• Dog and parquet floor? 11-08

    Hello, our daughter wants so much a small dog or a cat. But we have the whole house new parquet floor - waxed oiled! Cats can indeed move their claws, what about the dogs? Scratching the not the parquet? Friends of ours have laminate (but sealed) and

    Tags: scratches, Dog, house, cat, parquet, ground, house + Cats
  • Dog peeing constantly on the parquet 10-08

    Once my dog ​​enters the living room, where real wood parquet is, he pees on it, before my eyes. When he is in the hallway, where there are tiles, he not peeing out. I really do not continue and will actually keep the dog not only in the hallway. Can

    Tags: parquet, dog pees
  • Lay parquet flooring - Sliding not high enough 03-16

    Hello, We want to lay parquet in the living room. Currently tiles in it. Having been in the hallway and office, we knocked out tiles have (electric chisel), we realized how long it takes and how time-consuming this is ... Now we consider whether we p

    Tags: parquet, patio door
  • parquet flooring 03-05

    Good day everyone! We have parquet floor and a Katze.Das problem is doing it from time to kötzen. Then bring your Haarbälchen you rauß.Wenn not equal the wipes away, there are bright spots. Question: How do you get the bright spots away again? Withou

    Tags: Cats, cat, parquet, cats + parquet
  • make Parkettleger Self 03-03

    Hello, to me, I'm 26 years and am a trained Parkettleger with journeyman. I would be interested in what I like and where etc eighth must if I would make me self. Question someone here please do not just posting any link with a clue. I would be really

    Tags: independence, parquet
  • Knotholes the second 02-21

    Have again a question, this is normal? --answer-- Yes that is normal! these are natural knots! Can you be leveled with hard wax, if it bothers you. Yes this is completely normal. If you do not have to invest more money wilster you. Normal not - but c

    Tags: Laminate, wood, insects, flooring, parquet, floor + wood
  • Parquet floor laying 02-14

    Good evening, I had already occupied me in my previous issues with the problem of the parquet floor laying. I have now can obtain an offer of a local dealer for the purpose of laying the floor. Since we here in the vicinity have no further floor laye

    Tags: price, parquet, offer, bottom, Floor laying
  • Black stains on oiled oak floor 01-29

    In my apartment are oiled oak floorboards. In recent months, black spots have been formed in an area reminiscent of mold or the like. Does anybody accurate? A Pic I hang on. Thank you for answers! --answer-- Here the pictures There is nothing?

    Tags: stains, parquet
  • What can you tuen up holes or notches in the stalls? 01-05

    Mir is just something fell and now I have a notch in the stalls! What can I do now? The floor is made of oak. I look forward to your answers :) --answer-- There are for this purpose in the construction market, with parquet floor and companies in the

    Tags: candles, parquet, floor, oak, hole, oak flooring
  • Laminate flooring suddenly columns? 12-10

    Almost 3 years ago we relocated click laminate. So far, everything was great, nothing has shifted. I just had to find a huge gap (min. 2-3mm). I have just the whole room abgesucht- there are no more gaps. Also, on the opposite side of the board is no

    Tags: Laminate, build, build + DIY, Home, flooring, diy, parquet
  • Round terminal at Vinyl prefinished 11-19

    Hello, we want to lay a vinyl prefinished in our living room. Middle of the room there is a spiral staircase with round base. Can anyone help how I can make the expansion joint at the rounding or cover me? The foot has a diameter of about 20cm. Can I

    Tags: Home, parquet, floor, floor + floor
  • Scratches on the floor (of rent) 11-13

    Hello have a problem, I had made purchases of Stegmüller 3 years ago not cheap couch and deliver and install. The technicians from the company itself, have staples where probably the protector was on the left on the couch and now I have under my move

    Tags: scratches, parquet, responsibility
  • remove streaks on hardwood? 10-28

    Hello, I need urgent help Undzwar I have just moved our piano while ugly strips have arisen on the trading floor, where we have moved it. Can this again removed, because they are in the ground there? Hope they can be seen in the picture. :-) --answer

    Tags: parquet
  • Maintain oak parquet floor, but how? 10-28

    We soon move into a new apartment. How to maintain the best this soil? --answer-- It depends. Is there a sealed or oiled parquet. At Sealed parquet there Cleaners which shall be attached to the windscreen washer fluid. With oiled wood, there are spec

    Tags: Care, Flat, parquet, floor, oak, Floor Care
  • creaky and squeaky floorboards remedy parquet 10-27

    No laminate --answer-- Expanding foam fill! Qietscht anyway. My ex is sometimes hung went and the floorboards festgescharubt and then nothing more has gequietscht Drill small hole and fill with expanding foam

    Tags: flooring, parquet
  • How to remove best adhesive residues from a parquet floor? 10-24

    I once got photographed, am familiar with parquet but not yet made and not like him destroy ... --answer-- Hello, the have a go with label remover, also removes stubborn adhesive residue, resins etc. The you'd have to get in the stationery shop or wa

    Tags: Care, adhesive, parquet, floor, residues, soil + adhesives
  • Parquet in Munich embarrassed? 10-17

    Hi! In our condo we want to lay parquet. Can you recommend me someone who parquet laid in Munich? Thanks and Greetings --answer-- Have had good experiences with the Poor GmbH .. look here: Every carpenter will d

    Tags: Munich, parquet
  • Laminate or carpet in the nursery? 10-15

    We want to renovate in the next few days the room of our son ... Now I am considering whether we should take fully carpet or laminate it! ?? What did you do so are in your children's rooms ???? --answer-- That's an interesting question, both have the

    Tags: Laminate, parquet
  • How can I remove carpet tape from the wooden floor? 10-10

    How can I remove carpet tape from the parquet? Have the carpet from the wood floor and now is still the 40 year old carpet tape on the wooden floor. How do I get the fabric without sanding the floor. Should I really verweden Nitroverdünnung or brake

    Tags: house, parquet
  • Kitchen furniture to white old parquet? 09-28

    Good evening, So I just think about a kind Weisser and the style of "old" parquet do in my kitchen. My question is, you might would have ideas for the kitchen furniture? Rather light? Dark? Knows? Any tips? I am happy if someone has an idea! Gre

    Tags: ideas, Color, kitchen, parquet, Decor, Ideas + Kitchen



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