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It is about the following situation, a BMW driver has all the time only jostled and risky lane changes made to I as a passenger on the seat Ranging have back everything to films, he has made many unnecessary lane changes and has aggressively pushed into each gap design, so everything and everyone at risk ie safety distance, and it has brought him everything Nix. For this purpose he braked from others and went close on to make pressure, all I have on several videos with unique license plate. As the driver of our vehicle part, of course the safety distance could no longer hold (as the BMW driver has indeed slowed down) ... now I wanted to ask if it is at what brings in the police? And if the police do not perhaps prosecuted for not complied with safety distance ... wants us naturally do not shoot into his own leg.


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Traffic monitoring is a matter for the police. Point.

And when displaying it so, then it may be more expensive for you if he sues you because of interference with his right to privacy. Because you have filmed him without his permission and leaked the film to the police. If the same situation as with dashcam videos. There was recently a court ruling that it is not allowed to film the flow of traffic and violations of traffic regulations, to publish those videos later on Youtube or zuzuspielen police.

And if you say that he has made to change lanes because I wonder: Why can he change lanes and you do not? We have on German motorways a Rechtsfahrgebot. I myself am commuters and it makes me even aggressive when people use the center or the left lane, even though the right would be enough space. And the frightening is: These people usually know neither the headlight flasher to do something if you want to make them aware it, nor do they check it when extra long right flashes before them, and cuts in the right lane.

I keep asking myself: Why these people do not realize that the middle and the left lane only for overtaking there? Why do they use, even if none at all is to overtake here? Or why they go together? Whether these people also permanently driving on the highway in the oncoming traffic? I dont know...

The real question is, what should bring it to you !?

If the other has a good lawyer, you have violated your videos to the right to the image and the current privacy rights and have to PAY!

Furthermore, have your videos no probative value because not simultaneously being the velocity was measured.

Better would have been to point your driver to the RIGHT DRIVING BID ...

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