• Violetta come, or is together with whom? 06-11

    The main issue for me is eig. Whether naty and Felipe come zsm and Maxi with Matylda but the others I also want to know Thank you ♡ --answer-- Hello, So I once saw how Naty and Felipe kissed and wanted as Matilda Maxi kiss her but not what geling. I

    Tags: Love, violetta, Naxi, zsm
  • When violetta comes back in tv 03-14

    Hi I wanted to know like when the 2 series of violetta is broadcast, and perhaps the most important events --answer-- Hello linusa2003, the second season of Violetta comes on 16.03.2015. In the 2nd season comes a new student named Diego, he is the so

    Tags: violetta
  • Violetta Hairstyles Instructions 03-14

    Hello I'm looking for guidance on the Department of Violetta in the 1st Season can someone help me? --answer-- So what do you want exactly? what hairstyle

    Tags: Leisure, Hair, Beauty, violetta, hairstyle, Beauty + Hair
  • Violetta - Disney Channel, where scanning the Web? 03-12

    Hey, Unzwar I want the series to look on the Disney Channel runs on the PC Violetta. Unfortunately, I do not know how to watch that or on which side. : I Thanks in advance! Greetings - Aylin561 --answer-- Hi, you can use the series for 1 week after t

    Tags: violetta, Disney Channel
  • Hi, anyone knows when Violetta continues? 03-03

    --answer-- Disney Channel: Success telenovela Violetta continues from 29th September always MF at 19.30 03/12/2015 Hello Stefanie1995 The series Violetta comes from the 29th September 2015 at 19:30 on Disney Channel. Greetings Leonetta3 Hello, the se

    Tags: Film, television, Series, violetta, TV + series
  • Violetta: Marias death? 03-01

    My sister and I have just watched Disney Violetta and we wonder why Violetta's mother Maria died? And what Antonio has to do with who has pushed Maria tour as completion of their career to the world along with Angie's father? I ask for help :) LG, Mi

    Tags: violetta, Disney
  • How many Violetta books are there? 02-21

    How many of the first and how many second of the season? I do not want you to buy me know but that is the first, the second and so on! Thanks in advance :) --answer-- But that is really easy to figure out. You go to a good bookstore in your city and

    Tags: violetta
  • Who's all violetta fan and lives in Frankfurt 02-20

    I know is just a rather personal question but all my friends hate violetta and I like it like write times {<3} in the comments with braces and all they like and live in Frankfurt {[<3]} All the violetta

    Tags: violetta, Fan
  • Come violetta yet? 02-17

    Hey So actually the Season 2 yes not because they should go to the end still to Spain but somehow no longer occurs. Does anyone know when it comes back --answer-- Hello, now is the summer break and it comes at 29.09.2015 back on Disney Channel on TV.

    Tags: violetta, Spain
  • concert -Violetta 01-27

    hay :)) .... I would like to go to the concert of violetta :) (is not just for toddlers;)) and now seeking nen girl under 14 which should me dorthinkommen .würde and without parents .. (from 14 years enters without parents allowed) (my friend may not

    Tags: concert, violetta
  • Violetta Wandsticker 01-26

    To all fans Violetta ... Who knows Vilus room has determined one or other image ever seen on the wall sticker in the corner behind her desk. I think that looks pretty nice and wanted to ask whether you can buy anywhere, or whether this is only thanks

    Tags: Leisure, Beauty, violetta, Wall Decals, Beauty + violetta
  • Concert violetta /// ask! 01-25

    Haay :) I wanted on 27/03/15 on violetta concert .. nunja I get vip gold, so I meet all ... or meet and greet ... I'm a rieeeeesiiigerr lodovica comello (francesca) fan, and I will they MUST see / meet. :)) As it is on 27.3.15 not be with in munich b

    Tags: concert, violetta
  • Come lodovica comello to Germany? 01-25

    Does anyone know whether lodovica comello with Lodo Live also comes to Germany ?? ... There are again and again new data for Poland but not for DE etc. Finally, it was in closer range than other countries where it occurs ... So can anyone help me ??

    Tags: Germany, violetta, lodovica comello
  • Where can I meet Jorge Blanco (at the scale Violetta Leon) 01-21

    You know where you can meet Jorge Blanco so the thinks plays Violetta Leon you could meet him in Cologne when Violetta in Concert Tour in Cologne is therefore live in October --answer-- I think you can see it as well you see him coming to your seat r

    Tags: Series, violetta, Television series + TV, leon, jorge blanco
  • Violetta Concert Vienna 01-18

    Hello! I'm true. on the concert of Violetta in Vienna and I wanted to ask whether there just to go with his girlfriends back or an adult needs as concert? (Bin 13) --answer-- In under 16 must in principle always be an adult here Hello, yes, an adult

    Tags: concert, violetta, Vienna
  • Violetta Season 2 and 3 on DVD 01-17

    So the series Violetta's in Spain and Argentina over now and I wanted to know if it (in Spanish) are the 2nd & 3rd Season on DVD. --answer-- On DVD apparently not yet, but you can all follow the official Spanish blog Violetta Disney online. Here for

    Tags: violetta, Spanish
  • Can we fotograpfieren on violetta concert 01-17

    --answer-- I was there at the concert, and since one may photograph or make video :) I think so, because it is a concert. But it may also be that there does stand at entrance irgentwo. So I always shoot generale at concerts. you can indeed times the

    Tags: concert, photo, violetta, violetta concert +
  • When does Violetta further? 01-16

    Yesterday yes the first echelon of violetta was over and I wanted to know if anyone knows Wanns continues :) --answer-- Hello hahahihiho, probably you already know it, but from 16 March 2015, there is at last with Season 2 of Violetta further! More t

    Tags: violetta, Disney Channel
  • Where krigt Violetta Games. 01-13

    I would like to know where you get Violetta Games. --answer-- Internet! And just as a tip. We have a Violetta game for the Wii home and that's just junk, because you can make anything good. So NOT buy. In Disney Store & on Amazon & in Rofu Kinderl

    Tags: Games, violetta
  • Where to find the Violetta ice? 01-11

    I have seen that there are more recently in Italy Violetta ice. Now it has come in Germany, but where everything and there's that here in Berlin? And if so, what hall and if there is not this one where is the nearest of Berlin? Thanks in advance

    Tags: violetta, ICE



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