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I started since 1.2 at a discount store on control card to work. Have given my STK Id number. Now I have found another job and want to quit with immediate effect there. If I start with the other employers to work and there the STK ID specify option. Can he take the STK 3 or will be automatically billed to STK 5 because employers 1 STK 3 does not have? Or what will the governed?

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If you have multiple employment relationships at the same time, is the second (and each other) Arbeitsverhätnis tax class VI applied when due switching tor employer, the new employer may apply the appropriate tax class, so in your case III.

As the new employer sees that? Is then the STK 3 blocked so that the filter then 6 or? can sign in the am or? Is this then locked?

because you then give up the old place, can, of course, the new with STK3 start.

want to stop there with immediate effect

as fast it would not work

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