• Is cancer from cat to dog contagious through saliva 05-13

    Hello I desperately I have a cat and a dog, the two are always together and love each other intensely and just share everything food, sleeps, toys and me, but unfortunately it was found about 2 weeks ago with my cat Tigerli cancer she has a jaw tumor

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  • Hearing impairment by pine cracking 04-12

    I cracked on Friday with my jaw. Through this crack can iwie affects hearing. As I have done before, I was able to hear a few minutes more, but since Friday I hear in his left ear very little. When I wake up it's first time away, but then comes back

    Tags: Health, Pine, crack, ear, pine + Ear
  • My jaw broken? .. 11-16

    I on Monday a dentist appointment you want to see my jaw times but I'm afraid that is broken .. I really want to do any operation: I / eating problems .. it just came so that I no longer on my jaw have got .. one side is with me normal again just the

    Tags: broken, Pine
  • slate pine, looks ugly 03-09

    Hello! My jaw is totally wrong After years of orthodontic treatment with fixed braces as something never been told to. Now I have long been a cracking with lateral movement and it bothers me tremendously aesthetically! I feel like people always look

    Tags: Health, Pine
  • Lymph nodes in the jaw, wondering normal 03-08

    Hey, we had in Bio lymph nodes and then I have times when I looked at the jaw and I have a lymph node exactly on the carotid artery, I think because when you almost is there to feel exactly at this point pulsation. The lymph node is quite thin (only

    Tags: Pine, lymph nodes
  • Oral surgery experience? 02-25

    --answer-- Am new to the site and it did not really get: b So it comes that I in a little over a month, a pine OP did, my jaw is further back and the upper jaw further explained exactly upwards, from medical view would continue the course, however, w

    Tags: Health, teeth, Pine, opinions, pine + OP, jaw teeth +
  • Pine blockade? 02-24

    Hello. For several days, when I've been lying in bed (on the side) I could on the left side of the chin not quite open his mouth. But when I mih erected, I could completely open his mouth again. But last night I could see the mouth completely open ga

    Tags: Pine, mouth, blockade, pine blockade +
  • Extremes drooling and choking through removable brace 02-20

    Hello everybody! I hab grad a removable clip for the upper jaw and get to wear on the day with 24. But even after a few days have passed I start them at extremely drooling. It is so bad that I have to have a bucket beside me around the whole saliva r

    Tags: teeth, braces, Pine, pine + braces, Orthodontist
  • Braces - 7 weeks to little worn. What now) 02-19

    I have a huge problem. I have my braces for 7 weeks 3-5 hours a day and 24 -. 7:00 borne at night so a total of 10 - 12 hours.. As far as I know has the brace at least 16 hours. Be splashing around. out the comb than I hurt because I carried just too

    Tags: braces, Pine, Dental Hygiene, Orthodontist, pine + Dental Care
  • mandible cracks and wrong ?! 02-19

    Hello first my mandibles crack for nearly match year and is totally wrong, I have an appointment on Friday (CMD) and wanted to ask you know already modest, the treatment need few tips will again have a healthy pine quickly

    Tags: Pine, crack, deformity, mandibles, crack + mandible
  • Jaw hurts and crunches yawn when 02-15

    Since last night about 23:45 my jaw hurts when yawning very strong and when I open my mouth slanted to the left, my jaw makes as if sand between my right jaw bone would (crunches). Can anyone help me? --answer-- Find you a dentist who specializes in

    Tags: Pine
  • Node on the jaw? 02-12

    Hey my mother has pain in the jaw, and she went to the doctor and the doctor said that a "knot" in Kiefer. It was then controlled by the pine and the doctor said that it has not improved, and tomorrow they go back to the doctor to sit and watch

    Tags: Surgery, Pine, Nodes, pine knots +
  • Have a problem with my jaw 01-27

    Hey Right at the end of the jaw itself, it feels as if it creaks or equal to geknackst. When eating it creaks even with every bite. Hab has been for several days ... What could that be or it disappear? --answer-- I have since 3 years, but it creaks w

    Tags: Health, eat, Pine, crack, pine eat +
  • After Op STILL swelling 01-16

    Hi Ca in June 2014 I had an op in the jaw area and it was a bone gecuttet. The doctors said that the jaw (right) a few weeks remain swollen and later is normal. So now, in January, the jaw is ALWAYS something swollen to recognize it if you look close

    Tags: Surgery, Pine, swelling, pine + OP
  • Is that bad Wen my jaw cracking? 12-26

    --answer-- my crack for over 10 years, especially when chewing. do not think that this is bad, as long as you do not cause pain. do about it can I think anything anyway. You worry far too many thoughts about your mouth go just to orthodontist and let

    Tags: Pine, crack
  • Pine furniture painted to "leached / oiled" remodel 12-24

    I have a closet (Kiefer painted). Now I would like him -gelaugt in my group of pine / geölt- furniture to make. If you get it out that I can adapt to these nature-painted pine cupboard the other color (re-oil, or similar, for example)? .... Wonders:

    Tags: wood, Pine, furniture, pine wood +
  • An unknown tree 12-22

    Hey, I have got a question which is here on a tree. Den has been given by my grandmother, my mother, and even they do not know exactly what kind of a (My grandmother believed that there is a pine). --answer-- Right, of a "tree" you can not talk

    Tags: tree, Plants, Pine, green, Nature, tree + Nature, seedling
  • Pine hanging? 12-21

    Hello, For a week now I have the problem that I can not quite open my mouth. Sometimes I can open only a small gap and it draws on the cheek, I can not open & when I try it hurts it as if it was not at all continue to rise. But sometimes it get on qu

    Tags: Pine, Dentist depends
  • How will I know that I get wisdom teeth? 12-19

    Since days I'm the jaw hurt and my gums bleed öffters .... rear (where the wisdom teeth grow) I also hurt but you have to say all that I am still too young to get my wisdom teeth .... (I'm 13 ) so ... what do you think? How does it have the wisdom te

    Tags: Health, Pine
  • Can you do sports, eat and play with braces? 12-01

    --answer-- Sport functions normally even with braces. Only if you have the fixed brace at the beginning of the first time, then you feel like your whole clamped jaw and your teeth are moved through the wire. This is not so pleasant and so does the fo

    Tags: Health, Sports, teeth, Doctor, braces, Pine, eating, eat + Sport



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