• How much hurts a collarbone tattoo? 10-05

    I want to let me stand this tattoo. Can anyone estimate how much this hurts or is uncomfortable? Is my first tattoo as feels something on? --answer-- It is unbearable, you tilt it not powerless to .. to say the express way. However, it is not pleasan

    Tags: Pain, Tattoo, collarbone, clavicle + Tattoo
  • Dog tattoo, but no feet? 09-02

    Hi, does anyone have an idea how to represent the love of dogs with a tattoo without feet or portrais the animal? Thanks in advance, please spare me the "you have yet to know" or "be creative yourself" :) --answer-- How about an indica

    Tags: Tattoo, Dog
  • How much would such a tattoo at exactly the same place, and in exactly this size cost? 02-23

    I know that there are other factors play a role, but an approximate "from ... to" would give me! --answer-- Around 300 € depending on the number of hours we need your Inker

    Tags: Tattoo, costs, lettering, lettering + Tattoo
  • Tattoo, how much does it cost approximately? 08-08

    How much would it cost? Also about the size and the agency. thank you --answer-- Hey :) comes down to at what tattoo artist you but is on average 100 to 150 I would allow in any case. It also should be well and pay attention to the choice of your tat

    Tags: Tattoo, costs
  • Elvish (Sindarin) experts wanted 08-02

    Hello, I want to leave me a compass stand as a tattoo and just around the needles to the word 'destiny finds its way' in Elvish (sindarin or what would best fit of the font) are. Hence my question if anyone can mutatis mutandis translate the sentence

    Tags: Tattoo
  • Write names in Arabic script? 07-01

    As I said above, I would like to know my name in Arabic because I want to get tattooed me .. Yes because I do not trust Google translator and not know anyone who could help me .. Ask me you :-P you have any idea how and Where I can because times look

    Tags: Tattoo, writing, Arabic, arabic writing +
  • Tattoo on hand - problems? 01-29

    Hi, I was looking at my tattoo and have a picture given, which I wanted to stab me next week. It should come to hand. Here I have a picture attached, where the point is circled in red. My tattoo advise me but from getting to leave it there. He said i

    Tags: Health, Tattoo
  • Tattoo Studio Köln / Troisdorf 09-29

    Seeking a tattoo studio in Köln or Troisdorf! My mother gave me for my 16th birthday a tattoo (you pay it) I already 3 months 16 am & happy I have the tattoo the question: Is there in Köln or Troisdorf tattoo that someone with 16 beautiful tattoo? --

    Tags: Cologne, Tattoo
  • Tattoowierer be .. The way forward 01-06

    Hello are my 15 years I want to be Tattoowierer. I am now 17 years of age and have for this year my high school ....... My dream is someday my specially Studio to haben.Meine question is how first is the best way ever to be first Tattoowierer? --answ

    Tags: Tattoo, future, drawing, drawing + Future
  • How do I design a logo? 03-15

    I need a logo and a banner. Now pop the question in my head. What programs do I use? how do I start soeine to design? I have to say that I have scarcely occupied myself with computers. Thanks in advance! --answer-- This is not a question of the progr

    Tags: Tattoo, Graphics, Images, image editor, image editing, drawing, graphic + Tattoo
  • How much you have to fork out approximately for as a tattoo? 03-15

    --answer-- that depends on the tattoo artist and how long you or your skin aushälst;) but with 1000 euro minimum reckoned with. In such a back piece with the details, thou shalt sleep with mehrern thousand euros. If you let it stand in the quality, I

    Tags: Tattoo, Back, cost back + Tattoo
  • Light sunburns on freshly engraved tattoo what tuen? 03-13

    NEN Light persons Brand see picture. Was not avoid today especially at 40 degrees had car repeatedly discharged at us on work. Is this slight sunburn now bad? Should I make something contrary jetz? --answer-- Oha that but it looks not good. This is n

    Tags: Tattoo, sun, treatment, sun treatment +
  • Which ointment can for tattos take so they heal well? 03-13

    --answer-- I had panthenol Ratiopharm wound balm. The ointment was great :) tattoo has healed very quickly, had zero problems :) Tattoo ointment or Bepanthen Day 1 - 10 = Unguentolan ointment Day 10+ = Pegasus Pro Tattoo Cream Bepanthen goes well, bu

    Tags: Tattoo, ointment
  • Does anyone know how long a tattoo takes to heal around? 03-13

    Bräuchte Infos.Wie long the tattoo needs zum.verheilen --answer-- for me it was already healed after 2 weeks it depends on the wound healing of your body on it and how your body on it (color in the skin) reacts Up to 6 weeks so that it is completely

    Tags: Tattoo, healing
  • Heals tattoo from normal? 03-12

    Hello Hello! Have me on .. Wednesday a tattoo get stung on the forearm, did everything as it was told (film home way water wash & cream thinly) is actually all good but at some points I feel are my skin secretions from, is this normal? :-) --answer--

    Tags: Tattoo, wound, Wound healing
  • Bundeswehr wrist tattoo 03-12

    Hello friends of good conversation! This question is aimed primarily at active military personnel who are 100% really sure. Yours truly occurs at 1:10:15 first at 12 months for military service. Depending on whether I like the army or not, I want to

    Tags: Tattoo, Bundeswehr
  • Check in Elvish (tattoo) 03-12

    Good day, My sister has to get stung a new tattoo on. This tattoo was on his collarbone and showing the dates of birth of my brother and me. My brother on 07.08.1990 birthday and I am 10.19.1997. I want to be absolutely sure but not that they then ar

    Tags: Date, Tattoo, sister, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Elvish, legolas aragorn
  • Tattoo Studio Stuttgart? 03-11

    Hey :) Does anyone know a good tattoo studio in Stuttgart and the surrounding area or Friedrichshafen and around goes. I want to leave me a kind of dream catchers stand on the side, had it already a template ,. However, so far no Tattoostudio found t

    Tags: Tattoo, Stuttgart, fine, details, Dreamcatcher
  • Tattoo at work right? 03-10

    Next year I would like to start an apprenticeship as a retail clerk, possibly at Ikea but everything is still uncertain. My question now is whether it is at Ikea or fashion stores such as C & A or the like is a problem if you have visible tattoos as

    Tags: work, Tattoo, work permits, work + Tattoo
  • Tattoo full sleeve whole arm or sleeve helped both forearms? 03-10

    Hey, I will have another tattoo, this time a Sleeve. Now arises the only question, as it is above. Whether I NEN whole arm Full Sleeve doing, or both forearms helped Sleeve. What's your opinion? The design is the universe, which stop is also much dar

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