take dog for holidays to Bosnia?

Hello. Our Lady Dackelmix we would like to take during the Easter holidays with Croatia / Bosnia. She came in October 2014 from Croatia to us and we do not know whether they still need any vaccinations etc or whether they need to be refreshed to hire when we go to Bosnia. (We will go by car from Bavaria, ie by Austria, Slovenia, Croatia drive.) Here Knows someone out with such travel? :)

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I am familiar with animals and their entries not so good, but you should be careful because Bosnia-Herzegovina do not belong to the EU and also has other provisions as Croatia. You also need to allow the count to a small limit not know all the staff.

The Croatian border guards are very conscientious and rather sharp because they form the outer border of the EU.

Yes, because you need a Eu-passport with valid vaccinations. About the vaccinations you clarifies your veterinarian.

The vaccines must be made every year. But if six weeks lie back, because of the protection.

there please talk to your vet drueber because we do not know which receive vaccinations the dog has (which you can call for details) ...

for the reuckreise after Deutschalnd you need the pet passport in any case, the dog must be microchipped and have a aktelle tollwurimpfung

Yes, in the Zaton Holiday Resort has its own beach for dogs


Ehm if no rabies vaccination before ligt must be made urgently (6 weeks in advance) and I'd stick out google make smart if there's a titer is needed ...

This thing is because the titer

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