Tavor 1mg without taking into consideration?

Hello dear community,

had slept a op with local anesthetic (medium hand break) and have before op only 2.3 hrs on Tuesday morning. after op where I am then came down again I had the whole time extreme muscle tenseness all over, unrest came natürlixh also. was dismissed for lunch and then got nachmitttags again trying to sleep which under the circumstances not ging..wurde then later very panicked and got atemnot for whatever reason, I then again in the evening went to the hospital'm ... so I then 5Std wait a lorazepam infusion get what had made me auhc immediately tired but could kip only 3hrs because my neighbors (um5uhr morning -.-) loud were have and am therefore ausm again torn sleep ... was then to afternoon under extreme sleep lack and fear / been unrest states awake until afternoon then given me a doctor tranxillium 20mg ... then got so again can kip to 18:00 3h and am then home. hab noch 2 1mg tavor pills get you can melt under the tongue and they have thought of haunted has soon finally end ... then went to kip to 1 watch last night, before of course 1 tavor and Joa, was not easy to fall asleep because of the but unrest habs but then hinbekommen..heute but woke up and noticed that these unrest, anxiety states still there. so this was first the prehistory lol ^^

have now received from the doctor 20filmtabletten tavor 1mg wants to take as long as until nächstr week the GP again was where I will then ask for a good antidepressant. can I safely 1 tablet for the day and take a front sleep for about 1 week? because I've heard that can make very dependent ...

added should I vlt mention that I before op for ewigkeiten no such states hatte..hab even summarizes regularly smoked cannabis but in the breaks of 3-5 weeks I did not have such problems.

Thanks and Greetings!

The best answer

2mg a day for a week is still ok.

But then a specialist doctor should clarify your restlessness. Only the OP alone is not a sufficient explanation.

The tolerance habituation occurs after about 2-3 weeks, ie from then you need increasing amounts. Therefore only max. 1-2 weeks.

There are other (less harmful) medicines as lorazepam for sedation, separately your pain therapy should be adjusted because of the hand. there are other sleepwear and calm again.

Either you have a good or appropriately trained practitioner or go because of the fear / anxiety disorders to a specialist in neurology / psychiatry.

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