• My dog ​​scratches itself Doll 04-14

    Hello! Mir is something very close to the heart and that my puppy (a French Bulldog) is itself often scratch very strong on. We have stayed at a veterinarian and the fur has plucked him out and then gave him a drug, which should help. It has its effe

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  • Puppy Life :) 04-06

    Hello :) I'm considering a small, sweet puppy to purchase. Unfortunately, I have / we. Only a community garden (that I share it with neighbors) The race should be child friendly. Are there breeds that also have a longer time to stay inside without pr

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  • Search puppy / dog 04-04

    Seeking a cute little puppies have moved have a large garden and next door a forest and fields so he would have a lot of exercise. Can someone give me some pages or some tips where dogs herbekommt low or decreasing? Thank you. --answer-- Hello, it us

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  • influenced growth of the dog by too little food? 03-25

    Hello everybody, since 2 weeks I have an Akita puppy and have a feeling that he is eating too little and therefore hardly grows. He is now 10 weeks young. Was not "outside" but at the vet to first check, everything OK, one testicle a week ago. T

    Tags: Animals, Dog, growth, puppy, dog food, dog + growth
  • new puppy and the other dog 03-19

    but Heyy So the dog of my neighbors to whom I have looked after died before 1 year and I still miss him sooo much because he was like my own in the meantime I have another dog know I extremely like have now and I only go for a walk with him and not s

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  • I'm looking for a dog name (male)! 03-14

    So here are the features of it: the whole body white brown only on the head. Shorthair male is about 50-60cm tall There are no typical German name so do not be something like Patch Or Blacki or Flitzi or Fritz, Ben, Bello And no hard pronounceable na

    Tags: Dog, puppy, popular, dog names, male, names, ruede, Name + puppies
  • Pig ears or cattle ears (dog) 03-13

    Hello, What's better than Kaumaterial, cattle ears or pig ears for a puppy? I know one should feed pork because since anything is harmful for the dog inside, but that also applies to the ear? http://pfotenversand.de/Futter/Kauartikel/Rinderohren.html

    Tags: Dog, puppy, unhealthy, pig ears, cattle ears
  • If a guard dog mitgemischt? 03-12

    Hi, I have noticed for a week that my mixed breed puppy (4 1/2 months), behaves a bit like a guard dog. When he sleeps, for example, and I mean proper deep sleep, then he hears outside someone passes. He then barks this deep adult barking, we think w

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  • Puppy training (walking the dog, etc.) 11-29

    Hello everyone, it's about my 11 week old puppies, I have brought to me yesterday. He is a very sweet but understandably more anxious and insecure. But we have already established a good bond. Well today I did not go to the same dog school because I

    Tags: Education, Animals, Dog, exercise, puppy, Dog training, education + dog
  • Which dog breed is (on the attaching frame)? 11-14

    I would like to buy me a slightly smaller dog and have searched the Internet for images. This image I find extremely sweet, so someone has a clue what breed is it? Thanks in advance. --answer-- This is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. However,

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  • initial dog 11-11

    Hi My friend has her bitch puppies get on Tuesday everything went from fairly straightforward. She has all 4 adopted. However, as of today it is very focused on their besi and stares at her but can caress and everything. You do not want no treats wal

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  • Puppy as a second dog feeds in 3 weeks. Tips? 11-02

    Hello Dear dog lover :) We are in about 3 - 4 weeks to get growth from a small puppy girl :) Have you some tips for how we are to manage the first days / weeks ?? So our first dog: He is a Labrador, 1 1/2 years old and not yet neutered. Fully compati

    Tags: Dog, puppy, second dog, puppy + second dog
  • playing in the dog 10-05

    Huhu, I again. My dog ​​Jack Russell castrated two years got used two months our growth bitch and also won the right loving. Now comes the play of course really begins. At first it was a romp and growl. Now take my dog ​​to the head of our short in t

    Tags: Dog, play, puppy, play puppy +
  • Old german shepherd dog really 16 weeks old? 10-03

    Got a second shepherd puppies 1 week before. I was told that she was 16 weeks old, she weighs currently 9 kilos. Can that old tune, because our other sheep dog puppy is as old but weighs 16 and is a lot bigger. They will simply not be housebroken, ma

    Tags: Dog, puppy, Shepherd, shepherd puppy +
  • How can we remove our dog's chew bones - It does not exist here! 09-30

    Hello, we have a complicated concern here. Our Jack Russell puppy now has a big chew bone from my husband and holed up in order under the kitchen bench. Actually my husband wanted a little play with the animals, and to the bone "fight", but my h

    Tags: Animals, Dog, puppy, bone, dog + puppies, dog food
  • growth puppy dominates in the family old dog 09-25

    Hello everybody, Have there times a question. Today, we get our 10-week-old mix dog. Our male 2 1/2 years previously always get placed into the basket in the weeks a blanket with smell of you, even so got along. Today then brought and let Meet on neu

    Tags: Animals, Dog, puppy, dog + puppies
  • Wants to buy myself a dog in the next few years 09-22

    Good Morning. I would like to see in the years to buy a dog that would ask but if a Husky would be suitable as a first dog. Experience regarding education of dogs I have not really only a cat I had less than 17 years old. Welpenschule etc I would als

    Tags: Dog, puppy
  • Thick legs equal big dog? 09-12

    Hello :) Have me times so thought made over the legs of puppies that if they are thick, the puppy to grow up. Have so far not seen a puppy with thin legs wants to be about big: D What do you think? Is it really so, or knows their breeds where the pup

    Tags: Dog, puppy
  • Dog makes in the apartment, help! 09-11

    hi i have a question and a large out the her I might help. and although I have a problem with my little dog. it's a Chihuahua jack russel mix and ca now a half a year old. from the beginning he has given me in the apartment and I have really tried ev

    Tags: Dog, puppy, cat, Dog training, cat + puppies
  • Dog suddenly drooling a lot, why? 09-06

    My 4 months old puppy has fallen during my absence from the couch. My husband took her to the doctor, she was X-rayed, thank God everything is ok. She had her first vaccination against rabies, the 2 still follows. She's probably just what bruised in

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