Toothache
  • Umgeknickt, ankle hurts 07-07

    Today I bent over on the way home and had immediate pain in the ankle. Two hours later it still hurt and now 3 hours then it does still hurt very much. However, it is not swollen or blue or something. I can not really occur. Is this a sprain or somet

    Tags: Pain, feet, ankles, bent over, feet + ankle
  • Cervical findings? 06-10

    Hello .... I get a finding by the radiologist and would not it smart! Seven-digit HWS in drafting malposition with veritable height of the vertebral bodies. Moderately distal stressed spondylarthroses. HW 3/4 shows an incipient initial left-Retrospon

    Tags: Pain, cervical vertebra
  • abdomen ache + nausea? 05-31

    Hello, I have since Sunday nausea abdomen ache +. But had on last week my periodo and take the pill since Thursday wd. What are the pain and nausea? --answer-- Let the times abchecken the gynecologist before you something ernstee have I not but think

    Tags: Pain, Nausea
  • "Aftermath" Sweat experiences 05-25

    Hi guys! Seeking like-minded which can have also suck the sweat. I wanted to ask how long have the pain, swelling and-set movements stopped with you? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LG Sabille --answer-- My friend can do that a few years ago. Was a dis

    Tags: Pain
  • persistent pain in the hand 05-17

    Hello everybody About three weeks ago I fell while skating and fell on his hand. Due to persistent pain I have gone on the same day to the hospital. There I was examined, but you could not see anything. The doctor said that it might be a slight bruis

    Tags: accident, Pain, Hand, skating, hand accident
  • Is it normal if you have abdominal pain after the first time? 05-10

    I had my first time yesterday and I feel pretty bad. Also have abdominal pain. Is that bad? --answer-- This is quite and not at all bad :) I was after the 1st time not to mute after gambols: D a little pull in the abdomen is actually safely and vll s

    Tags: Health, Pain, Sex, first time, abdominal pain + Sex
  • Pain while running! REASON? 05-04

    Hello, I radiate good since 2 months pain in the left chest when walking up to the shoulder. So I was already talking about the Doc. It is NOT at my heart. By everything is in order. must order now rauszukiegen the cause to a particular doctor. This

    Tags: Pain, Doctor, running, jogging, jogging doctor +
  • Feelings, suppress pain 02-21

    Hey, I wanted to ask if you can get your feelings, emotions and everything else suppress such as Sai from Naruto. And if so, how is how it works something? thank you in advance --answer-- Only here is the question, why do you want to suppress your fe

    Tags: Pain, feelings
  • Hip pain for more than 3-4 months. 02-13

    Hello community, I have for some months very strong pain in the hip, (This pull up in the leg) are extremely for a week, I can not sit for long periods, are all the hip loaded, then I get literally no air .. I know that I should to Ortophäden, I will

    Tags: Pain, hip



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