• from how many years can you get stung seeking a Tatto 10-08

    Hi me and my twin sister, we want to let stand a Tatto from how many years we may the with consent of his parents --answer-- there are in Germany is no legal limit on age ago, but not sting many tattooer minor a tattoo and then in no case less than 1

    Tags: Tattoo, Twins
  • Female names for twins 09-10

    I write an English essay and it occur two girls who are twins. Do you think the name Grace Amélie Ackerman and Avery Giselle Ackerman would work well together? The girls were from England, English both French roots would have. Amélie and Giselle were

    Tags: Name, essay, Twins
  • Same glasses like twin? 03-16

    --answer-- Since you only need to go to an optician and there designate the spectacle. The can get you determined our the same glasses, but in different colors, the glasses was just the two best stand - where I would have found it incredible that the

    Tags: glasses, Twins
  • Sims 3 cheat to get of twins? 03-13

    Hey I want to have twins and my wife she gets on that day. So I can not change anything in the pregnancy. Is there a cheat of a Gemini gives? I'd love to have twins :) --answer-- Cheat not my intention. But I think it helps if the mother hears much K

    Tags: Sims 3, Twins
  • I also got this:? - €:: /! 02-22

    Hay people I'm looking for a song and that of two twins that is a little older and I think that was the Euro Vision Song Contest this so pop moderate who had achieved the stark hair --answer-- Lipstick? The two hot Jedward and the song probably Lipst

    Tags: Twins, Euro Vision
  • How 'stutter' work off? 01-31

    Hi Community! So I just do not stutter really, so it's an exaggeration to go to a therapist or something. It's just that sometimes I stutter in certain words, because I somehow do not get without lips. Suppose I am preparing a lecture before, talking

    Tags: German, psychology, Genetics, speech, language, Twins, + disorder, stutter, psychology + Language, Self-awareness
  • Song from a movie The Parent Trap 01-25

    Seeking a song from the film, a twin of Hazzard. The song plays in the dresses scene. Does anyone know the song? --answer-- I know the scene not got a link for you because information about the various songs can be found

    Tags: song, Twins
  • Siamese Twins murder? 01-24

    Hey, Ne time stupid question! I just saw ne documentary about Siamese twins! In the case of a body with two heads! What if a head now the other kills? So thus is then operated off and the other has a normal life? Would that be murder? Could the verür

    Tags: Twins, Thai
  • Creative and special birthday cake? 01-19

    I'm in my circle of friends twins (boy + girl). The two soon celebrate their 16th and I wanted to give them A creative cake together (In addition to money and so ...) Does anyone have any ideas. There should be no 08/15 Cake. --answer-- google times

    Tags: creative, cakes, Twins, striking sixteenth
  • ALG2 and layette how much you get in twins 01-13

    I refer ALG2 and get twins, how much subsidy you get for Erstlingsaustattung have unfortunately still nothing for the babies so I need all the equipment and that then twice. Has anyone of you get such a thing ever / requested and how much you get bez

    Tags: Baby, Twins
  • different birth 01-05

    Is it possible that twins are when they are born in the middle of the night, born on different days (eg the first 23:58 and 12:05 w'zweite), or which is then back-or. vorgerechnet so "gerudnet" (either a Tg or before the other one back Tga) --an

    Tags: birthday, Twins
  • Horror - Twins (sisters) 12-29

    Hey guys, Seeking a film in which it roughly comes to twins; One well guarded, the other is being abused. Every time suffered a pain, this happens to the others also. Thank you to advance =) --answer-- I Know Who Killed Me? (I Know Who Killed Me, 200

    Tags: Film, horror, Twins, Horror Horror +
  • we are always looked weird: o 12-23

    Hello So my brother and I are twins and we noticed that always who we are drausen together look other people always so funny: o anyway so that's normal for twins? --answer-- People are always curious. I would think nothing of it. Change can be there

    Tags: Twins, comic-View
  • What should I my twin sister 18 taverns? 12-05

    Evening people :) I and my twin (both female.) Are 18. I would like to give her a chain (not too cheesy !!) n Armand or a chain but that should not be the same build on each other. Do you have ideas what that might be. I need ne little idea :) Greeti

    Tags: Gift, sister, Twins, sister twins +
  • If the knives Zwilling really good? 12-04

    I once heard so but not sure if it is so --answer-- For normal household use ranging from the completely. But there is much more than just German knives from Solingen. Under you find everything you need for when you the sub

    Tags: Twins, Knives
  • "Twins who would have gedach?" 12-02

    Which game / movie this quote comes knows someone? --answer-- maybe it's from Bad Company http: // ... The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan Was a game I think. It was about someon

    Tags: Games, movie, quote, Twins, Film + Quote
  • Seeking a twin OLD film like twin girls, who can help? 12-02

    Hey :) I'm looking for a movie like OLD twin twin girls - only I think that this film was shot in England or America. Plot: Two girls come into camp and understand at all going nowhere. All both girls have blonde hair. The bolder of the two has short

    Tags: camp, Film, television, old, Twins, dance evening, old + TV
  • Godmother, gift 12-01

    Hello everybody My brother and his wife to be parents of twins. Now I have the honor to be godmother of their second child. :) Now my question is, one pays for birth / baptism two children something or just his godson. Maybe someone of you was in the

    Tags: Gift, Birth, Twins, patenschaft, christening, birth baptism +
  • What should I give twins? 11-21

    Hi, My 2 girlfriends soon have birthday. They are twins. but I want to make each individual gift and still have approximately the same value. Has anyone of you a good idea? Thank GLG Valentinstagfan --answer-- How about a Zwillings-Geburtstags-Kuchen

    Tags: birthday, Twins
  • What a great idea for birth? 11-20

    My sister gets in 2 weeks twins and I have no idea what to give. She has been a great son of the 3 I have to give something to him? Oh yes, the twins are girls :) I'm 16 so also did not have unlimited money :) Thanks for answers! --answer-- You have

    Tags: Help, sister, Baby, Twins, miss, baby + sister



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