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  • Sims 3 || get Unicorn ?! 03-08

    Hello. How can you get a unicorn in Sims 3? And it has advantages for normal horse? Do we need another extension as "The Sims 3 simple animal"? Thanks in advance. --answer-- The difference between a unicorn and a horse in my opinion is tremendou

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  • Sims 3: How to set a target at the ride, as well as when walking the dog? 11-08

    I only see the "ride" option if I want to ride, but can not set a goal as while walking the dog. How do you do that? And there is also the option as in the dog after a walk of clicking it and go TOGETHER home with him? Thanks for any reply --ans

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  • ask the master controller 06-03

    hi i have the master controller all goes well but when I have more than 8 horses I see the other horses no longer dan I always have to go to the last horse and press Spacebar to play the horse. this is stupid. I have many gesehnen (youtube) the allle

    Tags: Horses, Sims 3
  • HIELFE at Sims 3! 11-06

    Hello, I need urgent help! I have hair clothes .... ect. runtergedownloadet and I do not know how I bring them into the game: ((I do not know how I can get the master Nraas controlar into play: ((Help !! biteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Tags: Help, Download, Sims 3, Download + Sims 3, Nraas
  • Sims 3 dog breed or cat breed? 08-14

    On the internet I keep seeing dog breeders or cat breeders / Professional. I wonder how it's something you can actually sell and can have several Sims in the household. Thanks in advance.. :) --answer-- When you go to edit the city and then connect o

    Tags: Sims 3, Breed
  • Sims 3 My dog ​​is funny? 01-08

    Hello I just created a family and then I give them to a house where another family lives and who have dogs and I have the other members Kicked out so that only my family (which I created) was inside and the dog also. I looked at the small picture on

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Sims 3, Sims 3 + dog
  • Sims 3 Reinstall on MacBook Pro 09-28

    I have the following problem I pick up my MacBook Pro the Sims 3 deleted. I Want It Now nine install when och now but I can not continue but it remains the button Continue Enter H the seiennummer simply turned off. How och install sims 3 anyway ??? -

    Tags: Macbook, Sims 3
  • Origin ID and password 08-28

    Hey I have a problem, I forgot my Origin ID and password. I do not know what to do, someone had an idea or one probably had anyone ever the same problem. Lg lea --answer-- Well if you are registered there with the email, simply "forgot password"

    Tags: Sims 3
  • Can not sign in because I forgot password in Origin. 03-15

    The title says it all again: D Yes So, the other day where I wanted to download a Sim on, it said that I had purely log muss.Ich already have an account, but I had the password vergessen.Da was naturally so'n button, it said "forgot pass

    Tags: Sims 3, Origin, password, ea + Origin
  • Sims 3 remains permanently hanging. What should I do? 03-15

    Every time I play Sims 3, it hangs after 5-10 minutes. In "create a sim" there is no difficulty. "Only" when I play in a household. The mouse I can then continue to move, but everything else is frozen, so to speak. I only have the main

    Tags: Sims 3, Sims, Sims ea +
  • Sims 1,2,3,4 survey 03-15

    Which of these Sims '' generations '' is better, please with reason. Yesterday only purchase you Sims 3 or Sims 4 was in response please with basic !!! --answer-- In my opinion, Sims 3 and 4 of the image, although very awesome (what one as more like

    Tags: Sims 4, Sims 3, Sims, Sims 2, Sims + Sims 2, Sims 1
  • Sims 3 for Windows 10? 03-14

    his hello and I've bought before a month about windows 10 and yesterday an expansion for Sims 3 (Sims 3 einfachtierisch) but it reads the CD simply does not I've already cleaned and so when I have tried with my father has it computer but detected on

    Tags: windows-10, Sims 3, CD + Windows 10
  • How can I uninstall Enhancements Sims 3 Seasons 4? 03-14

    My sister does not want to borrow 3 4 seasons the CD Sims, so I can no longer play EVER. Now I would generalmente uninstall it, but do not know how. I look forward to useful questions. --answer-- Control Panel, Programs, The Sims 3 Seasons, right cli

    Tags: computer games, Sims 3
  • Sims 3 problem. Walls in the way ?! 03-14

    Hello. In the computer game "Sims 3" from my sister, there is a problem. When building or in this furniture buying mode, the walls in the way. You may have clicked on the bottom floor and yet we see the top still. What's just stupid for them to

    Tags: computer games, Sims 3
  • Sims 3 has problems need help? 03-14

    Hi. When I play the Sims 3 is always Sims 3 no longer works and completed Sims 3 simply. My computer takes DAFR no solution. Annoys me the total at the moment, because I will always have to start from scratch. Does anyone have any idea why this is an

    Tags: Problems, Sims 3
  • Sims 3 cheat to get of twins? 03-13

    Hey I want to have twins and my wife she gets on that day. So I can not change anything in the pregnancy. Is there a cheat of a Gemini gives? I'd love to have twins :) --answer-- Cheat not my intention. But I think it helps if the mother hears much K

    Tags: Sims 3, Twins
  • Sims 3 Cheat beams can no longer open! 03-12

    ***Hello, Since short no longer the cheat bar will appear where you can enter the top left cheats. ctrl, shift and c .... and it seems only a small chat window, which is useless to me. Had someone the problem? Please help me ***

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  • Which laptop for Sims 3? 03-12

    --answer-- One need for Sims3 no stark PC, it should be an average CPU: Pentium 4 processor or equivalent CPU speed: For XP 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent; For Windows Vista and Windows 7 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 processor or equivalent RAM: For

    Tags: Sims 3
  • Sims 3 Pets and graphics card 03-12

    Hi Guys. I have the game Sims 3 + Sims 3 just installed me last animal on my PC. But after I get my Sim had created popped a text field where I have a graphics card that is not Listed with them and I have to high settings. The game itself functions n

    Tags: computer, computer games, Sims 3, Computer Games + Sims 3
  • Sims 3 on poor new laptop graphics 03-12

    Hello have me yesterday a new laptop purchased since the old broke. On the old laptop Sims was sharp on the new resolution is really miserable. I have in the game itself turned everything high resolution and start the game again but nothing has chang

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