• missing dog 04-02

    I had 2 years ago a dog for few months, the hatt where my center back away because he was too big and it was too tiring. she was my dog ​​so my darling, we wanted to know where she goes but the people have never been reported. I am very attached to h

    Tags: Dog, sad
  • My father longing for his old dog! How can I help? 03-31

    Hello, I'll tell the whole story first. My father used to have a dog, they grew up together back then to small, they were something like best friends. He noticed every time my father was not feeling well. That told me my father like that. But today l

    Tags: father, Pain, Dog, sad, Longing, crying, mourning, proposed, dog + sad
  • Consuming loneliness 01-13

    Hello community, I have really hard problems to get my feelings somehow on the series. I really am consumed by some girls and SO very much like a relationship, I am now really down because I just can not live without love. I want to be loved and to l

    Tags: Relationship, Love, feelings, depression, Depressed, sad, self esteem, loneliness, lonely, hopeless, relationship + feelings, Single, emotion
  • Sad Japanese Short -gesucht- 12-31

    Hey, when I was younger was on TV a about 15-30 minutes of Japanese short film, whose name I now try to look! -> I can tell you nurnoch say that it came had come a man in a village order to build a school and fell in love with a woman, at the end of

    Tags: Love, School, men, women, movie, Japan, sad, Japanese, short film, Film + Love
  • not invited to the wedding of the colleague 12-03

    they distributed invitations that I not mitbekomme me --answer-- Since you will probably someone not present and have to make sure that you mitbekommst it! Did you else to do with her? Because if not, it's their big day and view that it is to invite

    Tags: sad
  • I mourning for my dog 11-12

    Hello my dog ​​Nando died on 03/12/2015 Yesterday I was just in the supermarket than I was awarded my mother's call Nando was dead she has brought into the vet because he was ill, he had cancer and was 17 years old when I was in then looked in the bo

    Tags: sadness, Dog, sad, mourning + sad
  • My dog ​​is sad? Help! 09-21

    Ehm heei together Yesterday the dog (Chester) is gstorben of my grandparents, he was (as silly as as it sounds) best friend of my dog ​​(kimi). We were here with you today and zubesuch kimi sought all the time chester .. Since we are at home again be

    Tags: Help, Animals, Dog, death, sad, dog + Animals
  • What can I do? You gave away my dog ​​!? 08-24

    2 years ago I gave my aunt my dog ​​because I could not raise enough time ... They said they will take him and they should find a new home, they are me know that I can just decide. Well, it has just simply given away him and me then after 2 days give

    Tags: Display, police, Help, Dog, armed, sad, Family dispute, aunt, afraid, Angst + dog
  • my boyfriend scares me 03-02

    I am 15 and have a friend with whom I've done everything. But since he is with my ex-ding became zm he is so aggressive towards me what to do, he threatens me and that he wants to rip me and burns me then. --answer-- I think that the sets again at ti

    Tags: Anxiety, sad
  • No nipple 03-02

    In sport I've only really found that I have no nipples nipple .my going inside what should I do? Is a disease? should I see a doctor? Gotta have Hangst? --answer-- Go better to the gynecologist rather once too much than too little why only in sport?

    Tags: sad, emotional
  • seen dead opa 02-22

    I got up last night and got fehrnseh looked and suddenly sat my dead grandpa beside me and I did not sleep. And my sister has seen him sometimes Shall I desewgen to the doctor? --answer-- That just shows that you had a special relationship with your

    Tags: sad, very important
  • How should I tuen it? 12-22

    I want to kill myself, but how? --answer-- Nummer gegen Kummer is an alternative. Do not do it. There is always a way out. Taste loose joke nh? call 147 and talk

    Tags: suicide, sad, end
  • If they hate but it bothers me just :( 09-27

    Hay guys, I was 1 year with my ex girlfriend I (18männlich) it (15) We lived 500 km far apart what was the reason for the separation. However, she had after 2 days already a new .... that made me very stressed .... then we tried it together again (wa

    Tags: Love, sad, angry, sad Ex +
  • hab about my movie 09-11

    Hello my dears It's about the movie "if I stay" I love this movie and I once got a question for you Do you know if another vorletztung is filmed? As if there was still a part 2 we give? Please answer quickly Lg --answer-- No, there is only one,

    Tags: Film, cinema, sad, Sad movies
  • Inne Empty = Depression? 03-16

    Hello, I am 16 years, do 3 times a week sport, doing grade my high school and my family and I'm fine. Nevertheless, I feel especially evening an inner emptiness and sadness so strong to me to howl almost feel like it. Actually, I have quite a lot of

    Tags: depression, Disease, sad, depression sad +
  • Girlfriend comforting! But how exactly? 03-16

    Hi, I'm w / 13 and had a very important question !! And my girlfriend is lately very often sad and crying, but I just do not know how I can comfort them well !! I know the reasons !! always She cries for example, when we are alone !! This may sound s

    Tags: girlfriend, sad, crying, sad cry +, comfort
  • portraits draw help! 03-14

    we have to draw for school portraits, should be somewhat comically. I thought I draw a sweet young and have already a sketch. but unfortunately to my people always erwas creepy or verängstigent from. what and where should I add something that they ac

    Tags: School, art, painting, Puberty, sad, Portrait, Emotions, drawing, character style, Art + puberty
  • Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone had good movies of you knows where you have to cry, most which are where on youtube? 03-14

    --answer-- On Youtube you will find few to none at all, because this is a legal side and all movies are protected by copyright. These pirated are also often of poor quality. For non-hot titles would be a tip: For 50 euros per year you get the Amazon

    Tags: Film, sad
  • Am I really so it matter? 03-14

    Hi :) It goes again to the guys from my last question, which is sometimes really nice to me (can talk to him about anything, smile etc). But it is currently really funny. If we are among people he ignored me mostly completely or smiles very briefly i

    Tags: Love, men, sad, disappointed, ignorance ignorance
  • made someone hope 03-12

    have Hello, I feel really am not gut..ich actually not that someone is freezing or someone makes hope and then no more, and so sagt..naja pleasurable met before 5 weeks or so someone and somehow we were together everyday vocabulary and written well h

    Tags: sad, Hope



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