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I check currently on a few breeds like the Sheltie, Australian Sheepherd etc. and suddenly he's caught my eye: the Tamaskan. Meanwhile, I have read me something in the race and even a few breeders pages ransacked thoroughly but I must unfortunately despite my enthusiasm is now aflame for this race to give the cost of the item happens to play a role.

The concrete question is: Breeder in / near Rheinland Pfalz and her puppies prices

A Concrete breeders where I would like to know the price would be "Tamaskan from Münsterland" as they used to be the first breeder of Tamaskans in Germany now.

I hope you now do not think that I would be willing to not enough money to numbers or whatever. Reply Hope on reasonable and factual: 3

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As yet, a meeting is announced. If you have so much interest, you should see the directions to accept and inform you on the spot.

If you've already picked a breeders association, why do not you call and ask about the cost? Why do you want a Tamaskan? Because he looks like a wolf? Get your very familiar with the housing conditions. Many responsible breeders do not give their Tamaskane from the individual animals, which is in the breed probably the best. They are not the linen, or couch Dogs who want the most people.

What answer do you expect?

A puppy from a good, responsible breeding always costs "a lot of money".

If you already know but the kennel, why do not you call just there and ask about?

If cost is an issue, then you go to a shelter. If you want to buy from the breeder, which costs just "something" more. Since 1500 Euro are quite normal. Females are usually slightly cheaper.

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