• dog EOS (lips care) eaten 03-14

    My dog ​​has eaten my eos. Only the care that not it toxic for him? Should I rather have a ride to the vet --answer-- I've had the experience with things eaten, that it depends on the height of the dog. My German Dane has already eaten ha

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  • Dog is not chocolate, why? 10-18

    Hello, I wanted to ask why chocolate actually so toxic for dogs and they can die from it even ??? Lg aryalastana --answer-- The chocolate is not poisonous, only the proportion of genuine cocoa contained in it. A dog has already eaten so it is poor, w

    Tags: Dog, chocolate, toxic, toxic + chocolate
  • How much chocolate for dog? 03-14

    My dog ​​has chosen 3 piece of chocolate eaten although that is toxic for him .. Have you considered how much chocolate he may eat until he is bad ??? --answer-- Unfortunately, you write not how big or heavy your dog is and how many grams of chocolat

    Tags: Dog, chocolate, toxic, toxic + chocolate
  • Help! My dog ​​has eaten chocolate! 10-27

    So my / our dog has just eaten accidentally 2 bits of this Ritter Sport marzipan chocolate. So the outside dark chocolate, marzipan inside. All always say that this is totally bad. Is that so? What should I do? What can happen? That was about 2 hours

    Tags: Help, food, Dog, chocolate, toxic, dog + chocolate
  • Good cat food? Imported from Italy and France! 03-12

    Hi Guys, I had an urgent matter. Yesterday I ordered a 10Kg food package for my cats that arrived today. Since I am overly cautious as regards imported stuff I've seen on the network by the brands etc. where I only Coshida found that two other "brand

    Tags: Cats, import, unknown, cat, Cat food, brand, toxic, Cat + brand
  • like rubber into the food - it is still edible? 03-08

    I just so a rubber like in my potato soup with sausages. Can I still eat or should I leave the better? --answer-- If it was only in the plate no problem, you can eat the soup yet. ok if you have cooked him, it might be, of what he released during coo

    Tags: eat, rubber, toxic, poison, poison toxic +
  • If lead-pouring toxic? 123 03-04

    We just poured Bleig. stood at 89% of genuine lead. We gescmolzen the lead and put into water, and also eingeatmtet the smoke and stuff. Is that bad? (Was in the living room) --answer-- The fumes are dangerous sau but not at the bit. When looking at

    Tags: lead, toxic
  • Can my hamster die of ivy? 03-02

    Hello community. This morning scored my hamster freewheel. But he nibbled at Ivy. For about an hour he looks really sick. He has red eyes and moves funny. To vet I can not, which is 1 hour away! Will he die? : '(Please responds quickly! --answer-- Iv

    Tags: fear, Hamster, death, toxic, ivy, Hamster + death
  • Antidote to the poison of Desert Rose (Adenium obesum)? 02-25

    Hello I will give a lecture on a toxic plant for the school. I opted for the Desert Rose (Adenium obesum). I need only about an antidote to the poison of the plant for humans and animals. Unfortunately, I find nothing. Can you please recommend me a p

    Tags: Plants, toxic, antidote
  • Is almond extract raw poisonous? 02-21

    Hello, almond extract is raw poisonous? So if you do not do that in a cake but for example something in a drink. is poisonous? --answer-- There is no bitter almond raw. Either you have the nuts or the aroma. The aroma does not contain cyanide. Wer be

    Tags: Health, food, toxic, poisonous food +

    Hey guys wanted to ask what flowers (plants) it may hold in the bedroom? --answer-- If you are sleeping with the windows open or regularly lüftest, you can put in your bedroom without concerns houseplants. Because it's always nice cold in my bedroom

    Tags: Plants, toxic
  • Is it toxic nail polish remover wash your hair 02-03

    I always like a liquid cure with I always rub me the hair. Today was very tired and thoughtful for nage paint gripped the bottle was empty then and it's also something in the munt and come in the intimate area which is toxic? --answer-- No, hair and

    Tags: toxic, lebensgefaehrlich
  • Are toxic? 02-02

    Have they done with Normal water not so with a sterilized: D And I know you want the food ncht oderso but I have my I when I take hold the same wash my hands: D --answer-- No risk for you. The balls are made of the same gel that is used in diapers an

    Tags: Water, toxic, gel balls
  • If a grown-selling crystal toxic to my body? 01-31

    Hi I bought in 5th grade (4 years ago) on a school trip in the resin has a crystal grown at a kiosk. Since then he has herrum in my room. Last then I am sometimes asked if the crystal is actually toxic to me. Because almost every day around me yes an

    Tags: Health, human, Crystal, toxic, poisonous + people
  • Send Steam-gift to myself? 01-31

    hello people, I have before with gtav for the pc to buy internet dealer when. However mailed only "gifts" ie gifts, just stunning holding the game. can I send it to myself and is this allowed? if so, it could lead to complications, such as for e

    Tags: Steam, GTA V, toxic, steam-gift
  • If mold or deadly toxic whom one eats it accidentally? 01-18

    I've seen a video where a he meintet mold has eaten --answer-- Comes certainly on the type of mold - there are also noble mold on or in cheese eg. Penicillins also be prepared from molds. :-) If you fancy a moldy eating by mistake, it is not so bad.

    Tags: mold, toxic
  • Does anyone very very very well with coffee? 01-16

    Hello I read that coffee be fully sprayed with toxins and other chemicals on the web! Is that the Aldi coffee pads as well? because there is something with We are a member of the Association 4c. Lg Leon --answer-- Since t

    Tags: chemicals, coffee, ALDI, toxic, poison + coffee
  • Are e-shishas toxic? 01-06

    Is it toxic to steam shisha e? Or does the addictive as cigarettes, is the harmful or otherwise something? Mates of mine say that the ne "fag" is not dangerous, the say de but also to cigarettes. (I do not smoke) because I already evaporate norm

    Tags: e-Shisha, Cigarettes, toxic, addicted
  • Losing my Handyladegerät- Adpeter, a liquid? 12-28

    Last night, I talked about 3 1/2 hours with my girlfriend. Of course I had to choose between charging through my phone battery. When we hung up, I wanted to charge the battery again overnight, but suddenly went nothing more. attempts and reconnected

    Tags: what's this, toxic
  • Mushroom almost eaten raw now what ?! :O 12-17

    So my father is preparing just always fungi and is there sogesagt small master inside: D This time he let them kinda like marinate where they must be few months in glass and are then ready. Now they are not finished yet and I think that they must sta

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