• Chihuahua lady wanted - not suitable for breeding 10-13

    Hello. Search füre our Chihuahua Louis a bitch as a friend so he would not so alone is but one with whom he can have children sometimes. In internet is in most bitches but: not suitable for breeding. Now my question: why is that? Who decides that? He

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  • Is my puppy a Labrador? 09-25

    Hello everybody, for a few months, we have a new family member. because the mother is deceased early we got our puppies at 5 weeks to us. I always thought I had as a hybrid Labrador, but slowly come to me because of doubt, because it is not as mature

    Tags: Animals, Dog, puppy, Labrador, dog + puppies
  • My dog ​​does not prevails 08-28

    I have two weeks since a new puppies (cocker spaniel) and a 15-year-old border collie bitch lucy. The small is very naughty and lies down in lucy's basket, her taking her stick away, biting her in the tail and the ears and and and ... I'm doing Wrnn

    Tags: Dog, puppy, defend
  • If a dog door for a puppy already sense? 08-28

    My puppy is now 17 weeks old - and because it is very much in the garden and there gets her bone meal I have a dog door that (except at night) is always open. Now my question is - is sufficient free "choice" out or purely for the puppies already

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  • When will my dog ​​in heat? 08-24

    My dog ​​is now 2 1/2 and scored with 2 their first puppy at 5:12:14! My question now is when will the next heat ... Will not they will be covered again! And actually I know the so 6 months after the last heat and 4 months after the last puppy .. But

    Tags: Dog, puppy, heat, heat + puppies
  • Dog training obedience 08-11

    Hello. I have a 7 months old bitch and she never stops the time. I feel it is in puberty and craps on everything I say. Commands or mating calls are ignored or accepted only when it is finished with sniffing. I despair yet. What can I do? Danke schon

    Tags: Education, Animals, Dog, puppy, Dog training, education + dog, dog behavior, young dog, obedience
  • what breed of dog may hold man out there ?! 08-10

    I wish so like a dog but my parents do not want have so I wanted to first ask what breed of dog (which is not so large) can live outside and we have a large garden and a garden house would we herrichten artgerecht insulated house that would go ??! An

    Tags: Dog, puppy
  • Dog Newfoundland where hairdryer to dry? 08-09

    Hello, I get in 2 weeks a Newfoundland puppy (10 weeks old). Now I want to know which is best suited for hair dryer to dry it later? Has anyone made experience and when should I buy a best? Immediately when I get it, or enough at the beginning a towe

    Tags: Dog, puppy, hair dryer, Newfoundland
  • Which dog breed would fit my descriptions? 07-23

    Hello, So I had recently seen a small puppy he / she watched like a little teddy bear :) and had the coat in color about as brown / rot.Ich've been thinking that it might be a Pomeranian or Pomeranian or a mix have .I otherwise no more information as

    Tags: Dog, puppy, teddy, Breed, Mix, breed puppies +, Pomeranian
  • abolish dog cage? 07-16

    Hello :) I've been about six weeks a 5 months old Labrador :) you are currently sleeping in a dog cage. However, we would like to try it that she sleeps in her dog bed. My question now would be how we can try that. Have they already left alone in the

    Tags: Dog, puppy, dog crates, dog crates + puppies
  • Dog vomits! What to do 07-10

    My dog ​​has passed two minutes before ate at 8am what should I do? --answer-- Wait and then it is best not physically straining. If it does not get better after a few days you should then but make a doctor appointment. I would now wait and see a few

    Tags: Dog, puppy, wet food, wet food + puppies
  • Puppy let alone outside with a first dog !? 05-06

    Hello I get a puppy tomorrow (rude). He is 9 weeks old (soon 10 weeks). I now have 2 weeks off and then I go back to work and then I 7 hours away from home. We also have a first dog, he is a Labrador and 9 years old. He is the whole day there and kno

    Tags: Dog, puppy, second dog, puppy + second dog
  • Which dog food is better and why? Meradog junior 1 or Josera Minis best 04-26

    French bulldog --answer-- Let the dog decide which he prefers! The manufacturer, if it does not come even from the same household, are controlled, and give also trouble, but they want the whole dog's life to sell you their product. Puppy food is prob

    Tags: feed, Dog, puppy, feed puppies +
  • My dog ​​scratches itself Doll 04-14

    Hello! Mir is something very close to the heart and that my puppy (a French Bulldog) is itself often scratch very strong on. We have stayed at a veterinarian and the fur has plucked him out and then gave him a drug, which should help. It has its effe

    Tags: Dog, puppy, bulldog, scratching, puppy scratch +
  • Puppy Life :) 04-06

    Hello :) I'm considering a small, sweet puppy to purchase. Unfortunately, I have / we. Only a community garden (that I share it with neighbors) The race should be child friendly. Are there breeds that also have a longer time to stay inside without pr

    Tags: Dog, puppy
  • Search puppy / dog 04-04

    Seeking a cute little puppies have moved have a large garden and next door a forest and fields so he would have a lot of exercise. Can someone give me some pages or some tips where dogs herbekommt low or decreasing? Thank you. --answer-- Hello, it us

    Tags: Animals, Dog, puppy, dog + puppies
  • influenced growth of the dog by too little food? 03-25

    Hello everybody, since 2 weeks I have an Akita puppy and have a feeling that he is eating too little and therefore hardly grows. He is now 10 weeks young. Was not "outside" but at the vet to first check, everything OK, one testicle a week ago. T

    Tags: Animals, Dog, growth, puppy, dog food, dog + growth
  • new puppy and the other dog 03-19

    but Heyy So the dog of my neighbors to whom I have looked after died before 1 year and I still miss him sooo much because he was like my own in the meantime I have another dog know I extremely like have now and I only go for a walk with him and not s

    Tags: Animals, Dog, puppy, dog + puppies
  • I'm looking for a dog name (male)! 03-14

    So here are the features of it: the whole body white brown only on the head. Shorthair male is about 50-60cm tall There are no typical German name so do not be something like Patch Or Blacki or Flitzi or Fritz, Ben, Bello And no hard pronounceable na

    Tags: Dog, puppy, popular, dog names, male, names, ruede, Name + puppies
  • Pig ears or cattle ears (dog) 03-13

    Hello, What's better than Kaumaterial, cattle ears or pig ears for a puppy? I know one should feed pork because since anything is harmful for the dog inside, but that also applies to the ear? http://pfotenversand.de/Futter/Kauartikel/Rinderohren.html

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