Problems dog

  • Hi need help with my dog! 11-08

    If my dog ​​puts his head is always forward and his stomach grumbles. Now the question is what is going on and what can I do? Would I look for quick response. Schonmal thanks in advance. --answer-- ... This is a rather odd question that I do not asso

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  • My dog ​​jumps up other 10-18

    Hello :) I have a question, my bitch jumps continuously on other people up, and the nerves and you can hardly hold! How to unlearn it? --answer-- When she welcomes you and also high jumps, they block off (so just ignore their welcome) and loudly say

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  • Dog pawing? 03-12

    Hello, I have a 8 months old australia Sheppert males. Today we were a walk tomorrow and he has listed impossible ... is part of zero - jumped up on me - and snapped. Since he has so spun and has been looking like a pig after the walk, I have showere

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  • dog does not go to his not toillette looks plain stupid not I do not I want to go walkies was 01-21

    my little dog likes his not not toillette just sits there looking stupid I was sick and could hardly walk, I have a piece of carpeting where he has done it before Pipi tricked and cat litter on it but he is stubborn does anybody rat THANK YOUR DELFI

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