Taugt this knife sharpener set something?

Hi did this Messerschärferset found here and wanted to ask if anyone experiences has it and if that's any good.

http: //www.ebay.de/itm/Neu-Messerschleifer-Messerscharfer-Eisen-Material-mit-4-S ...

The best answer

So the only ,, sets "that are worth anything of Lansky. I prefer such a set even prefer a nice grindstone before, but you can work quite well with the sets of this company.

Yes that are very good but you should be able to handle it otherwise makes the knife more blunt. Just google then if there still is unsure how to do this properly. Greeting, Soeber

40 ° angle? Have no ordinary knife for 15 °?

So a "thing" I would try not even paid, let alone paying a fraction.

A reasonable Honing costs more than the complete set ...

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