• XM8 G36 successor? 03-15

    Since that is g36 surely now retired is really the only logical choice XM8 the right? I mean it is compatible with almost all accessories g36 share and the g36 magazines and has a similar design, then would the soldiers do not get too change --answer

    Tags: Weapons, army, Military, g36, Bundeswehr Military +, XM8
  • Looking for a gearbox for the XM8 airsoft 04-17

    Yes as the wonder suggests --answer-- The technique is the same as in the G36, so a G36 Gearboxes would also fit. Can at times Airsoftverzeichnis http://www.airsoft-verzeichnis.de/index.php?status=forum&sp=28 , Search on the marketplace there, for a

    Tags: Airsoft, Airsoft BB +, XM8



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