• exposed to dog what to do? 07-10

    Have just seen a video that will be exposed annually to highway rest stops about dogs. Even sad something like that, I can not understand what is going on in the people before him totally, because I myself am owner of 2 cats and a dog. Well to my que

    Tags: police, Animals, Dog, law, cat, Protection, highway, shelter, Law + dog
  • Shelter does not give me my dog ​​!? 07-09

    Hello my dog ​​I was before about 1 month I stole phoned everywhere at the shelter etc. and no one had such a dog described. Now I have come from a stupid accident on the website of an animal shelter in my town and took a picture of my dog ​​found. I

    Tags: Dog, right, shelter, dog + shelter, search dog
  • Dog looks weak, to whom do I contact? 05-18

    In my neighborhood a sweet Husky lives unfortunately he is always outside in all weathers and has no house In the family where he lives, it is very dirty around the home everything is filthy and the dog very sorry he is very affectionate but shy and

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • Father died what happened to the dog? 05-13

    Hello, We have a huge problem and we hope someone can help us or do for us. My father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 4 weeks before. He leaves a 9 year old female dog that my wife and I have taken over. So they do not need to the shelter. Unfo

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • Add dog - Where? :( 04-03

    Hey guys, it's hard for me to write this, but I have to give my dog, due to family problems. I hang totally to him and it breaks my heart, but there is no other way ..... Now the question is: Where? Ins shelter I want to give him no case that already

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • Where one might purchase a dog in Duisburg 03-15

    A golden retriver 1year old would be nice. Shelter I was was not very helpful. --answer-- Ebay Classifieds, there are available many dogs. Ifs one is really important you go for a dog sometimes a distance. Seeeeeeee

    Tags: Leisure, Pets, Dog, shelter, pets + dog, Golden Retriever, Dogs Search
  • had experience with dogs from the Internet? 01-09

    Hello. Our dog is recently deceased now we want to buy a new dog. Of course, none of the growers, but the best one from a shelter or from Spain, Romania or so. What should be most aware? Has anyone had experience with it? And someone knows internetse

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • Where it is better to buy a dog? 11-29

    Is it better a dog at the breeder to buy at the shelter or in an animal protection station in Spain? The old is aged one year too much but it should no longer Puppy therefore be what is better? --answer-- You should repays on a budget - if a chihuahu

    Tags: Dog, shelter, Breeder, shelter + Breeder
  • Can I do agility with a shelter dog 11-02

    Hello dear reader, I have the shelter Ladeburg he assumed a partnership relationship for Rocko is a Boder Collie Boxer Mix (4 years old), he needs a lot of movement because I can not have a large dog / must I wanted something good tuhen. At the shelt

    Tags: Dog, fun, shelter, agility, border collie mix, fun + shelter
  • Dog :): 9 09-21

    Hello :) My family would like to soon buy a dog and I would like to ask whether the situation would be good for the dog (we would definitely a dog from the shelter have also been a few in closer range) So to the family situation I'll do well in schoo

    Tags: Education, Animals, Dog, family, shelter, family + dog
  • What do you need to be able to bring everything to a dog from a shelter? 08-19

    Hi, I soon 18 shipped in a year, I had before (because I have more time) to save for a dog all my money and to get from the animal shelter. I live with my parents still un still have school (although many gatefold hours, so I can divide my time that

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • Buy Second dog, Which breed is best? 04-28

    Hey, we have a dog, but because of the my dad wants to make a "home office", meaning that he can not do in the office, but at home his work, he wanted to, because he has enough time, he danneigentlich always works can if he wants to give me a se

    Tags: buy, Dog, shelter, buy + shelter
  • How long to run with an older dog? 12-10

    Hello, I am in contact with an animal shelter with me on the spot and am a 13 year old female dog with me to take guardianship. Does anyone know how much time an older dog still wants to spend outside, so walks. I want you neither overextend nor unte

    Tags: Animals, Dog, shelter, seniors, dog shelter + walk
  • Dog with criteria 11-29

    Hi folks, because we want to have a home dog with us, but unfortunately am not at home falls on us a puppy ever gone. Therefore, we considered that we adopt a dog from a shelter and there but actually is a good thing. Now the "criteria" The dog

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • Dog on Polish-German border? HELP 08-06

    Hi Guys. My friend who makes currently in Poland with his family vacation wants to bring me a baby dog. She's so cute, even though it has only one eye. The dog is the uncle of my friend. Now the question is: does the dog without any problems on the l

    Tags: Dog, shelter, border
  • Dog probationary -geht that? 02-21

    I would very much like a dog but my my parents we should Show us firstonce whether we can accept responsibility and whether it would be really right for us Can one take a dog on a trial basis, for example, from the shelter? Or there are other organiz

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, shelter, pets + dog, sample dog
  • Shelter dog Real 10-15

    Hello I would like to adopt an animal shelter dog. Is it possible to get him without house tour (am not a messy person only'm afraid that my apartment is furnished and modern) I have a lot of furniture that are already old --answer-- I hope not, that

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • My dog ​​is not well behaved 08-25

    Hi everybody I have purchased, a 1-year-old French Bulldog me weeks ago Ca. 2 Unfortunately, the small very warped he hears so good as not, he bites and sometimes Doll, he pulls on the leash, and he's pretty rough to my nephews and nieces. I really d

    Tags: Education, Animals, Dog, shelter, Dog training, education + dog, warped, dog school
  • Dog go walkies ausm shelter 08-23

    At what age can I with a dog animal shelter ausm go walkies? --answer-- I think that has to do with your local shelter. However, liability reasons I'm going for minimum 16 years with parental consent, otherwise 18. You must be at least 18 years old.

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • How should I write the shelter? 03-09

    So, I like a dog would take off from the shelter, but I do not know if oe is still there, and well I wess at all not what you do there scheibt. Thanks in advance :) --answer-- How about instead of e-mail write just so stop by? But if it somehow does

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