Tax Class 6 with gross income below 450 euros?

I have two jobs: a main and a side job. In my main job (STKL. 1) I in 2014 around 50,000 euros grossed in my part-time job (STKL. 6) around 4,400 euros.

After completing my tax return (also have advertising costs and other burdens possibilities exhaustively specified) shows me ELSTER to an expected additional payment of 800 euros. Shock. Tentatively I have the 6 card out deleted and suddenly had a tax refund of more than 200 euros on the screen.

1) Why is the supplementary payment so high?

2) I have to be one month (because I was above 500 gross) last year earned Nebenjob gross less than 450 euros. Can ask the HR department I so that it adapts its forecast and me out resumes from the six and employed on mini-job basis?

3) Background: I have the part-time job started in late 2013 on mini-job basis, but clearly deserves within the first two months more, so I was grabbed from January 2014 in the Six. Thereafter, however, the gross salary developed dramatically down. Merkt the tax office that I actually earned under Minijob Level and pays me a portion of the back taxes? For if I go easy times around the 2.000 euros (including taxes paid and expected additional payment) flutes, the part-time job pays so not easy.

On the tax notice, I'm still waiting. About answers I am very pleased.

The best answer

So wait a minute: Something is wrong!

1. A mini-job need not be "recaptured" - that does not need to be specified in the St-declaration - which is a flat-rate taxed by the AG.

2. St-Kl 6 already deducts the Maxi-amount - then why pay extra?

I think there's something has either arrived or rübergebracht wrong with you.

I see no reason for an additional payment - rather the opposite!

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