• Neck in PE lesson? 02-11

    hey, we will next year have sportunterricht with boys and since there for the time is getting warmer, we will of course have often outdoors. the only problem is that I always put on something to this time, the cutout has, and since we were usually on

    Tags: Sports, School, segment, segment + Sport
  • May my a 15 second aussschnitt of a series put on instagram? 03-02

    Hi, I wanted to ask if I could make cutout of germany's next topmodel on instagram a short 15 seconds? Not that I'll sued because expectant odersoo .. thanks for your reply! --answer-- No, you hurt Urheberrrechte, even if it is only 15 seconds. Anoth

    Tags: instagram, segment
  • short movie excerpts in chrome shelled regios / Koukaku no regios 11-08

    I'm just in the 15th episode and I just do not understand why always so short parts come from one kind of movie and why they are in English. Until now I still could see no relevant for their meaning and I understand overall not what it's going well b

    Tags: Film, Anime, Mind, segment, Chrome Shelled Regios, anime + Meaning
  • patchy itching 09-10

    Hello my love, I always get in the cutout area suddenly red spots and itch violently but itching that disappears after a time (Ignore) and the redness goes away after a time. I've been around longer and really do not know where that comes from. The q

    Tags: Itching, segment
  • Using excerpts from other YouTubers 02-02

    Hi first. As the headline describes I would like to know if I can use youtube 3 short excerpts from a fellow YouTubers or not .. I mean I monetize the video does not show but this only and criticize them ... and where prohibited by what I could do wi

    Tags: copyright, segment
  • Photoshop Tshirt / shirt / dress Decrease Neck 01-19

    Hello, I would like to resize a photo the cut of a dress that is too deep a little, so you can not see the edges of the bra. I have now taken the color, over painted with Brush tool bit and frequency separation, the structure painted by dress on expa

    Tags: Dress, segment, Photoshop shrink
  • How copy CORRECT video from CD / DVD to HDD? 11-28

    Hello, intended for a friend some videos that are burned to CD / DVD copy on his hard drive, but when I open the CD on a PC appear there only some folders (CDI, EXT, MPEGAV, SEGMENT & VCD). How can pull the data correctly to the hard drive I then, so

    Tags: Video, Windows, Film, disk, DVD, avi, segment, video + Windows, VCD
  • Grosser cutout 09-07

    Heey my dress (very elegant) has a mega v cutout Just as celebrities have it Do you find something you can put boast only with small? So I would therefore be small? No problem haha ​​but I wanted to ask the time how do you think I think that is who y

    Tags: Dress, segment, bust
  • How much you earn so? 07-20

    I wanted to know how much you earn so in in..Staff --answer-- Merits 2014: average of 3527 euros gross per month. A full-time workers earned in 2014 an average of 3527 euros gross per month. Special payments, for example in the form of vacation, Chri

    Tags: Content, segment
  • Rockafeller Skank Fatboy Slim - last segment? 03-23

    Hi Guys. In the music video for "Rockafeller Skank" by Fatboy Slim there at the end of this section from another video of another artist (with as a surfer). Can anyone tell me how the song is called, from the music video of this segment originat

    Tags: song, Music Video, surfer, segment, Fatboy Slim
  • publish chat from Facebook 12-17

    Hello ih have a small problem and that I would like to publish a private chat with a youtuber only I fear that this indicates me if I tuhe it. I was name and censor picture, using only his youtube user name. May I not right? And if not there a possib

    Tags: copyright, segment
  • Do it guys when the girls her neck show? 10-07

    Hi folks, I'm a girl and sometimes I wonder if guys like it when girls her own heart cutout, ie images undso. So if the guys the positive view and what they like like: girls tend to hide their body parts or girls who like displaying their? I know tha

    Tags: Love, girls, boys, segment, boys + girls interest
  • What is the name the music in the video (part) ?. 05-21

    Hi, I wanted frageen as read in the video is called (clipping). It starts at 1:49 and ends at 1:55. Link: --answer-- Tropkillaz & Party Favor - Dat Booty you are welcome

    Tags: Music, Video, song, Song + Video, segment
  • Which Anime is (attached photo) mean? 01-28

    The screenshots are from an AVM. Unfortunately, the title that stood not. I find this more Western style very appealing and would like to look at him. The neckline is unfortunately just 3 seconds country, therefore no further images. Maybe you can he

    Tags: Anime, amv, segment



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