take the dog for the open house?

Hey, on Saturday is open day of a high school ... Deserves take my bitch? It is well-behaved and housebroken. Your shoulder height is about 50cm

Can someone help me there?

The best answer

There are no general rules. Ultimately you can only the school office school betrayed.

On the open day is always busy. That would be very stressful for the dog.

Also, I'm not sure if it is allowed in your school.

You're asking the best the school board, but remember that the pure for the dog's stress.

@ Anchor1205

If you love your dog, then let him home. For this is pure stress.

Do not you take him otherwise with the school, otherwise look in your school rules pure.

As is usually too crowded and the dog would constantly get in the way and would be pushed.

Sorry but a dog is forbidden average in a school on this are children.

that you have to the school management to ask!

but there are some schuler with dog allergy, which is entering a dog in a school often forbidden!

it is feur dogs certainly too stressful

which school is it with us is Saturday also open day for

Honestly, this is the pure stress for your dog and completely irresponsible of you.

In our school, it is not allowed.

No, no way !!!!!!!! That would be too much stress for the poor dog.

Why take dog? Animals are normal white prohibited in school buildings.

Ask the school Maybe they are nice but you can not ask

Since you have probably at school ask me.

Ask the secretary to or read the house rules.

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