Talking girls like about guys?

Will not know whether but if you have fun in mind to gossip about boys or to gossip ??

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Of course, all slander from time to time, and of course it makes then even a little, or even a bit more fun. But it is not so that we blaspheme more boys than girls. It is always held on the situation.

It speaks, everyone is already on everyone, even if the self often can not admit. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it is necessary and another time do you do that simply make you feel even better.

Yes we love it, but we believe the most not evil but rather for fun :-)

No proper decent women do not blaspheme. So I and my girlfriends talking about guys when they are beautiful undso weitter

What do you think why women always go in groups to the bathroom. To blaspheme course :-)

We're talking about guys and other girls. Understanding finally the guys not the worst or stupidest person in the world are.

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