• I'm looking for a song ... for sport 09-12

    I was in a sports course and there we had each time come at the word "roxette" on the ground or do after getting up a pushups and jump in a song. In the song Feels Like 59 times the word came before it. Does anyone know the song? Thank you!

    Tags: Sport, song
  • Search Song (You to I) 09-09

    Hello, do you know what song I'm looking for, it is sung: You and i -iiii youhu and iiiii On average Quick Voice --answer-- The song in this video I search: https: // story_fbid = 10152907278688931 & id = 10881168930 ...? No,

    Tags: Music, song
  • spotify unnecessarily? 08-17

    Hi Ici hab grad downloaded just spotify and is indeed saau unnecessary because you can not deliberately listen songs when choosing the album one out in the free version. He takes then just any random ... But I do not understand why there are so many

    Tags: Music, Internet, computer, App, song, Money, Internet + Music, Spotify, Cell phone, smart phone
  • who knows who sings this? 08-04

    lights lights everywhere only lights laughing faces? I examined it even the whole time but I know neither who it sings woe states: / --answer-- Perhaps millions of lights christina striker? : D Maybe: Rapsoul - dance into the night Rapsoul - dance in

    Tags: Music, Leisure, song, singer, Leisure + song, who sings it
  • Find a Christian Easter song 07-14

    Hello I am looking for a Christian Easter song where more power has such of hillsong or so someone knows there one? --answer-- DC Talk Jesus Freak The beautiful Easter! (This joyful eastertide) We all want

    Tags: song, Easter
  • I find no song title. Need help. 07-03

    (Must be sometime come out against February) Heyy I'm looking for a song that I've heard in February and as I heard got the lyrics was French ... I've already tried with shazam out there, but that has not helped me. Thanks for the help! Lg tabi4fun -

    Tags: song, french, shazam, French song
  • Can you teach to this song on the piano itself? 06-21

    Hey guys ^^ I used to play four years Keyboard and have thus strikes the basics. I want me now but buy an electric piano, but due to time constraints no time for teaching. I speak only the basics. Now I have found a song on YouTube and having it full

    Tags: song, piano
  • A remix of a video is wanted 06-17

    Hey people I have been looking for a while a song from a youtube video ( ) from 19:00 min. I was searching for anything but just know that there is a Irene Cara- Fame! remix is ​​.. Can someone help me? !! Would be very ni

    Tags: Music, Video, Sport, sound, song, Youtube, Basketball, Sport + Youtube, Kenner
  • Knorr advertising song? 06-08

    Hello everyone :) Does anybody is like the soundtrack from the Knorr advertising? Https:// --answer-- Sean Redmond - Knorr "The Flavour Of Home" a

    Tags: song, advertising, Knorr, Knorr + Advertising
  • Find an older song (water drops, boy, girl ...) 06-08

    Hey I'm looking for a particular song what it formerly was often on MTV. It's about a boy who is holding a drop of water, the background is komplet know he tries to adapt then somehow certain forms and finally he finds a girl ... Would be cool if cou

    Tags: song, young, water drops
  • Seeking bands in the direction 03-04

    Seeking bands similar to the: Get scared Our last night escape the fate Three days grace Skillet My Chamical romance --answer-- Atreyu, Slipknot, Rise Against, Finger Eleven (believable that are older and "quiet", but I find the good :)) I do no

    Tags: song, band, Punk, sing, Band sing
  • Seeking song Kiz? 03-02

    Hello I once heard a song let us loo go baby I want to marry now and so I think from kiz only as a funny I rapversion seeking but which is slightly faster with little beat and although the / K8E3z_z3CiU just not as high distorted norm

    Tags: Music, song
  • ABILIED TO prom WANTED! 02-19

    Seeking a song that is not as 0/8/15. So please do not these typical songs à la Whitney Houston (One moment in time) or We are the Champions. Seeking something poignant (it can also be a bit rocky) and where one looks on stage because it's my turn at

    Tags: song, high school, high, High School + song
  • Songs, awakening the creativity? 02-15

    Seeking songs that could stimulate me when drawing new ideas (eg sialic Chandelier). Many thanks in advance :) --answer-- Sia - Elastic Heart

    Tags: song, Creativity
  • Mixing music with which program 01-31

    Does anyone know a program with which you can mix music on the computer at the beginning (later I buy a mixer). It would not be bad if the program at no cost would be. --answer-- Mixing within the meaning of self-composing or simply a DJ tool? And Wi

    Tags: Music, song, Computer program, Mix, mix song + Music
  • what's the song of sido? (Sad rap song) 01-26

    So this is more like a sad rap song and there still sings another. If you have to stones. Hope you know what I mean! --answer-- That here it is determined: Could

    Tags: Rap, song
  • Music from Flagstaff! 01-07

    Search for music by clipping taff post Betty deaf in Taiwan just before she takes the underground dancers viewing a Techno cutout and the song I'm looking for since forever conduct :) hope someone find that for me thanks in advance :) --answer-- Serv

    Tags: Music, song, Pro7, Taff, Song + Pro7
  • Song Search - Club Remix - Hu dara ba solita 01-05

    Hey! I'm looking for a club remix which Indian / Arabic sounds and man "hu dara ba solita" or something like singing! thanks in advance --answer-- Is it maybe Daddy Yankee Gasolina with? : D

    Tags: song, song search, Club, Dance, house, Club House +
  • Song wanted with carrots 01-04

    On the radio came before a song, it sounded like a fun song, had the text not properly understood, only know that the singer has ever sung ,, carrots ". Would that now like to again hear, but do not know how it was. It was a German song. --answer-- A

    Tags: Music, song, fun, Song + Fun
  • Looking for a remix of Tupac 10-10

    Hi, I used to have on my phone a unique version of Tupac Changes DMX on the music video was just an image where the left and right tupac ausqualmt someone else of a cloud of smoke. That seems to be taken out from Youtube but I want to hear it again j

    Tags: Music, Video, Internet, Help, song, Hip Hop, Lost, Tupac, DMX, Help + Music, 2pac, changes



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