• persuade parents to Bengal cats 11-20

    Hey I want my parents to 2 cats persuade my mother finds them pretty, sweet but I do not know why they do not want it said to the prone costs is not .... I love cats but my mother is stubborn when comes to pets. ... I went through all costs and I've

    Tags: parents, cat Bengal
  • Dog - How can I convince my parents? 11-12

    Hello first;) I wish already looooong long a dog have already experiences with them <3 Now it is so, we live in a house with a large garden, more rural. A dog would also fit well in our everyday life ... although there were 2 problems because of the

    Tags: parents, Animals, Dog, parents + dog
  • How do I convince my parents to buy a dog 11-03

    Question is daaaaaObeeen: DD --answer-- Not at all, a dog must be received by the whole family, it costs money for food, taxes, liability insurance and veterinarian, he must be at least 3-4 times out per day in all weather conditions, including long

    Tags: parents, Pets, Dog, persuade parents + Pets
  • I want a dog. How do I convince my parents to buy? 10-25

    Hello :) about 2 weeks ago, my 4 year old hand sadly passed away from an illness :( I wish already are long a dog, but will never agree with my parents to me. Has anyone of you an idea how I my parents ?, especially my father, can convince a dog buyi

    Tags: parents, life, Dog, girl problems, dog + buy, desire to buy
  • mother for dog (puppy) persuade? 10-18

    Hay :) So I got a little nit problemchen my mum and zwa I would have liked a puppy and we sometimes even what looked upon the animal shelter but whenever one like it pulls them back ... We had 2 years ago already had a border puppy but that was only

    Tags: parents, puppies
  • I Love Huskies but a problem 09-26

    As already mentioned above, I love huskies over all that but it is not lawful for me my mother one. to buy Husky (Huskies are dogs) you we do not have a garden, and I would not managed it but I told her that I'm doing anything really all I allesssss

    Tags: parents, Husky, dog request
  • hey, I want small since I am a dog, a father is afraid of dogs my mom not 09-13

    Please only advice that I do is not so: a lot of responsibility, or ..... --answer-- if your father wants a dog, then there is nothing to change! After all, is supposed to be a Fmilienmitglied and must be liked by ALL Fmilienmitglieder and welcome a

    Tags: parents, Dog
  • is this normal with my parents? 09-10

    Hey..also I (17) now live are 1 year with my cousin and their man (foster parent). Following problem; they want to know everything or or When I was at the hairdresser's and on the way meet my sister and those which say nothing, say that they cal ...

    Tags: parents, Problems
  • how can I get a dog?!?! 09-09

    Hello, I am 14 years old and live in a large house with rießigen land and next to a forest. I want a dog but my parents are against it. They say that's too much work but I think I can with 14 but already know how I plan my time. But how can I convinc

    Tags: parents, Dog
  • I hope you are 3 years a dog 08-29

    I need your help! I hope you are all 3 years nothing more than a dog! There is nothing ... if not for the problem with my parents who wish to establish a dog. I am fully aware of what the cost, time and etc. regards. But my parents think I would not

    Tags: parents, Dog
  • An own dog was at the shelter =) 08-19

    Hey guys, I wish for a long time a dog, just like my brothers and sisters, one of them even has its own horse and I have in Momment 2 Meerschwinchen. I had hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs as pets now, already 2 mahl we had a foster dog, but my pare

    Tags: parents, Animals, Care, Dog, Housing, parents + dog, welfare attitude
  • I want a dog but my parents are my long at work 05-01

    Hi folks I want a dog but my parents my would you so long to 13 o'clock I'm only 40 minutes longer at school. So how can I persuade my grandmother lives next to us, incidentally Please answers --answer-- Love / r Imbo360 dogs, especially puppies in t

    Tags: parents, Dog, persuade parents + persuade
  • wants eien beautiful family 04-20

    Hello I'm 12 and wants to adopt me real I hate my parents because they are brothers because only my. I dauf never gonna go with friends or go to dennen home or where I stay've never really with my friends what written unternohmen I tried with my pare

    Tags: parents, adoption
  • I should not have to say. I am concerned about the relationship of my family. 04-10

    My mother is currently with walkers go, so I can help more in the household. I'm as much to make the neatest and not not the best in it, my mother knows how I am, but I really do my best and try as I may. There are imemr Kleinnigkeiten, you fail me o

    Tags: parents, children, household, youth, parents + budget
  • Bronchitis, parents force school 02-02

    Hello, have just asked the question, each meant for very strong acute bronchitis, I should stay at home, because I nerve other and they infect and eventually, the doctor mean, if it is not better, I should not go to school, my parents, however, mean

    Tags: parents, Education, sick, Doctor, law, violence, doctor + parents
  • I wish so long a dog but .... 01-22

    Hi folks, I hope long been a dog but my dad always said for a dog need a lot of time ... This is already aware of me but because I had already my schedule when I go walkies with the dog and when I have time as I could prove to my parents that I do ev

    Tags: parents, Dog, persuade parents + persuade
  • Parents convince dog? 01-11

    Hello So I dream for a long time by a dog and I had sometimes even a but unfortunately died where I was. 5 As I said I want a dog but my parents said who's going to care if you're on him in the school and with the dog we can not go on holiday but req

    Tags: parents, Dog, family, parents + family, Pets convince
  • Who knows caring but also annoying parents? 01-05

    Which one of you knows the parents a big lecture on a social network which "is very dangerous", according to parents ... but a little later find out that the parents are a there myself. So I feel just with my on the topic whats app ... what can

    Tags: WhatsApp, parents
  • Dog with 17 12-21

    Hello, I have for some time the idea of ​​me a dog "to create" .Since but my parents were always against it, I have never met a bekommen.Ich did my Abi recently and am then from home ausgezogen.Nun my question would be whether I can have a dog w

    Tags: parents, high school, Dog, law, dog ownership, dog parents +
  • I want a dog but the problem are parents 12-08

    I want a dog had 7pflegehunde --answer-- You have to be aware of so many things to you. Who walks with him for a walk? Who pays cost monthly? Who pays the vet bills? An OP can talk fast over 2000 €. What if you pull off times and the dog can not. If

    Tags: parents, Animals, children, Dog, dog + children



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