• Parkour shoes Ollo in German stores? 07-13

    Find shoes for parkour the OLLO brand in Germany. Did my last bought in America (LA) and never seen since in Germany (either online stores in the city). Does anyone know where to herkriegt the? --answer-- I understand you get it only from abroad (Ame

    Tags: Shoes, Parkour, ollo
  • Reputable website ... or not ?! 06-15

    Good evening :-) I want to buy Nike Air Max on the Internet and I just came across an online store, in which I am not quite sure. I want the Air Max Thea have and the cost so normal € 120. Here is what of Special Price: € 48 This can not really be ri

    Tags: Internet, Shoes, Nike, Nike + shoes
  • Which pair of shoes you can find the most beautiful? 05-09

    Hey guys, I want to buy new shoes and I have 4 favorites. But I can not decide which one to buy me. Which pair can be found on most? Replies with 1, 2, 3 or 4. Many times already, thanks. --answer-- I would best buy me simple, because the fit all and

    Tags: Shoes, opinion
  • Where there are Christian Louboutin Sneakers? 04-07

    Hello, happen to know someone where you can buy Christian Louboutin sneakers or even try. Thanks in advance. :) --answer-- On the website of the brand right holder, there is a store finder.

    Tags: clothing, Shoes
  • Ouftifts for school (16 years old 9th grade girls) 02-12

    I actually always wear very simple things, Top, ne jeans, boots Ankle boots or Converse my MK bag and smooth hair :) Would like but dress Contemporary :) Do you have ideas what you can so attract female in school with 16 years? :) I like this 'normal

    Tags: School, Shoes, clothes, Fashion, Modern, Clothes Fashion
  • wanted shoes for Confirmation 01-30

    Seeking shoes for my impending confirmation. My dress is black, the shoes should be. Happy with sales, but not too high. Do you have good sites or concrete proposals? Thank you!

    Tags: Shoes, Church
  • !! 01-29

    I've just found the page mikado-hobby. perhaps Does anyone from the page? --answer-- Mikado hobby ... Suppose you are Nike retailer, you would for your Webshop so choose a name? At Mikado one thinks of cheap Nikes or more of a parlor game, hmm? http:

    Tags: Shoes, Nike
  • What Jordans (shoes) are they exactly? 12-27

    Hey dear community! :) Could someone perhaps tell what shoes are exactly me? So that there are Jordans I know ... But how exactly they glad? I would really appreciate an official word! :) --answer-- These are Jordan 1 Flight 3. In the video a shoe in

    Tags: Shoes, Jordan
  • Vans thickness / thinness sole 10-22

    Does anyone know whether Vans designed with thicker soles different to that with thinner (lo pro)? had only thin and now wants to order the Era me :) Thank you in advance! --answer-- I would recommend shoes with thick soles, which are better for the

    Tags: Shoes, size, Vans, Vans size +
  • About Air Max Thea 08-29

    Hello everyone :) I urgently need your help! Do you know where I can gray Pinke air max thea found on the Internet? :( I find them nowhere, selling out everywhere: ((((Vllt you know nen online shop I do not know yet :) Thanks in advance Regards! --an

    Tags: Shoes, Air Max
  • Nike Jordan shoes Wanted! 07-26

    I have recently discovered these shoes but I find not easy. The shoes have been around on the side but they are not serious degree because of the price. Where can you just buy these shoes. The shoes called Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Leather Black Gray R

    Tags: Shoes, Nike, Jordan, Jordan + Nike
  • Joel Pohjanpalo soccer shoes

    Joel Pohjanpalo soccer shoes 07-18

    Hi does anyone of you what those soccer shoes so what brand see picture? thank you --answer-- Possibly here (of course with white): (Nike Total90) Phew, you actually see is not exactly ...

    Tags: Shoes, soccer
  • Nike Sensory Motion System what's this? 05-27

    Hi Guys, Have new Nike shoes and the soles is Sensory Motion System. Can anyone say what me? Unfortunately have 0 clue what it means. Find also nothing useful on the net. LG :) --answer-- Perhaps that is the sole or shoe fits your feet Is not care as

    Tags: Shoes, Nike
  • White Nikes this exactly? 05-16

    --answer-- That Nike Flystepper 2K3 TXT in colorway (White / Pure Platinum University Red) Nike Style Number 654257-100. The model dates back to last year and is out in stores. It is because as yet on sneaker exchanges or on Ebay (ab18) find. http: /

    Tags: men, Shoes, Nike, men + Nike
  • To cold feet outside? 05-13

    Hi, I have to be at my side job as a bouncer often several hours outside. By itself, no problem, if not for ever this cold feet in winter despite good boots and 3 pairs of thick socks. Would you have useful tips to his feet to keep as long as possibl

    Tags: Shoes, winter, coldness, socks, Kaelte + Winter, soles
  • Dog feces on the shoe, as I get to leave? 04-26

    HELP am, today kicked fully in dog feces, as I get the back completely clean ?? Unfortunately, the white soles and diarrhea sticks to the whole shoe, that's so disgusting help me !? --answer-- Water and brush ... detergent does not hurt ... What is i

    Tags: Shoes, Dog
  • nike air jordan for sale 03-24

    hello knows someone to buy online a silver lining for air Jordans? --answer-- On and you find the best selection The world's largest sneaker market place should there be hardly be beaten ... ;-)

    Tags: Shoes, Nike, buy, Nike + shoes, air jordan
  • Shoes real or fake 03-10

    Shoes real or fake --answer-- we can not answer this so simple Fake, these are not Adidas! How do you answer that so ?!

    Tags: clothing, Shoes, fake, fake shoes +

    Can you give me maybe good shoes recommended as in the direction of running shoes as street signs so most Nike shoes. I look forward to every answer LG CEREALS --answer-- Nike or Adidas. Both brands have been kept with me the longest. Although I pref

    Tags: Shoes, clothes
  • Where can I get soldiers shoes on the Internet 01-07

    Hi Folks I have just such a trip or as a dress sense that is so similar to a soldier. So the pants and but I'm so shoes almost as original soldiers are shoes or look of the optics so would be the last coronation but I do not think so, the shoes look

    Tags: Shoes, buy, soldier, shoes + Soldier



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