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  • Sims 4 hangs when loading to complete, including laptop 03-15

    Huhu, I have yesterday Sims 4 installed on my new laptop. I do not know what it is, either my laptop too bad for the game, or it has to be anything else. Then when I'm on a world and I want to play in a home, he hangs up. Request for helpful answers

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  • What Pc for Sims 4? 03-15

    I want to buy a PC and since I'm a big fan Sims4 I would like so that it can run a Pc of this is well suited fluid and easy works very well. Does anyone have a Pc with which he is totally satisfied with the play Sims4 and he can recommend? Or knows s

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  • Sims 1,2,3,4 survey 03-15

    Which of these Sims '' generations '' is better, please with reason. Yesterday only purchase you Sims 3 or Sims 4 was in response please with basic !!! --answer-- In my opinion, Sims 3 and 4 of the image, although very awesome (what one as more like

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  • Sims 4 Cheats help :) 03-14

    There are indeed these cheats like in sims 2 "maxmotives" "testing cheats abled true" in sims 3 .. That's the cheat to make it which is going well and you have not even go with the toilet and something What is the cheat for at Sims 4?

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  • sims 4 city!?! _ 03-14

    how to get in sims 4 in the city where the gym is undso? --answer-- Um, both cities, Willow Creek and Oasis Spings, have a gym! So, what do you want!? : P

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  • Sims 4 Laptop crashes 03-13

    My laptop (Asus X53S) crashes when Sims 4 play just off & then goes back up ... the Internet is always there might overheat the lie but who indeed so ne built cooling I thought ?! & Of the requirements ago reichts my opinion well ... has anyone NE

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  • Apartments in The Sims 4? 03-11

    Hello :) In the Sims 3 "Late Night" there are high-rise buildings where multiple dwellings or apartments. There then also live NPC Sims. I wanted to ask if there are also apartments in The Sims. 4 There are indeed in the gallery many houses avai

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  • Buy Sims 4 Key on Ebay 03-09

    Hey! So I play with the idea to buy me Sims 4, but since it is relatively expensive in shops and at Origin, I thought, can you look so at Ebay 'n Key buy and have there this property found: http: / /

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  • Sims 3 or Sims 4 as a beginner? 03-09

    Halo together. I want to buy a Sims game. I have yet to have one. Now I do not know which I should buy more. Should buy the 3 or the 4 I rather and which are at all the differences? I hope you can give me tips LG star horse --answer-- I had until now

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  • sims 4 as I go online? 03-09

    So I got the game Sims 4 and wants to the gallery but when I click it says there is always "my library" I want the contributions of others see können.Ich know that it is because that you have to be online at origin I am already online only game

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  • Sims 4 has a bad resolution! 03-09

    I have yesterday bought Sims 4 Limited Edition and immediately installed on my PC. First I installed only the first CD, then the resolution, however, was very poor in the game. Now I have both CD's installed, but the resolution is still bad (live and

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  • To define the path the Sims are 4 Radio songs? 03-09

    I have stayed in the folder custom music according watched but there are only empty folders. Does anyone know where to find all the songs from the game? :) --answer-- First you have to go to the options menu, then on Game Options, and then click Musi

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  • The Sims 4 - should I install Origin new now? 03-08

    Hello community, I wanted to play the Sims 4, but unfortunately I had to make an update. I've now made felt 10 times, then always comes the same message. It could not be updated. Should I install new origin now? Or what should I do: / --answer-- Turn

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  • In Sims4 I can auftrafen my Sims nothing! What is wrong? 03-08

    I have been a few days Sims 4. I have 3 Sims created. Everything went normally until a new work / school day started. The Sims went not alone in the work or school, and even if I ordered them this task disappeared after a few seconds of the field at

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  • Sims 4 separate from Origin? 03-08

    Hi Guys, my girlfriend has but The Sims 4, it may not install on your Mac and want to sell it to me for 40 euros. Unfortunately, it has already joined with the account of her mother the game in Origin. Can this Defer or should I just buy me the game

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  • Sims 4 code? 03-07

    Heyho Leutis .. Mama has ordered me a code for the Sims 4 gekauft.Aber she has it for your e-mail address: / So I would like to sign up under their email address and the game is over downloaden.Die question jz..Wie Wear I put the code of Mamas addres

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  • Sims 4 INSTALLING Problem 03-06

    I wanted the Sims 4 me install on the PC with use of disks. From about 46%, the message "Please insert Disc 1" The first disc but the whole time in the drive. So again taken Have the disc out and done in again. Since the installation is at 49% a

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  • Sims 4 find no houses 03-05

    Can someone help me? I houses from the Internet downloaded for Sims 4 and then have you done folder in the "tray". But the houses I do not find in the game is not even in the gallery. --answer-- So. Go to the gallery under My Library, and right

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  • (Own 2 houses?) Sims 4 03-04

    Hello, I have since Christmas Sims 4 and do not know how or if you even have 2 houses with a family I kann.Wenn to your computer please come but do not sell only buy the house. I hope you can help me. LG :) --answer-- As far as I know, that was at Si

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  • sims 4 downloadddd 03-03

    I bought just sims4 and wanted to install it .. you but it must have orgini install .. lasts long? If so, approximately how long? I have sims 3 installed on orgini, and took eeeeeeeewig .. can you look at it without installiern ?? --answer-- Look at

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