takes a long time to get along hangover?

Hello my hangover was're losing his girlfriend pretty sad so I an 8-month-old hangover from the animal shelter brought ... now he's here and he screams my hangover only, but really heavy scream ... I made a mistake and have little taken for a ride and he has me scratching really bad through face, I am everywhere the bleed ... I should let him probably first in silence

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The new cat takes time to get used to his new surroundings, his new buddy and his new people. Get together the cats, but make sure that both cats to be able to withdraw. Next would be important that both are neutered cat, if not, you should make up for that quickly, because otherwise nothing is the mutual acceptance. Give two cats the time they need to accept each other and which can, depending on the character of a few days, weeks, or even months take. In any case, you should be patient and not force the cat to something they do not like. Talk a lot and in a low voice with two cats, make sure that you pats, treats etc. distribute evenly and if possible play with both at the same time, because cats can be very jealous.

This can take days, weeks, months or years to complete ... or it may be that they never mix. In cats, it is not much different than Menschen..manche are equally good and others you can never suffer. The new cat may also like no other Katzrn! I as a hangover of years already living with my other cats and I still do not tolerate and I have the often still separate ... the cat like no other. We also runs a stray around and it took 2 years to he has not bitten the others cats and ignore them, at least, and not fighting the same ... you've determined noted that one should never go between warring cats themselves. ..the teeth and claws are pretty sharp!

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