• Dog howls crying 04-30

    Hello, I have a short hair chiwawa (6-7monate old) and our trouble's just when my parents left the house he catch on to whine and cry and after a few minutes he is back to normal but after 10-15 minutes. he catch again, whether my brother or I are ho

    Tags: Animals, Dog, cry, whine, cry + dog
  • Dog whines constantly .. What to do? 04-14

    I have a dog brought animal shelter from the first to a day to see how he deals with the cat he understands has not become aggressive does not growl or so ... I left my cat katzenbox only in and the dog on a leash so that they can sniff you first for

    Tags: habituation, Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, dog + cat, animal shelter, whine, hound
  • As "educates" is a dog right? 11-29

    Hi Guys, I currently have a dog for three weeks "guest". It is my mother's dog and a very sweet, mostly well behaved animal. (I would like to please not hear about beatings or totally kicks.) It's like this: we have no problems basically. In the

    Tags: Education, training, Dog, walkies, whine, education + training
  • Dog whines constantly 12-11

    Hello My Dog is a Yorkshire Terrier. And he whines since 2 days almost only when we are away BUT when we are in him. Soger sometimes when I have him Aufm arm or even if it is simply in a basket. Does anyone know what could be there, or should I rathe

    Tags: Help, Dog, whine, whine + dog ehmm
  • My dog ​​bad dreams 08-29

    At least, it is more common times that he whimpers in his sleep. Dreaming he "only" bad or he has therefore inevitably sooner erwas experienced bad? --answer-- Oh my is always cool. Sometimes I'll wake up at night when he starts next to my bed t

    Tags: Dog, Dreams, whine
  • my husky puppy whines? 12-20

    please help Hey guys, my 8 weeks old husky howls at night constantly even though I sleep next in what can be wrong --answer-- New strange environment, new people, new smells. The little homesick, calling for his pack. Simply put hand next to the dog

    Tags: Husky, puppies, whine, evening 8 weeks
  • Help! Our Jack Russell puppy (4 months) whimpers and whines :( 06-24

    Hello zusammen.Vielleicht may take pity someone helfen.Seit about 4 hours and whimpers our smaller always right hin.Er is also quite flat on the Couch.Aber not richtig.Mal awake times weg.Als he so out of the blue started we thought he was injured so

    Tags: Pets, Dog, whine, whine Pets +
  • What is it, why howls my cat while scratching? 07-08

    When my mouse scratching the ear she yelps, I can not even really up to her ear. What could that be? Make make me real. --answer-- maybe she has ear mites and if it is unpleasant and it does it certainly hurt just go to a vet Most likely mites! You i

    Tags: cat, Veterinarian, ear, whine, scratching, ear + Vet
  • Chihuahua bitch Jault - why? 01-27

    Hello, I've got a question regarding my Chihuahua lady! I recently 2weeks on vacation and have my little given to an acquaintance, this also has a. chihuahua however a rude .. So as silly as it is also gone, she came into their 2 heat and my great-kn

    Tags: chihuahua, whine



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