Takes me a dog health insurance despite herniated disc?

Hello everybody,

my little mixed breed dog Mila (3 years) is in tierärtzlichen treatment in February, 2015.

Diagnosis: herniated She has now received a Schmerztherapier and be decided in the coming weeks must, if she needs surgery.

I would because of the high costs that come to me in the future want to get health insurance, but I will ever adopted by a sick dog, and then enters this insurance into force immediately?

Looking forward to your answers.

Greetings and Thanks Sibel

The best answer

No, but it's too late in this case and is then very, very expensive.

That would be great if that would go that way. Then no one would conclude more insurance and wait until it is needed.

Your dog a speedy recovery.

uii that could be difficult. More likely not, or very expensive.

Just ask times.

I am in Uelzen Pet insurance that have great rates. Google times. Your sweet good improvement ............. way I am with my dog ​​(herniated disc) in the dog physiotherapist. Now everything has improved. Maybe you can spare the OP yes? Then you would take the insurance.

If now is already foreseeable that high treatment costs will arise soon, then each insurance is abwinken or take the dog for a very high premium.

If at all, then only with the complete exclusion of the existing disease.

Personally, I appreciate, however, that you will (your dog) is not insured.

Your mindset financially mitigate an existing disease by the conclusion of a health insurance, is completely wrong!

Thank you for the many answers, but I've already thought of. Maybe someone has heard something else, a different experience.

Thanks for the improvement desired.

LG Sibel

No that will not accept or adjust the premium accordingly thee

you will not be of benefit it can draw, because then they would Bissel stupid if they accept you and a minus business is for them, it's all in sight

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