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  • Medium Family Dog Family 12-04

    Hello my dears, Do you know breeds suitable as a family dog? We currently employ a Beagle. I would be grateful for helpful answers And is a dog or a bitch better? --answer-- I've heard that the Labrador should be very good family dog! I even had a Ge

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  • What dog breed suits me best? 11-30

    Hi, I am a 16 jahriger only child. I'd like something like a buddy / game Kamarad. We live in an apartment. Seeking more of a medium-sized dog something like the Jack Russell Terrier. It should simply be a desire and Full Loyal dog. If you still have

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  • dog neutered because of the list. 09-24

    So, we were now imposed on the dogs to neuter because under 5 dogs and one female is present. pretty stupid, you have to list dogs neutered or what? one can perform a chemiche castration in a female dog? --answer-- I think it's great that you're Kast

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  • What to do with the dog in isolation? 09-22

    Hello, ne known of with wants to get engaged separate from her, but she says if she takes off then they can not take the dog because their parents have 2 dogs and the three of us do not get along. And without the dog does not want to because her fian

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  • dog growls? xD 09-21

    Hello My dog ​​is here gearde in his place and I petted him. I walked away, I looked at him. He again looked at me, then hingeleget his head back while hummed so funny. Then he heard a noise, looked out has, then hummed (sounded unlike growl) and low

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  • Dog licks all the time from the basket 09-21

    Hi, Our dog (soon 15) sucks several times a day, determines a quarter of an hour at a stretch from her basket and also does not stop when you pulls. Are the tics or just territorial behavior? --answer-- Could also be a vitamin or mineral deficiency b

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  • Dog Trainer / psychologists on the site? 09-13

    Hello everybody, we got a week ago a dog to us, who had far too little attention / alertness and also in his life -. there are indeed "only" seven months - not much has come to know (no people and no dogs) It is both a very anxious dog, said in

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  • accustom dog into the house 08-31

    I have a 5- month-old Golden Retriever the beginning now always in the garden (as he has his kingdom and also a kennel in which he always schläftt) was because my parents were against beginning to let him into the house. Now after a long überlgegen w

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  • Is my dog ​​a Stafford? 08-31

    Hello my bitch is 6 months old and weighs 13 kg. Have they bought at a private person. She said she was a Amstaff ?? --answer-- Staff or Pit mix is ​​quite possible. Do you know the law of thy dogs in this state? If you do not come from Lower Saxony,

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  • dog crying 08-30

    Hello, I am beginning to despair. So I have a 3 year old australian shephard rude. The fear has especially. Although he comes snuggle and be petted, but once you move only 2 hair the wrong way he screams like a stuck pig. Even if he is sitting somewh

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  • My dog ​​has cold feet and trembling 08-22

    Hello Since today's day trembles my dog ​​and has cold paws and ears, he is generally very cold. he can run well not really and when it's up and running then hingt with the rear right leg after and he also runs sideways. I have no idea what he has, h

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  • Severe itching at my dog ​​fur is based 08-14

    My dog ​​was over the summer against mites treated now currently she is in heat and scratches and bites all fur from .... mites are no longer now it comes from the heat I'm going mad; (because their fur is on neck, abdomen legs almost gone I hope som

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  • second dog yelps and barks when he is alone. 08-14

    Hello. We're two weeks a second dog she is now 12 weeks old and she is a miniature australian shepherd (lou), then we have our 1 dog Maja she is 2 years old and a Prague Ratter. It comes when we yelps 20-minute walk from the house and barks Lou, Maja

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  • Puppy to assist dog? 08-07

    Hi everyone, Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We have a Doberman males home (neutered) is well behaved in itself but now and already has its defiant phases. The really problem is but his fear. He has animal fear of bicycles, sometimes before inlin

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  • Dog always barks at other dogs 08-06

    Hello, we acquired a Labrador mix colli a known 4 months ago. She is 4 years old and very well educated, she knows generally tends to behave. The only problem is that they are constantly barking out when she sees dogs. then pulls so strongly on the l

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  • How do I get my dog ​​comes when she sees another dog. 08-06

    I would like that my dog ​​comes when she sees another dog in the field. You should just come to me without comment to my side and run along with me, but I do not know how to do that. Currently, when she sees a dog she stops and does nothing because

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  • Dog does not noticeable 08-05

    Aaaalso: My concern is actually quite simple and yet complex. "How do I get my dog ​​to become noticeable when they get out needs" My little mouse had already been allowed to make some experiences / need before we met. (From the shelter, we were

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  • My dog ​​loses extremely much fur 07-31

    As indeed the headline (I guess) is decisive enough ... lose my dog ​​dolle much fur. It is a 12-year old german shepherd dog. He is also very active actually. When my father comes home to pencil in 2-3 weeks he always rotates through (because he's h

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  • A dog year equals 7 years, why? 07-30

    I know why they say that a cat has 7 life, but why it is said that a dog year equals 7 years? Thanks for all the answers --answer-- That's just so approximately. For large dogs 7 years to be expected, with small only 5 because they live longer. If th

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  • Dog has panic on Silvester 07-28

    My dog ​​has very great panic when starts the pounding at New Year. It makes the apartment, breaking trembles hächelt and just want to arm. I have some fear they will Fainting me. Now my vet gave a paste which she is going to sleep well. But I am sti

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