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I wonder what happens to cats or dogs, if you emigrate from abroad. Zb Australia, New Zealand or so. Animals may eig. To fly in certain companies. But what if the flight passier example so lamge as nch australia or so lasts. How do the animals their business. Is there then the possibility übeehaupt take his pet?

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Yes there is. The animals are usually transported in the cargo hold in certain transport boxes, unloaded the last one and the first and looked at the airport by veterinarians and special personnel.

Nevertheless, it is not a great experience and enormous stress for the animal. Usually the animal will have no other choice than to defile the box. For emigrating I would take perhaps in buying, otherwise not.

Here you can read, such as the Lufthanda handles the: http://www.lufthansa.com/de/de/Tiere

Gibts it similarly of almost every society.

Australia: Transport can be carried out by certain companies. Animal must before traveling a few weeks in quarantine and on arrival and again a few weeks. You can allowed to dog / cat but want to visit during the time.

Depending on the size and weight of the tire costs all some 1000 euros.

So on the plane you can ever totally forgotten.

Here is a link http://www.agriculture.gov.au/cats-dogs/quarantine-facilities-and-fees

There are in Australia only two Quarataene stations, one in NSW and one in VIC. If, for example, you live in WA or QLD, did you then again the problem to bring the animal to another State.

Depending on the country that is different. But in almost every case, the animals have to quarantine. Then there are countries such as Iceland, who have very extreme laws to animals, so that no disease may be introduced.

So you have you come to terms with the website of the customs office of the country. Most of the animals must remain for three weeks a quarantine station before the allowed to the owner.

Airborne is an extra care for the animals.

So I mean like holding the animal without peeing the long flight ... from?

Depending on the size the animal then travel with the cargo hold.

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