• Donation for Pets 02-13

    Hello, I have a very big problem. My cat was gone a week, I thought it is gone. Since today was the redeeming call from the vet, they had been made there. But then the shock she needs surgery because they two deep bite wounds was in the back part. Th

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  • Kater makes me not sleep at night 01-06

    Hi, I have the following problem: I have a young cat, he is about nine months old. However, since a few months he has developed macke me at night to wake up just yet. When I go to bed he lies down next to me at first, and sleep peacefully and after a

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  • Dog obsessed with a teddy 12-06

    Seeking advice because my dog ​​is obsessed with her Teddy. It brings everywhere, even if I lead a walk. I can not take away the Teddy and if I do that actually, they weep and howl. What should I do? It's a bit annoying, especially because I can not

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  • What does my dog? You know advice? 12-05

    Hi, do you know what our Woof? He: eats his food not, is (only treat) much, drinks little, is very affectionate and often licking the genital area. and that is damp and cool but since this morning .... nose. Normally it will be an attentive, affectio

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  • Frozen pomees dog 12-05

    Hi I was just outside and forgot to close the kitchen door and now have my dog ​​found when rummaging through the garbage can. the two have weggeschmissene frozen fries (was not thawed) eaten and wanted to ask whether it is dangerous --answer-- Your

    Tags: Pets, Dog, french
  • Can my landlord prohibit a dog to me now? 11-30

    My owner had dogs in the apartment and now I live in an apartment and have a dog and now my landlord wants the ban. what funny is we have also hunderasse still the same so say my dog ​​would be too large, it can not ... So he can give me a dog in the

    Tags: Pets, Dog, rent, apartment, pets + Apartment
  • Dog with herniated disc! Euthanasia? 11-30

    Hi everybody, my dog ​​is this May 8 years old. For a few months she has severe back problems .... us much at first only on that she made pure again, and we could not explain ... we have a 1.5 year old daughter and thought at first that it only jealo

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, herniated disc, euthanize pets + dog
  • As I get used from my dog, extremely to jump me when greeting? 11-22

    When I connect my Pitbul 2-3 hours. I left alone at home and then come back, he jumps me several minutes to joy. Often I get scratches or my glasses falls down. Of course I am happy that my dog ​​missed me, but how can I break him of that or stop it?

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  • Parents persuade a hamster 11-15

    Hello, As you Vllt have already seen above, I would like a hamster. My parents say, however, that 3 as my gerbils. I did this while getting only 5 weeks before .. But I think, with 4 animals, there is an even number. I just so looked around at the ha

    Tags: Pets, Hamster, arguments, gerbil, hamster arguments +
  • dog probably injured his hip, vet ?! 11-14

    Hello zsm features, our dog (male, 9 years old, fit and healthy in itself) has obviously hurt the other hip. My stiefdad was today noon with him outside because he probably is wildly rolled un jumping around, suddenly whined loudly. When I was with h

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, injury, pets + dog
  • Spare pet for a dog! 11-11

    We had a dog and I would like another animal, the only problem is I do not know what there is still so (dog konnt not ask). It would also be an animal which is not too difficult because we have to transport it to our boat --answer-- Because, unfortun

    Tags: Pets, Dog
  • problems with our dog 11-10

    Our bitch australian shepherd shepherd dog mix ruins everything when she's alone. She is 7 months old and we have brought them from the shelter 5 weeks before. I believe that it is not due to the utilization. We go in the morning with her two hours o

    Tags: Pets, Dog, Dog training, pets + Hundeerziehung
  • How do I convince my parents to buy a dog 11-03

    Question is daaaaaObeeen: DD --answer-- Not at all, a dog must be received by the whole family, it costs money for food, taxes, liability insurance and veterinarian, he must be at least 3-4 times out per day in all weather conditions, including long

    Tags: parents, Pets, Dog, persuade parents + Pets
  • My dog ​​does not decrease 11-02

    Hi, I need your advice. My Bonnie is now 9 years old with a year she has been castrated and was from then on Royal Canine the diet food, everything was wonderful until last year I moved out in March from our apartment, and since then we are in a new

    Tags: Health, Pets, Dog, lose weight, decrease + dog
  • nice word for dog training 11-01

    Seeking a nice word for dog training. --answer-- How about behavior modification?

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, pets + dog
  • Our little dog breaks often. 10-30

    My little dog Cancels see several times yesterday and drinking period not obvol me were at the vet yesterday. What can I do mfg.Sebek --answer-- Then today go to a veterinary clinic or to a veterinarian de emergency duty, out. This would have you act

    Tags: Pets, Dog, outbreak
  • get budgerigar again tame? 10-28

    So I have a welli we have several all except the wild, he has also become wild now I do not know how I can get him again tame, we have a total of 4 wellis but he flies all the time away as I get it tame? Thanks in advance; D --answer-- Remember that

    Tags: birds, Pets, Parakeet, birds + budgerigar, budgie get tame
  • As I get used to my dog's sleeping on the bed? 10-26

    Hello, and although I have a dog that just a little over 1 year old now. At first, I had taught her that she does not sleep in bed for 2-3 months she is sleeping in bed again although I do not want that. Just because of the heat, the now soon pending

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, pets + dog
  • Sachkundenachweis for dog owner (dog handler) 10-20

    How does it work this way? Can anyone tell me if this is difficult and can anyone recommend good reading me? --answer-- Heavy is relative. Substituting with the theme Dog really apart so it is not difficult. Who his dog but as a "toy" looks and

    Tags: Pets, Dog, Sachkundenachweis, Pets + Sachkundenachweis
  • Dog Country? 10-17

    Hello community! I would like to order something with dogs Country de. Does anyone have experience with it? How do you find Hndeland de? --answer-- I order regularly feed, Cap., Skirts and pants. Clothing for my bitch. I am very pleased. Fast deliver

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