• Avoid 'Tell' 09-10

    Hey guys, Which verbs I could take 'say' avoid? I have often long conversations in my story and constantly 'asked' and answered, "I would, if possible, as much as possible avoided. I do not want it but also can act too confusing. LG, Jojo :) --answer

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  • english small 03-29

    The choices include English, Turkish and Danish. If English, Turkish and Danish not lowercase? When checking the spelling he accepts both spellings. Who can help me? --answer-- If important here because it is noun (wrt. School subjects?), And not adj

    Tags: spelling, small or large
  • German orthography: to the submitting Back ... / being returned? 02-22

    In the following sentence: ... And they said to their respective publisher, which I had to specify the number of back to the submitting books ... How is it written? :) --answer-- back to the sending / the submitting remittances ..... I would actually

    Tags: German, grammar, spelling, Back, grammar + spelling
  • If you write a versatile way to or the word as small? 12-19

    as on all-round way, or? --answer-- Great, it's a noun. An important indication is that a diffracted adjective (diverse) stands in front of it. I am unsure because you ask "how" and then after that it would be but small, or? The type and manner

    Tags: spelling, big and small
  • Commas correct application? 11-25

    Does the commas in this sentence? as part of this year's BOGY internship (vocational orientation Gymnasium) at _____- school I want to ask if it would be possible for the period of 03/23/2015 to be completed until 27.03.2015 an internship with them i

    Tags: German, job, Internship, spelling, Job + Internship, Comma, Commas
  • Case-sensitive, it's true? 12-17

    Hi Community, wanted to ask you what is geschreiben big or small of these words, whether it is so written correctly, because I have not found my Duden. ...Practical work... ... Cutting ... ...scientific work... ... Voluntary service .. ... The direct

    Tags: large, small, spelling, large small
  • Support, Application for internship ... 12-12

    Hello, I have my abscchicken applications for my student internship today. But I am not sure whether everything fits like that. Have unfortunately no one can help me because of the spelling and the Gramatika Lischen, Can I hire someone of you help is

    Tags: Support, application, grammar, spelling, Spelling Application +
  • Band write with singular or plural? 03-15

    Since I'm writing a pre-scientific work, ka the question on whether I write a tape with singular or plural, ie Something like this: Amon Amarth play / Amon Amarth plays Is there a "rule" or do not care? Thanks for the help in advance! --answer--

    Tags: writing, spelling
  • Does it verbally angry or furious verbal 03-14

    Hello :) It says: I was verbally angry o Angry verbally assaulted.? Lg --answer-- The latter! Nicely, the phrase is nevertheless not. Angry attacked verbally

    Tags: grammar, spelling
  • German labor _ correction? 03-12

    Hi, I have in German back get a job and we are the correct now and deliver error-free again. Now I do not know what to correct here: "This chapter is about the meeting with the sergeant in the camp." Then when "it comes to" underlined

    Tags: work, Help, German, spelling, teaching, work + German, German work
  • You or them? What is true? 03-11

    Hey guys, the following case: "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, You / they call in your letter of July 28, 2014 the following ...... " Here's You or she right? Thanks in advance --answer-- This is a personal address and you write large. You asked me,

    Tags: spelling, Letter
  • How speak a contact in your application with from and to? 03-10

    Hello my contact is as Andreas to Sorg. Has one an idea as I that name anspreche correctly in the application? Many thanks for your help. --answer-- Hello webshop, the correct salutation is "Dear Mr Sorg for".

    Tags: application, grammar, spelling, grammar + spelling
  • Why no one writes like that? 03-09

    Hello! In school we learned that two words that you want to connect, either together or writes optional between sets a hyphen. but since a few years, I see that people simply write words in succession; thought at first that these are simply spelling

    Tags: life, German, spelling, language, Life + language anglicisms
  • is the comma set right here? 03-09

    1993 in April, launched the construction ... --answer-- I would write In April 1993 start of construction ... Then wärs without commas. But it is also true. Can both omit commas alternate sentence to the grammar crying already. In April 1993, launche

    Tags: German, spelling
  • Comma question! Thank you! 03-07

    Hello my dears, I had to know if I have the commas placed correctly in the two following sets - in other words, once dominated by constructs and once after. Please pay no attention to the content, which is at this point not so important. Thank you! F

    Tags: German, spelling, language, correction, Commas, spelling + language
  • Bayrer or Bayern? 03-06

    So, I have just a discussion whether and most of these Baye r Bayern or Bayre r is, you can help me? Schonmal Thanks in advance :) --answer-- Hei, Lena Smith, a Bayer lives in Bavaria, and therefore he is Bavarian. When the cheese from Bavaria origin

    Tags: German, spelling, Bavaria, Bavarian, Bavaria + Spelling
  • How that is right? job 03-05

    "Have fun at work" or "Have a lot of fun in the work" So with the work of professional activity is meant: D --answer-- BEI work is the right "wording"!

    Tags: grammar, spelling, Duden, Duden Spelling +
  • numbers spelling 03-04

    Huhu, I suppose the number 1,863,632,565 and would like to write in shorthand in ne table would 1,863,000,000 USD right? LG Danny --answer-- Exactly, that would be 1.9 billion if you rundest. if you have to put it in million then I would therefore pu

    Tags: spelling, Numbers
  • How to write eloquently? 03-03

    --answer-- It was really. Or do you mean something else! Eloquent is eloquent, so that one can deal with language sent. If you want to write eloquently, you need to articulate. So you have to develop language skills, which assumes that you are dealin

    Tags: German, spelling
  • Apps for spelling 03-02

    Hi! I write my own stories and then publish them on the Internet! I have to write them on the phone and therefore I it, got spelling errors and not all think I'm looking for an app that helps me. But I think just not up to 2000 words takes and correc

    Tags: Apps, History, spelling



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