• help I think I'm a gollum 10-08

    hello dear com. am 12 years old and in august I will 13 am but think since I'm 8 1.52 tall and I did not grow :( my mother is quite small but my real father was very big and I can see the whole face and muscles and everything like my father I always

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  • Am I too small for my age? (With poll) 06-23

    Hello :) I have a question: I am 10 (going in July 11) and am just 1.52 m. Am I too small? :(): --answer-- Hello Anna - fits. I wish you a relaxing, happy and good Easter. Pleasant Holidays. One can not say that, you start you only just developing ..

    Tags: size, large, small, large small
  • Dogs cost (dog, small) 04-15

    Hello, Could you list me a list with the cost of a small dog list with final sum? Thank you :) --answer-- a list of people with the cost of a small dog Purchase price with a reputable breeder 1000-1500 EUR. At the shelter you pay 250-300 EUR for a do

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  • Does anyone know this dog? 11-10

    I have discovered the Internet in search of small breeds this dog but when I got the picture ladete not breed there, otherwise I on my Internet search no similar dog found. Does anyone know this breed? Thanks for your answers your Always Blue --answe

    Tags: Dog, small, Breed, small + race
  • Sweet dog, but what breed? 11-07

    Can anyone tell me, to what dog breed this sweet dog belongs .. Thanks in advance;) --answer-- Pomerianian Pomeranian belongs to that breed these cute dog Pomeranian in microformat. Maximum life expectancy four years! Constantly and repeatedly asked

    Tags: Dog, small, sweet, fluffy, small sweet +
  • Small (relatively) sporting dog breed 03-16

    I do not know exactly for what breed I decide .. Before coming to ask, yes I have time to look after the dog, have already a lot of experience and yearn so for a dog. I personally like Chihuahuas and tip very much, but am by no means as a person who

    Tags: Dog, small, Top, Breed, Athletic, small breed +, Chihuahua breed dogs
  • My dog ​​vomits almost daily 12-03

    Hello, I've been about 6 days the problem that my dog ​​vomits almost daily. Otherwise, he's really good, he is woken up as always right and plays a lot. He gets no new food or something. Everything is as usual. I'm with the consideration played a ne

    Tags: Help, medicine, Dog, small, Vomiting, medicine + animals, sick animals
  • Case-sensitive, it's true? 12-17

    Hi Community, wanted to ask you what is geschreiben big or small of these words, whether it is so written correctly, because I have not found my Duden. ...Practical work... ... Cutting ... ...scientific work... ... Voluntary service .. ... The direct

    Tags: large, small, spelling, large small
  • Screen elements extremely small 10-11

    Hello! I have presented a new notebook and many programs are just the items such as "File" or "Edit" extremely small. Now my question: How can I resolve this? It is the case for several programs. Many thanks in advance! --answer-- Here

    Tags: Windows, small, screen, items, screen + small
  • Gift little sister 03-15

    Hello, I have a little sister, you is 6 years old and loves pink unfortunately, I think of a good budget gift, someone has an idea? --answer-- What Lego Friends ... There is currently great deals. Something of Monster High or Loom bands Let her Barbi

    Tags: Gift, small, sister, small-sister
  • How do I get smaller feet? 03-13

    --answer-- Hi, murderface! Around carry the clock to little shoes! LG Sandra (^ - ^) / Why do you want smaller feet? Bring you what? I understand still does that. Why did not you just happy and think about important things to? You know the M; ärchen

    Tags: small, feet
  • Is 1.64m too small: D 03-13

    Hey am 14 (w.) And 1.64m tall Most girls with me are all about 1.70 and greater Full many keep saying that I am of small, etc., but others say again that it is cute: DD What do you think? --answer-- Hello Stella! that is certainly not small. The aver

    Tags: Girl, growth, small, small + growth, Genetics, growth spurts, growth joints, epiphyseal
  • I want to take off, but do not know if I can do it. What do you all mean? 03-12

    I am currently in training in the first year and this training is to 2 years and get currently Monthly ca 660 Euro training content. If I move out I'll have this still about 180 euros child support for me and then I get my half way pension also again

    Tags: Education, opinion, small, Money, rent, undress, Content, apartment, Single, training + Apartment
  • My cat has 2 Months child get ..? 03-11

    3 pieces, 2 of which (W & M) to go to the toilet itself (ie litter box) but the other girls do not, it always peeing on my bed or sofa .. what to do? --answer-- You should at least 4 cats 5 litter up, might help that. But should not help it, if you h

    Tags: Girl, Help, small, Baby, cat, toilet, pipi, Cat + girl on
  • Supermoto small driver? 03-11

    So I will soon 16 and would by then my graduate A1 license. There's only one problem: I am Ca. 1.60 m tall, but will still grow a little. Seeking therefore a small Supermoto, best a Yamaha. Thanks in advance! :-) --answer-- Supermoto is at 15PS ne pr

    Tags: Motorcycle, Supermoto, small, license, Yamaha, small + Motorcycle
  • We called the ninja game? 03-10

    I as I used small Was a ninja game borrowed kolleg of one, do not know how it is, but it would buy me. The problem is, I have no contact with him, and therefore can not ask him. So I hope you can help me

    Tags: Games, Help, small, Ninja, small + Games
  • Hair on the forehead in an adolescent? 03-06

    Hello, little, white hair on his forehead at age 15 are normal? ? --answer-- Yes, you almost anywhere on the body hair ... Everywhere you have hair that is normal :) This is completely normal:)

    Tags: Hair, small, Face, small + end
  • I'm such a little boy .... But ...? 03-05

    Bin 17y.o. and 2 days old. And I'm 1.65m tall .... I want to be at least 1.70m tall. Do you think I'll get the 5cm! Well my parents are also small. My mother and my father 1,48m 1,62m. But it does not have to be necessarily that I'm as big as my pare

    Tags: size, small
  • Is not underweight? 03-04

    Hello, my little cousin is thin! But want to lose weight because they said they'd fat! Jz I want you to ask times .. She is 11y.o., ca1,46-1,48 tall and weighs 33kg! Is the underweight?, Normal weight, or overweight? --answer-- With the size I was no

    Tags: small, thin
  • Too small for my old 12 years 1.61 big? 03-04

    161 with 12 --answer-- Hi Girl! Probably not - rather large. The average size of the Germans is for women 166.8 cm and you'll surely beat easy. , When Americans are 2 cm, even 5 cm less in French. By the way: Many adult world stars are smaller than y

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