• which music genre is the most popular? 09-10

    which music direction is best heard from you? --answer-- Rock, grunge uä, NuMetal, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk Rock, Metalcore From me? This is almost exclusively True, Power and Heavy Metal. Nagut, Folk Metal, pagan metal, 2 times 2 times NDH and melo De

    Tags: Music, rock, pop, alternative, taste, Mainstream, alternative + rock
  • Dog food "with improved taste"? 04-15

    Why me there are dog food "with improved taste"? Who out the test? --answer-- Simple advertising strategy to the people to suggest that it is going to taste the dog better. Most are in such a feed Ortene asy even more attractants inside, which n

    Tags: taste, dog food
  • What tobacco mix you smoke? :) 03-16

    Hii community :) I want to talk to know in the forum what you smoke for a mix "shisha". Here are shisha smoking if 'yes' then let me know: D --answer-- Mint - lemon is very refreshing. Melon - cherry tastes very interesting. Mint fits generally

    Tags: Shisha, taste, Mix, taste + Mix
  • Why buy an expensive Vodka? 03-13

    Vodka tastes in my opinion, relatively the same ... However, one gets from the cheaper "rather" a skull? Is that the only noticeable difference? --answer-- 1. Vodka does not taste the same, except you lack taste buds. 2. Vodka is much faked and

    Tags: alcohol, drink, taste, skull, vodka, taste + drink
  • What art style you like personal best? 03-11

    Hi I have zuzeichnen before in for vacation much and just wanted to know what you personally like most indicated by the below art styles or estimates !? --answer-- Hey that's great! I love zuzeichnen !!! Landscapes are always unique, fascinating and

    Tags: Technology, art, sense, Style, taste, Art + Style
  • What tastes like butter chicken? 03-11

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask what tastes more like Butter Chicken (Indian); Chicken curry or chicken tikka masala? Asking for quick answers! Thank you! :) MfG. xSkillH4ckzZ --answer-- Hey. actually neither as chicken curry and chicken tikka masala is ma

    Tags: Health, medicine, food, culture, Hunger, India, taste, food + medicine, Flavours
  • PassoaOderTrojka? Which? 03-10

    Hello :) I need your help with the selection, I know not so well with the siege refill ink and wanted to ask which tastes better Passoa or Trojka. Alps I am looking for something sweet now does not taste like the pink trojka I find nämlch gat not goo

    Tags: Help, Selection, drink, taste, flavor + drink
  • ♪ Music? I currently just nothing more I like to listen to 03-08

    Hey I just wanted to know what it currently enjoys listening to music. I am for all musical genres open (for Beautiful Christmas Carols) LG --answer-- Hey my genre: Chill Step! Attempt to Blackmill that are right nice to just once do nothing and lyin

    Tags: Music, taste
  • Books to my taste 03-05

    Hi Guys! Seeking Books about: intrigue, lies and betrayal, books that question the morality, best described as novel or Thriller / Crime reading I would like also to browse the normal challenging books like to read books in which the protagonist of a

    Tags: book, opinion, taste, flavor + opinion
  • Do you find I get up old men? 03-04

    So it comes that when I muit freundinen colleagues or other women in meinel age (20) I Entertain via Schönne men mostly on fashionable voltage repel myself what type because man bettrift the turns me and sexy .... We are looking for then mostly clam

    Tags: men, women, Young + men, Beauty, young, old, type, taste, Jung
  • good food flavorings 03-02

    Does anyone know good food flavorings that can be bought in Germany? --answer-- The whole range of natural flavors that you still find in the supermarket or better at the market! With oil as a solvent can be many org. Flavors also similar flawlessly

    Tags: food, flavor, Chemical, taste, chemicals + Food
  • How to recognize "good wine"? 02-25

    They say there is "good wine" or "bad wine", but how do you recognize that? Who determines that, I do think everyone has a different Geschmach, right? On what criteria do you do that fixed? --answer-- I agree here and also maintain tha

    Tags: taste, Wine
  • From which is Woodruff actually done? 02-19

    From which is this taste won? --answer-- Woodruff is a native plant that grows mainly in moist forest areas Earlier definitely from the Woodruff plant, today probably for any artificial flavorings. Earlier it was taken out of the Woodruff coumarin, t

    Tags: taste, sweet woodruff, from which
  • Survey. Tastes you the new Coca-Cola Life? 02-18

    --answer-- I find it not as good as normal but significantly better than light and zero better than the normal sticky Coca Cola and not as a foam stuff like Diet Coke. What I like most Pepsi Max :) No under any circumstances. No, the other colas but

    Tags: taste
  • Which singer has the better voice grönemeyer or Ronan Keating? 02-10

    Hi Which of the two aforementioned singer has the better voice, the better song lyrics? Thank you Best regards --answer-- Ronan Keating, what a question! But that is a matter of taste, as well as to the texts. The English texts I have not yet address

    Tags: Music, genre, taste, voice, music taste, grönemeyer, keating, taste + voice
  • yummy honey 02-10

    I hate the taste of honey! That's why I wanted to ask if you have any tips, how can taste the honey better? Have all honeys sampled from my supermarket, all not taste me: / thank you in advance --answer-- The beekeepers from the taste is always bette

    Tags: taste, Honey
  • strange taste in mouth-halitosis? 02-09

    hallöchen :) I would have got a question. and although I had previously always bad breath and have since always very careful to talk to the general or mouth open when someone is standing close to me. my mum had to play guinea pigs have often and I've

    Tags: smell, mouth, taste, flavor + Mouth
  • disgusting taste in mouth after the op? 02-08

    Hi folks, I have so leave me last Friday 6 days ago remove all 4 wisdom teeth by anesthesia. Until now och cometh as a disgusting yellow liquid from time to time out with a disgusting putrid taste. You know what this is and when it stops? I can tell

    Tags: Help, teeth, Surgery, wisdom teeth, taste, wound, surgery + teeth
  • After what actually tastes this Müllermilch number 1-4? 02-06

    Hello, Because Müller milk was available, I've now got 4 pieces that hold so long: D by what for the secret varieties taste at all ?? PS. I'm interested in, so one of them must indeed taste like coffee or? There stood at the ingredients coffee, other

    Tags: taste, Müllermilch
  • Taste a walnut? 01-31

    Yes, I have already eaten once walnuts, but I do not know how to describe the taste. I need it for school. How would you describe the taste? --answer-- Moinsen! What is'n that for 'ne stupid task :) Can your teacher say this: Taste is a purely subjec

    Tags: taste, Walnut



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