take dog from Turkey to Germany?

I want to bring my road dog from Turkey to Germany, which are vaccinations necessary passport chip? And how long will it take until I can take? Has jemamd experiences?

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Hello Laisacilek,

advance warning: Unfortunately, there are many scammers who with broken as ergaunern a lot of money heart of Tiefreunden you.

Do you have any definite proof that it is your dog? Any unique identifiers? Is the animal chipped?

If not, I advise necessarily to be careful, or you'll possibly get ripped off by a scammer!

I think it is relatively unlikely that your dog is suddenly rediscovered after 2 years - less than 1 week, after which you can the posting on Facebook.

So, now to your actual question:

- The dog needs a rabies vaccination

- Furthermore, vaccination or treatment against leishmaniasis, ehrlichiosis and Barbiose (keyword: Mediterranean Check)

- A passport must be issued

- 1 month after vaccination of rabies titer must be determined. In a certificate is issued

- A further 3 months later the animal may be presented to the veterinary office. In case of positive evaluation a certificate is issued.

- The dog is ready

Note: Please check before importing all documents closely and be confirmed by the customs! Otherwise your dog ends up at the airport for a long time in the quarantine station!

Maybe you can also help this club: http://www.melek-ev.de/cms/index.php . On this website you can find under "introduce animals" a PDF with more information.

I would generally take even dogs, animals from abroad. The animals in the shelters, it is also not very good.

In Turkey there are the urban rabies. It is not enough if you can simply vaccinate the dog for rabies must be made a rabies antibody test! This can be earlier than 30 days after the rabies vaccination can make and it must be carried out in an EU-approved laboratory. Http: //www.tierklinik.de/ratgeber/reisezeit-urlaubszeit/einreisebestimmungen-im -... My advice to you turn yourself to a Auslandstierschutzorganiisation which operates in Turkey and conveyed from there animals to Germany, who have the necessary knowledge and requirements to bring legal to dogs from Turkey to Germany with a little patience you'll certainly an organization find what you against reimbursement of costs helps to import the dog ...

You have the Hundetransport also register with the customs and the need appropriate proof of vaccinations, examinations, etc.

Record Kangal with Sivas

This will take several weeks. He needs the rabies vaccination and a chip.

dimwitted answers given ...: Here you are already a large number of ordinary and also quite a lot, formulated polite

But sometimes quite seriously: if you want to bring a dog from Turkey to Germany, then please inquire for the departure to the Turkish authorities and because of the entry into Germany with the German authorities and the customs you ...

Will you travel with a car or by plane?

Special rules apply again for driving on the plane ...

You can get these at the airline check.

must have Which vaccinations the dog at what time that you experience at the vet on site ...

Why let einkarren from abroad dogs ?? We have tons of animal shelters that have partially exceeded their absorption capacity and foster homes with dogs of all sizes, which are urgently waiting for a new home. That's not "cool", but to say absolutely stupid later: "Mine is the country-so ... my was gerettet..Meiner comes from a killing station ..." That can not be true !!!

Go to the local vet who makes the necessary arrangements (vaccination, chipping, passport) You can take him immediately at your departure. But remember, he -if incl.Cannel more than 8 Kg Weighs-it will be transported in the cargo hold, so get you a Transbortbox (Flugbox).

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