take insulin?

anyone can buy insuin and simply take to increase it would be great or is it?

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First, insulin is not occupied, but injected and for healthy people, it is extremely dangerous to inject insulin!

A par backgrounds to explain:

The body converts all carbohydrates we eat into sugar and blood sugar rises. With the blood sugar all the cells are nourished in the body. To carry the sugar into the cells, the body needs insulin, it is the key to open the cells.

In diabetics, the body can not produce enough or any insulin. Therefore, insulin is supplied by spraying.

In a healthy person, the body itself produces enough insulin. you Splashes then additional insulin, there is a strong hypoglycemia. This can be life-threatening.

Greeting Lirin

No, because insulin for non-diabetics can be quite deadly! Leave it.


I guess what insulin is and why it is needed? Increasing not you will but that, but if you you'll die too much spray

If you are on the fast increase will you need certain carbohydrates

Best suited fructose is.

This rearranges namely directly in the fat pad from.

(I know by the Bio teaching)

so simple it is not, so you can not buy insulin free

How do you come to this stupid idea? With insulin you can kill yourself. In addition, it requires a prescription and no doctor will prescribe you. When would you inject a non-diabetic insulin, you would not take it but come in a life-threatening hypoglycemia.

Better Testo.

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